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  1. Lost drafts of the script for the BBC radio drama of LOTR discovered.
  2. Sad news. Priscilla Tolkien has died: https://www.lmh.ox.ac.uk/news/memory-priscilla-tolkien She was the youngest of J.R.R Tolkien's children. R.I.P
  3. Yep. Feel the same way. The whole country is showing incredible resilience, determination and courage from their leaders to the people on the street.
  4. New JRRT photographs, letters, paintings & drafts have been released https://www.tolkienestate.com/
  5. High on a hill was a lonely HammerhandLay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo!
  6. Bezos reportedly has a list of criteria that he believes good shows should have. Maybe he thinks there needs to be some mysterys about finding out who someone is.
  7. Basic summary: Show aims to be very consistent with the Jackson trilogy, though a bit different in places; the sun sword on the poster is Narsil, for example, but got actors who they felt 'could grow' into Hugo Weaving or Cate Blanchette Orcs will be prosethics The showrunners say they have no rights to Unfinished Tale or The Silmarillion, that they only have the LOTR & The Hobbit and carefully searched through them for material Wanted to give each race its own heroic metre to speak in S1 will focus on heroes not villains Call Elrond more optimistic in the show and are going to show how he becomes world weary & comes to hate men Talk about Isildur as a Michael Corleone type character in the beginning he's optimistic and naive. Howard Shore is composing Durin III and Durin IV are father and son Galadriel is "full of piss and vinegar" and has a broken sword from so much orc slaying The second big story is "Sauron.. when he was a physical villain" “In his letter to Milton Waldman, it’s letter 131,” Payne says, “[Tolkien] said he wanted to create an interconnected mythology that still would leave room for ‘other minds and hands wielding paint and music and drama.’ He wanted other artists to come after him and continue to push the boundaries of expanding what Middle-earth could be. It’s a terrifying but awesome responsibility to take the man himself up on his wish and continue his work in building out Middle-earth.”
  8. New Vanity Fair piece on the show with interviews from the showrunners
  9. Considering how important language was to JRRT that lack of effort is... grating, to say the least.
  10. LOL Elanor Nori Brandyfoot sounds like they put it into one of those LOTR name generators.
  11. The trailer also just does not give me any kind of Tolkien vibes or Second Age vibes, particularly. If I'm honest, it gives off pretty 'generic fantasy vibes' moreso than anything. I mean, you could probably trick me this was a D&D show, or a Dragon Age show, or something if I didn't know it was meant to be LOTR. Looks like there could be a lot of goofy actiony stuff. That slow-mo shot of the guy jumping gave me superhero film vibes. It certainly looks expensive, but it's really a queston of how they're using all that money. Plus it looks like meteor man is real. Swear to God, if it's Gandalf or Sauron... argh. ETA: I have to admit, 'Before the King' gave me a laugh as an awkward tagline. What king? Was there only one?
  12. So here's the trailer: It, uh, looks like the Hobbit films.
  13. They wrote a few drafts scripts for things like Star Trek and a Dwayne Johndon movie, I think, but none of them got picked. They've no experience running a TV show or directing a film.
  14. Keir Starmer vows to support Ukraine: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/feb/10/labour-nato-british-left-ukraine-keir-starmer
  15. I totally forgot about that game, lol. Which is weird since I loved playing it for a time. I have no idea what they'll do in the case.
  16. People who listened to a podcast with Vanity Fair are saying the showrunners told them they only have the rights to LOTR + Appendices and The Hobbit. They were searching every page of the LOTR book for stuff to use. No Silmarillion or Unfinished Tales... I find all this very baffling.
  17. Apparently in a Twitter Q&A with Vanity Fair it was said that the show has the rights to LOTR, Hobbit and Appendices. No Unfinished Tales material or The Sil. It's apparently in contiunity with the Jackson films. Forging & Akallabeth are happening in the same time.
  18. What kind of documentary was everyone expecting? I was hoping for an Attenborough-led one about the migration patterns of Mumakil.
  19. I watched Train to Busan last night. I quite liked it, parts of it had that zombie movie silliness that I'm "eh" about, but I thought the character work was pretty solid for this kind of movie. It was infinitely more enjoyable than the last zombie thing I watched - Snyder's hideous 'Army of the Dead' - and there was actually something interesting directorial choices going on at parts of the film.
  20. Lindon lovin' had me a blastLindon lovin', happened so fastI met a elf maid crazy for meI met a loremaster, cute as can beLindon days driftin' away,
  21. It's a weird one. Considering how much the dangers of preservation and attempting the prevention of decay plays a theme in Tolkien's concept of the Second Age, as well as the continuing decline of the Elves in Middle-Earth and men's, espescially those gifted with elongated time, fear of death as central developments in the story... too much condensing will surely take a lot away from those elements?
  22. The current update is the Meteor man is a villain and people think it may actually be Sauron...
  23. That really doesn't sound like the 'long defeat' of the Second Age to me.
  24. I think Amazon already cancelled their MMO last year or the year before. Yeah, here: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-04-17-amazon-cancels-its-lord-of-the-rings-mmo
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