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  1. There's a tremendous effort when it comes to geography and logistics and such things in the LOTR that Jackson just does away with.
  2. So how will the Phial of Galadriel work with this show's treatment of Mithril? I'm very bemused by what they're doing with this.
  3. Southlands honestly feels like two episodes worth of material stretched out to 5....
  4. This show honestly does feel like it's really dragging its heels. 5/8 episodes and it feels like things are only just moving. Other thoughts:
  5. Well... I'm baffled. I have no idea what compelled them to do some of this stuff.
  6. In fairness, the soundtrack suggests there'll be a big cavalry charge later on.
  7. Rings of Power's writers room is actually pretty solid. They've got writers from The Sopranos, Breaking Bad and Mad Men. Though I suppose being a solid writer of, say, crime fiction or contemporary drama doesn't necessarily mean they'll excel at writing epic/mythic fantasy. (Game of Thrones kinda serves as an example of that: David Benioff actually had some decent work in his past like The 25th Hour, but much of his original writing on Thrones was... lol)
  8. I will say that I do like this show's portrayal of Orcs (and I don't mean grumbling about CGI vs practical). So far, they've been threatening and even managed to win a fight. Adar's affection for them and their love for him is interesting. Thankfully, they've (so far) not been treated as embarassingly as Jackson increasingly portrayed them. I get the sense this show wants to treat Orcs and Dwarves seriously and not reduce them to cheap slapstick or OTT action scenes.
  9. I think this episode was better than last weeks. Adar is intriguing so far. I think the Khazad-Dum stuff remains the strongest storyline, though "dwarven girlfriend" felt really out of place. Good background on Earendil. I'm not really sure what the timeline is meant to be - how long have they been working on Celebrimbor's project? The Southlands was okay for the most part although Theo in the village and the Orc chase felt like it was leaning a bit too heavy on contrivance. I really don't care for Numenor. Don't know what they're doing with the palantiri. Why did they show images of the downfall this early? The sensibility seems all wrong, I don't know what the thinking is. Galadriel continues to grate. I don't mind her having Feanorian haughtiness at times, I do mind her being a screaming buffoon with zero negotiation abilities. Halbrand has even more Sauron vibes and how'd he get out of prison? The Elendil family isn't working for me. It feels so... off? Pharazon was okay.
  10. Giving me flashbacks to GOT Loras having a "Dorne shaped birthmark"...
  11. To continue the prior conversations: LOTR tends to move fairly swiftly. I think the slow pace of the Mordor trek is deliberate to create a sense of despair. It's funny coming back to it in contrast to later fantasy books where 1000 pages tends to be one volume out of several, yet Tolkien packs the entire tale in that length. The Harfoots were apparently pushed on the show by Amazon. Any show was going to have to include them, rumours suggest. I think McKay and Payne have done a decent job with them so far. It might be having two full Hobbit-centred books from Tolkien has helped with writing them although I think, based on episode 3, they presented them as overly callous with the Brandyfoots. So far Arondir is okay, but I think the lack of Browyn and Theo hurt episode 3: we're meant to care about elves who've had about 5 lines over people we've spent two episodes with already. Khazad-Dum is the best stuff so far. Galadriel has been the weakest. Maybe things will improve now with her meeting Miriel and Elendil, but I'm not really sure where Halbrand is going. From what I remember the Trilogy's prologue was an on-and-off idea throughout the production until New Line put their boots down and demanded one. I think it does a decent job giving background for the story. I actually remember thinking the problem with Fellowship was we seem to be constantly repeating the same bits of exposition in the first hour. We get a 10 minute prologue, then we have Gandalf running around researching lore (that we already know), then he explains it all to Frodo. As I understand, the version we got was a combination of several openings they experimented with which might explain its (IMO) repetitiveness in that regard.
  12. I reread the book a few years ago and felt the claims that Tolkien was 'very slow' and 'overly descriptive' pretty exaggerated. Even the Old Forest chapters, which are typically said to bog the story down, I didn't feel really dragged and are actually pretty interesting in their own right. The main issue is Bombadil's a bit on the silly side. I think Tolkien should have toned down the hey-dol and leaned more into his mysteriousness.
  13. Celeborn really would have much desire to speak with Halbrand then. (Or would Halbrand have much desire to speak with Celeborn, if he's her lover first?)
  14. Yeah. Plus I think Meteor Man as Sauron doesn't work because it makes no sense to introduce your primary antagonist with bumbling humour like rolling down a hill in a cart asleep or accidentally burning the important papers and then getting tangled up in the tents and falling over. How can you fear somebody so adorable?
  15. I think I liked this episode less than the other two. Khazad-Dum was missed. Really, really don't care for Bratdriel. Her aggressiveness doesn't maker her seem impassioned or hot-headed; it makes her look stupid more often than not. I get arrogance is quite common of the Noldor... but eh, I feel their depiction makes her look like a pouting teenager (and not a particularly bright one) rather than someone with a few thousands years of life under her belt. Numenor looks great, but the drama there is rather... eh. Halbrand swiping the dagger in front of about 100 witnesses feels contrived. Later on, I'm not really sure what Halbrand's plan was. Stealing the medal will... what? Surely not get him in. I also don't understand why Galadriel, an escapee, is able to visit him in the dungeon. The Sauron mark stuff is serviceable, I guess, though rather underwhelming as an explanation. So far I mostly wonder how the theme of death will play out in Numenor. I'm thinking the timeline smoosh is going to make it difficult to convey. Elendil family seems okay. See where they go, I guess. The Harfoots, weirdly, are the most compelling here. They're a pretty amusing bunch. Poor Poppy. I'm fully expecting to dislike where Meteor Man goes, but for now it's pretty solid. The scene with the Orc water was fine until that hilariously melodramatic death scene for that bit-part elf. It conjures up the memory of Jackson trying way, way too hard to make a big deal out of Haldir's death. Of all the things to borrow from Jackson, his overwrought emotionality is not something I'd have chosen. Also I feel we needed some explanation as to how the other elves ended up there. The warg CG was really bad and its design on the comical side and I'm really tired of these implausible Legolas/Spiderman style stunts. I don't think Adar's Sauron. I'm sorta curious about the elf-orc hybrid being. But the rumours he's Galadriel's brother or even Maglor are really off-putting.
  16. Tolkien's letter on the Zimmerman script is probably a solid idea of how he might view Jackson's. I think he might've appreciated some of the production design - such as the Shire, Rivendell and Moria, he'd probably wonder why Minas Tirith had no farms. He might have found value in Shore's music. On the narrative level - character, plot, tone and theme, I think he'd have myriad issues. He'd have really disliked Gandalf sputtering and such, even if he might've liked other areas of McKellan's performance. He'd dislike Jackson's representation of Weathertop. The treatment of Treebeard would probably offend him. I imagine he'd despise film Denethor and Faramir. The fart jokes and Old Toby being 'weed' would upset him. The lack of steps up to the apex of Orthanc would likely get some askance from him. I doubt he'd be fond of Gimli as mainly comic relief, and especially the slapstick comedy. I imagine Gandalf/Saruman physical fight wouldn't please him. "Kind as summer" Elrond being so bitter and hateful towards men would please him none (What of the Elf-Friends of old?) and I doubt the expanded Arwen stuff would go down well. I imagine he'd have a lot of critiques of Jackson's treatment of the Rohirrim and Theoden. Lord knows what he'd say about the Legolas stuff or Frodo sending Sam away.
  17. Interesting thoughts from Michael Drout, "Please Don't Make a Tolkien Cinematic Universe"
  18. I mean, neither Gandalf or Sauron arrived via meteor either. It's just a bit of silliness the show is going with. I guess they liked the idea of maybe giving the "Man in the Moon" hobbit rhyme an actual backstory.
  19. Lol, didn't The Hobbit films do something goofy like that? Orcs drilling passages to Erebor with... the were-worms. I hope they're not looking to that particular trilogy for influences...
  20. Release the Noldor cut! I may be satisfied on this aspect of the Celebrimbor front if we get a good "Celebrimbor reacts with wonder to Khazad-Dum" scene later on. Oddly enough, Celebrimbor being a secretive creator may make him even more dwarvish. I guess they might have them meet on her quest: the couple that slays orcs together, stays together! That's what I've been thinking. I'm feeling Meteor Man is Gandalf (the firefly moment is a mislead, I'm guessing, and will be revealed to have been an accident.
  21. I liked his comments on his respect for the dwarves.... which just made Elrond being the 'dwarf pal' even weirder to me unfortunately. Which is a shame as I actually liked Durin/Disa's dynamic. I'm guessing the dwarves have found Mithril... which probably means Durin's Bane is coming at some point in this show. Guess this'll play into how well the timeline stuff works. Thing is, I don't get why Feanor and the Sils were missing from the prologue. I guess they might do more backstory later. But I felt they were important to show. I wonder if Celebrimbor's comments mean much to casual viewers. (Maybe I just want to see Feanor, IDK).
  22. Episode 2: I think it was more solid than episode 1. The reference to Feanor and the Sils was... weird. What was the point of the FA prologue if not to give context to these things? Galadriel swimming remains an incredibly silly choice. I honestly think they should have just had her ship attacked and have her stranded on some raft, come across Halbrand at sea who has also been shipwrecked by said beastie. Or y'know, not do the whole 'returning to Valinor' bit to begin with. The Harfoots are okay. Things are doured by the likelihood of Meteor Man being Gandalf - it feels so... wrong - but on its own, and if this were its own fantasy show unrelated to Rings, I think it'd play fine. Khazad-Dum is probably the highlight. Good dynamic between Durin and Disa. Khazad-Dum looks pretty cool as well. The Southlands remains odd to me. Arondir/Brownyn so far aren't very interesting. The orc fight was... kinda goofy to me. Kids gon' be the Witch-King probably. The Indiana Jones map bit with Elrond/Celebrimbor made me lol.
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