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  1. People were differentiating between Nazis and soldiers as if only the Nazi party members, politicians, SS, SA etc were complicit, the "clean Wehrmacht" is a myth that was promoted after WWII that only the actual Nazis were guilty of crimes against humanity and the Wehrmacht itself was "clean". This is not true. The Wehrmacht actively participated in Holocaust, especially in the East, so my point was that just because someone was a random soldier doesn't mean they weren't guilty of crimes against humanity, not that all soldiers were guilty of crimes against humanity. And I don't think following orders excuses them, because I think everyone knows that shooting 100 starving Jews in a forest in Ukraine after forcing them to dig their own mass grave is wrong on every level. TMdL said that Japan should re-evaluate it's history but they don't see outrage about that. I agree Japan should re-evaluate it's history, but there is very much a great deal of outrage about it in some countries like China for example. but yes I do believe soldiers must betray orders that are obviously evil. ETA large scale crimes against humanity like the Holocaust or the Nanjing Massacre require not just the evil ideology and leadership, but also the active participation of a lot of bureaucrats and rank and file soldiers and other workers and either the support or at least apathy of the citizens of the country committing the crimes against humanity.
  2. I guess you don't pay much attention to how Japan is discussed in China or South Korea.
  3. The Wehrmacht actively participated in the Holocaust. So someone being a random soldier in Nazi germany doesn't mean that they're not guilty of crimes against humanity. The "clean Wehrmacht" myth is just that a myth.
  4. I'm sure most people have already heard, but the US Supreme Court ruled that the 1964 civil rights act protects discrimination against LGBTQ people on the basis of sex. And it was 6-3. I think this is huge, because even if this only applies to employment I think it will be extended to other things like housing, university admissions etc fairly quickly. This may be less symbolic than same sex marriage, but it's arguably more important.
  5. There are Hitler apologists now, there have been Hitler apologists continuously since he obtained power and people first realized how evil he was. There are apologists for every evil historical figure and every genocide, democide and other crimes against humanity.
  6. According to google it's a tater tot, meat and condensed soup casserole which sounds terrifying.
  7. If Biden is focused on flipping the Obama to Trump rust belt states and states like Arizona, I don't see how Klobuchar helps him at all. I think he's probably stronger in the rust belt than she is. I could see maybe she'd be useful in states like Iowa where her hot dish in the heartland shtick goes over well, but over all I don't think she's a good pick. ETA I'm not even sure I know what a hot dish is, I had the wrong name and googled it and now I'm scared. Do people really eat that?
  8. She wasn't, she always knew he was extremely rich, even when she turned down his first proposal, that was a joke. But her view of him did change after the letter, and changed even more after seeing Pemberley, not because it showed proof of his wealth, she already knew that, but because she saw how he treated his tenants, servants, land property, what his taste re landscape, decor etc was and so on. If she was mercenary she would have accepted Darcy's first proposal (where she met his rich titled relatives and saw their great estate: Rosings which was likely roughly equivalent in value to Pemberley, and there's a sharp contrast between the taste of Pemberley and Rosings) or she would have even accepted Mr Collins proposal where she would have been able to keep Longbourn after her father died and then she would have stayed rich at the level of her father, but not the level of Darcy.
  9. May your bread be soft and your butter hard.
  10. Oh come on, that's all gilt. It's just as superficial and fake as everything else involving him.
  11. When considering the scope of the pandemic, how does one consider indirect deaths from things like stroke or heart attack that would have been treatable if the medical system wasn't overwhelmed or people weren't scared to go in fir treatment or someone whose "elective" cancer surgery was canceled and by the time thing were rescheduling it progressed too far for effective treatment and they later died of cancer? In previous pandemics this wasn't really as much of an issue because medicine was less advanced.
  12. Someone who is willing to read a scanned copy of a print book online, especially of something that's not old or rare is not going to buy an ebook, they're not losing any significant amount of sales.
  13. Corporate flexibility? Ahahahaha. Have the ever dealt with corporate bureaucracy? If FedEx delivers to the wrong address you can't even speak to the local place to fix it and sometimes the customer service people can't even speak to them directly but can only pass on messages which don't always seem to happen, the customer service people won't even let you speak to fake supervisors. @Tywin et al., @DMC That's all really OTT. Most of the bar mitzvah celebrations I've been to have been more like kiddish and often some dancing (always with the chair for the boy) after his first aliyah or maybe the Sunday after if it was a weekday. Bat mitzvah parties weren't really a thing, I mean they automatically happen when a girl turns 12, just like a boy automatically becomes bar mitzvah at 13, but usually there wasn't a big party, usually just a small family thing and obviously girls never get an aliyah in orthodox synagogues.
  14. Did you go to Di Fara? I really can't imagine you can find any pizza as good as that anywhere else.
  15. So the boycott and bad publicity and ensuing loss of sales worked? I don't think this really had anything to do with coronavirus, I think they just said that to save face.
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