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    Who controlls the North by the end of Winds?

    Winds of winter. Its obvious. North is going to be desolated. I think Evrebody is going to the Wall after Stanis is finished to deal with Boltons/Freys.
  2. Sergey Dukman

    What will happen to Stannis in TWOW?

    I think that Stannis will unite the North and the Riverlands. Boltons made a huge mistake sending peoples outside walls of Winterfall. Fellow Lord Manderly will help Stannis. Then he will head north to the Wall. Or maybe he will go further south to free Storm's End if the castle will falls to Griffs. Shereen will not be burned.
  3. Sergey Dukman


    I still reading the 4th book, but it is interesting to know if Lady Stonehart new that Brienne's sword was forged from Ice? And this one is out of topic but, do you think Benjen Stark will show up again in books?