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  1. Angel Eyes

    "Cursed" Targaryen Names

    I thought John was the cursed British monarch name.
  2. Angel Eyes

    Who got the most screwed over

    If he didn’t like the Dornish why did Aerys have his son marry one of them?
  3. Angel Eyes

    Dorne and Landed Knights

    So women in Dorne can inherit if they’re the eldest child, but what happens with landed knights like the Santagars? Ie, Sylva Santagar is heir to Spotswood, but women (as far as I know) can’t become knights under the Faith of the Seven. Who would get the title?
  4. I think I read somewhere (I forget where) that D & D were planning to have Sansa be married to Ramsay in Season 5 three years in advance
  5. I've been having this nagging feeling that Arya was not supposed to survive this episode, maybe the Night King breaks her neck even though she manages to stab him, shatter the Walkers and collapse the wights. She does precious little of consequence in the last three episodes.
  6. Angel Eyes

    The character assassination of Daenerys

    The whole Battle of Winterfell was sloppy, from the tactics, the lighting, the fake-out with Arya killing the Night King. I mean, whose idea was it to put all the civilians in the crypts, defenseless? Jon really dropped the ball on training everyone; the entire civilian population could have been slaughtered if Arya hadn't killed the Night King. Offhand, something tells me that Arya was not intended to survive the Long Night. She did very little of consequence in the last three episodes; turned down Gendry, abandoned her List, nearly got trampled, sat and watched Daenerys' speech, decided to go west of Westeros.
  7. I picture Richard Armitage as Eddard Stark myself.
  8. A marriage between Stannis Baratheon and Selyse Florent seems like an odd match, aside from a lack of any other suitable candidate. She’s not pretty (mustache and large ears), has an odious personality (Stannis’ friendship with Davos and actual care for the realm set him higher), and she was pretty low on the totem pole of the Florents as the daughter of the third of four sons. The Florents didn’t add much to Stannis’ cause, apart from Imry Florent, who led Stannis’ fleet into a trap at Blackwater. Plus they were divided when the WoFK started, which made them a liability.
  9. Angel Eyes

    The character assassination of Daenerys

    Hey, blood’s thicker than water. Maybe he he was trying to preserve what was left of his house, since now with every other Lannister dead (except for maybe Reginald) he’s the last of the Lannisters.
  10. Littlefinger wants Sansa for himself and to advance his plans. Since Tyrion is married to Sansa, he’s in the way of any possible marriage alliance plans no matter how much Littlefinger says that Sansa and Tyrion’s marriage is annulled because he never consummated it. So he needs to tie up the loose end by killing Tyrion. Put poison in his wine, pay the right man with a knife, get a crossbowman up to and including 60 yards from Tyrion, he could be a dead man.
  11. Angel Eyes

    The character assassination of Daenerys

    I’m genuinely surprised at how the show became gibberish. D&D had two years to work all these things out, wrap up plot lines, realistic turning points, edit out Starbucks and water bottles...
  12. So Jon is sworn to the Night’s Watch, Bran can’t have kids, and neither Sansa nor Arya are interested (Sansa being confirmed via interviews). Does this mean the Starks will just die out?
  13. So Varys says that Jon won’t be okay with having sex with his aunt because he’s been raised a Stark. But here’s the thing, there are a couple uncle-niece marriages in the family tree; Jonnel and Edric Stark married the daughters of their brother Rickon, named Sansa and Serena. Heck, Ned Stark’s own parents Rickard and Lyarra were cousins. Point is, incest isn’t exactly a new concept for the Starks.
  14. Angel Eyes

    Did nobody ever read a Stark family tree?

    I guess my point is that incest is something that is not unheard of amongst the Starks.
  15. Why was it so important for Sansa to have independence for the North? Will the North have the same laws as the rest of Westeros? If they don’t, what’s stopping a lord from exercising First Night and creating another Ramsay? Will the North be alone in supplying the Wall? And when Sansa dies, there’s nobody to pass the throne to since there haven’t been separate branches of Starks for three generations. The North could degenerate into civil war if/when Sansa dies.
  16. Angel Eyes

    I guess the Starks will just die out?

    Is that ironic, bad poetry? But as the matter stands, yes. The Starks haven’t had cousins in their line for at least two generations; Rickard Stark was an only child, he married his cousin Lyarra (did Varys not read a Stark family tree and think that Jon would not be fine with marrying Daenerys, because the Starks have had incestuous marriages before?), her sister married into House Rogers in the Stormlands but nobody has shown up from that house, Benjen was sworn to the Night’s Watch, Lyanna had Jon and his line is also cut because he joined the Night’s Watch, and Brandon... well, he might have bastards somewhere but we haven’t met them.
  17. Sansa's admiration of Joffrey and Cersei throughout AGOT is perhaps one of her most criticized characteristics, since she doesn't side with Arya at the Trident Incident and told Cersei of Ned's plans, leading to his arrest. So what could have broken Joffrey and Cersei's hold on her and made her palatable to readers before Joffrey ordered Ned's execution and her rose-tinted world turned to jade? I'm not really sure.
  18. So Ned Stark said that “The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.” All of this apparently doesn’t matter anymore, since now they’re “All alone, with no one there beside [them]”. Now, each of them is alone, and they’ll just die off.
  19. If R+L=J, how did Ned convince people from Dorne to the Wall that Jon Snow was his bastard son conceived while on campaign? Jon must have been pretty small for an infant to disguise the fact that he was probably conceived several months before Ned came south from Winterfell with the North at his back and to be born as Ned reached Dorne. Was it just what people wanted to believe about Ned Stark, that the uptight and honorable Stark had fallen victim to lust? And how did he convince Catelyn to the point that she didn’t try going to Starfall to ask questions about the Daynes?
  20. Angel Eyes

    Why did Stannis marry Selyse Florent?

    Judging by the dates, the only one who couldn’t have been in on the machinations is Littlefinger. Stannis was married in either 286 or 287 AC, judging on when Edric Storm’s birthday is (nine months gestation, and Edric was conceived on Stannis’ wedding night by Robert bedding Delena Florent. At that point in time, Littlefinger was still in the Vale and had not yet risen to prominence in Gulltown.
  21. Stannis is younger than Jorah since Stannis is two years younger than Robert, who was born in 262 AC. Jorah is mentioned as being about three times Daenerys’ age in 299 AC, when she was 15.
  22. Makes him no better than Walder Frey. I’m of the opinion that the Jon-Lysa match was a mistake, since Hoster was already bound with the Rebels via Ned/Catelyn and Houses Tully, Stark and Arryn paid for it dearly, along with everyone within 2,000 miles.
  23. I thought that House Tully was already in the Rebels’ camp because of Ned taking his brother’s place as Catelyn’s husband. Or did Hoster get greedy?
  24. In the previous episode, the forces of the living had no flammable defenses like burning oil, pitch/tar. The wights go up in flames like dry shrubs, yet nobody thinks to use these. And yet in Episode 4, there were enough pyres to go around, so lack of supply wasn't an excuse. And it would have had a cool effect, just watch somebody throwing a torch into the wight hordes and seeing a massive amount of the undead go up in flames. How's that for a visual, D&D?