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  1. He was a bit of an idiot though when it came to actual tactics.
  2. Another one I was shaking my head at was Sam; in Season 7 Sam left with a rather bitter taste in his mouth about the Citadel and the maesters. Then at the end there he was as Grand Maester, with a full chain, so what was going through my head was: Why did he go back? Why would they take him back? Does this mean his mother and sister are left to the wolves so to speak, as are Gilly and Little Sam?
  3. Then the matter of the question goes back to why there weren't more before them; contrast with Ned Stark who had five children by the time he was 35 (six if you count Jon Snow), a year older than Aegon was when Aenys was born.
  4. In the final season the characters acted very differently from what was established about them and that's what people are complaining about. Take Jaime saying he killed The Mad King to save the people of King's Landing and then saying he didn't care about them. Now why did he say he killed the Mad King this time around, eh? An example from my childhood: So in Thomas and Friends and its source material The Railway Series, one of the main characters is Edward. Edward is one of the older engines and is generally considered too old and weak to work, but is a kindhearted soul who lends a word of caution to a foolhardy younger engine, or a word of kindness to a down one, and consistently proves his worth when the chips are down, such as in "Old Iron" when he chases down James when the red engine has no driver, suggesting a deputation to save Donald and Douglas in "The Deputation", and in "Edward's Exploit" when he pulls a heavy passenger train and gets it home despite having a broken crank-pin leaving him with only one set of working wheels. However, in the later model seasons before the show switched to CGI, Edward is more temperamental and has an uncharacteristic nasty edge as shown in the episode "Edward Strikes Out" where he is dismissive of a new character and subsequently ignores warnings from said character about his cargo, causing a derailment when it falls off his train. And that's not going into the personality changes that the Skarloey engines went through...
  5. If you can find 'em. They might already be dead.
  6. On the other hand if he was more judgmental he might have survived, ie dealing with Littlefinger.
  7. I was referring to a line from Bronn in the show where he boasts he could take the Eyrie with 10 men and some climbing spikes. But as far as Winterfell is concerned, I am indeed referring to Theon.
  8. Bronn only needed 10. And some climbing spikes.
  9. Not to mention surprisingly vulnerable to a sudden attack.
  10. Voices sound slightly different when blocked by metal, mainly muffled. Meanwhile, the Knight of the Laughing Tree could easily have been two different people.
  11. I think Minisa was dead by then; it's mentioned that Minisa died before Catelyn was betrothed to Brandon Stark, which would place it before 276 or 277 AC.
  12. Not to mention the Dothraki don't respect Viserys.
  13. Could he show them? Viserys didn't seem interested in showing why he should be King instead of Robert, and again, as I mentioned, if he was only given 10,000, I have a hard time believing that he could win, unless more were promised.
  14. Forgot about Daella and Rhae, not to mention Vaella.
  15. My personal query about it is regarding how many were promised to Viserys; some reports say 10,000 while Robert heard 100,000. Why would Viserys think he could take Westeros with 10,000 if Robert took down Rhaegar's 40,000-strong army with a somewhat smaller force (35,000)?
  16. The Estermonts, ie why GRRM keeps changing their family tree. And how is Cassana (Robert, Stannis, and Renly's mother) related to them (outside of being an Estermont)?
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