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  1. Can we be sure? He's seemingly broken his vow to "Catelyn" again and he isn't at a point where he fight his way out, trial by combat or otherwise, and Brienne has her own oath to kill Jaime. Unless a miracle happens (and GRRM is not the type for miracles), he's getting a tree and a rope.
  2. In that case, how come none of these patsies haven't tried to set the wildfire off before now? Speaking of which, how has the wildfire not gone off at any other point, say a child knocking into it during a game of tag, or when Flea Bottom was set afire during the riots in the second book?
  3. After reading one of the Race for the Iron Throne blog posts: So in Jaime V, we learn that King Aerys intended to have his pyromancers burn down King's Landing with wildfire, the combination of Greek fire and nitroglycerine. Now how did he plan on pulling this off? Jaime mentions there were only three who were trusted with the plan since the rest of the alchemists appear unaware. So how did three people surreptitiously transport large quantities of a notoriously unstable substance throughout a city of 500,000 people without suffering an explosive mishap and/or without more people who could have been involved, which stopped the plot in its tracks? The Gunpowder plot (which is referenced in the post) required 13 people including Guy Fawkes, and that was just to blow up one building.
  4. The jokes about Littlefinger's jetpack were present as early as Season 2, where he travels between King's Landing to Storm's End (roughly where Renly was killed), to Harrenhal in the Riverlands the next episode, down to Highgarden in the Reach, and back to King's Landing just after the Blackwater.
  5. A couple things I was contemplating with Doran: has he thrown his hat in with Varys and Illyrio? That could provide an in-universe reason he leaves Viserys out to dry despite tying his daughter in a secret pact. The other is: was the Viserys marriage retconned in? There's no mention of it in earlier parts of the books and the placement of the match is rather odd.
  6. Like Euron? He was a walking diabolus ex machina in the last couple seasons to the point Daenerys forgot about him.
  7. Attewell was who I had in mind when I posited this question.
  8. Going the other way, Varys should have been running his own propaganda campaign about why Daenerys should be the Queen to support; it's supposed to be his field as Master of Whispers, right?
  9. He doesn't need to touch it to wither, i.e. Viserys. Or is that when he doesn't touch something it withers?...
  10. Doran didn't even need secrecy, at least for the first leg of the journey (and in fact the attempts at secrecy gave the game away right off the bat). He could have just announced that Quentyn was going on a tour of Essos as Tyrion tried to do and Quentyn would have had more opportunity than most Westerosi elite to visit Essos since his mother was in Norvos. https://warsandpoliticsoficeandfire.wordpress.com/2016/03/11/the-windblown-grass-doran-martell/
  11. So in AGOT, Tyrion somehow traverses 2000 miles from the Wall (with a brief stopover in Winterfell) to the Inn at the Crossings while Catelyn travels 400 miles from King's Landing to the Inn where she arrests him. Assuming the same modes of transportation, shouldn't Catelyn, moving with a smaller party, have overtaken Tyrion at some point before that, say Moat Cailin? And how would events have transpired if Tyrion had been intercepted at that point?
  12. Not likely, considering Doran's track record with leaving Viserys out to dry and and Quentyn's role to subvert expectations about the Hero's Journey. They're 0-2 for plans.
  13. "On second thought, let's not go to Westeros. 'tis a silly place." I've also pointed out that it would be like Martin to pull a twist that nobody saw coming.
  14. That's assuming of course that there's going to be someone else who could control a dragon. We don't know if Young Griff Aegon is who he says; say if he's a Blackfyre, he might go the same way as Quentyn Martell (roast frog!) since both share the same source as descendants of a child of Aegon IV (Quentyn is descended from Aegon's daughter Daenerys who married Maron Martell while the Blackfyres were descended from Aegon's illegitimate son Daemon). It would be funny if someone like Stannis, Shireen, Gendry or Edric could control dragons since they're much closely related to the current Targaryens being descended from Daenerys' great-aunt Rhaelle who married Ormond Baratheon.
  15. Daenerys has to make it out of the Dothraki Sea first, and that's if she doesn't die from the infection she has.
  16. That's an interesting logistical question: how does a land where seasons can last years supply itself?
  17. Right, a professional army which is dwindling by the day with a supply line that's had its pillar and stones cut out in more ways than one. It's also a supply line that Daenerys would be loath to reopen. Prepared ahead of time? Daenerys hasn't gotten a foot in the Dothraki let alone the Free Cities and they don't really get a foot in Westeros either. Size of the landmass? Most of that is the Dothraki Sea and the Red Waste, and we already know how much trouble Daenerys had with finding sustenance for a small group.
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