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  1. Something about resurrection regarding Lady Stoneheart and Jon: I know that GRRM has stated his issues about Gandalf's resurrection having no consequences, but I beg to differ on a couple of things. Gandalf is a Maia, an angel. Angels run on a different set of rules about resurrection than humans and even Elves. Gandalf is definitely changed by the experience; as Gandalf the White he is allowed to show quite a bit more of his power than as Gandalf the Grey and has a slightly different personality. Who brings Gandalf back? Eru, that is God Himself. God is the one who resurrects Gandalf; it's divine intervention.
  2. Question for Season 7: Why couldn’t Daenerys just fly up to the Red Keep and intimidate Cersei into surrendering? It’s not unheard of, Visenya did the same thing with Vhaegar in the Vale. Also, they hadn’t started mass-producing ballistas
  3. 6. Don’t forget Arya’s comments about Sansa being “the smartest person she knows”, although since Arya doesn’t know many smart people, that might be genuine.
  4. Or having the Mad Queen Bomber that they saved time and time again do absolutely nothing of note in the final season and get rocks dropped on her head. Lena Headey's been quite public about her disappointment about being killed so anticlimactically.
  5. Always wondered how that would work from a physics standpoint, especially in J R.R. Tolkien's books where Sauron's forces used Celebrimbor as a banner.
  6. I’m confused as to why Sam chose to become a Maester again, given how he publicly denounced the Maesters in Season 7. As for Tyrion, I wonder if that’s supposed to be a punishment for him given that he doesn’t want the job yet he’s being pressed into it.
  7. Is it telling that the more established actors are more publicly critical of the show and the younger ones lash back at the critics and fans’ reviews? On the one hand, Lena Headey was disappointed that Cersei went out with a whimper, Peter Dinklage publicly derided the decision to put all the civilians in the crypts, and Emilia Clarke... see the quoted post. On the other hand, Sophie Turner, Isaac Hempstead-Wright, and Jacob Anderson, who are younger and less established outside of the show, are the main voices feeling that the fans were dismissing their hard work.
  8. My word: wasted. There were so many opportunities throughout the show that were foreshadowed and they ultimately came to nothing.
  9. So a (relatively) minor quibble, but in "The Bells", there's a scene where Drogon blows up a tower and flies through the ensuing fireball with Daenerys. Now in the past Daenerys' clothes have not been fireproof and whenever she goes into a fire she comes out butt naked. Not so in "The Bells". Call it a continuity error if you wish, but what happened there?
  10. Or better yet, you could have GRRM retain control over the material and approve whatever change is made. JK Rowling used that approach when David Heyman was producing the Harry Potter films.
  11. One of the problems with the messages is that they're self-contradicting. On the one hand for Season 8 we think we're supporting Jon as a hero who does not want the throne, yet in Season 1 we had another hero who didn't want the throne and we've seen what happened with him on the throne. His name was Robert Baratheon.
  12. Well, perhaps the ending was inevitable given the genre, but it was as built up as an anvil on the head. So, why was the ending so rushed? We could have had the same ending but with a few more episodes per season. Is it possible to use the original amount of episodes per season (10) and build up the ending properly?
  13. There is that school of thought that the more a person is rejected, the more that person is wanted. Mr. Collins from Pride and Prejudice seems to subscribe to that school of thought.
  14. Though sometimes I wonder if the ending like this was inevitable, owing to its genre. Found this on a TV Tropes page for the last episode. The bleakness of this final episode was foreshadowed from the start if you paid attention: Game of Thrones, like the book series it derived from, is a Dark Fantasy series. And what's the definition of Dark Fantasy? In a nutshell; it's fantasy being cast through a lens of cynicism or nihilism. In Dark Fantasy works, moral ambiguity is the order of the day, and endings vary from bittersweet to abstract to just downright depressing. We were never going to get a happy ending with this series. The very genre it belongs to prevents it from happening.
  15. Well I guess they didn't do that much of a job to get the actors not to read the books; Ian McElhinney (Barristan Selmy) read them and was highly disappointed when he was killed in Season 5.
  16. She should have been the one to cut his throat in the show. And nobody say anything about Arya being more practiced with it because she's not; she's only killed three people in this method, most of her kills are stabbings.
  17. I feel like Vizzini from The Princess Bride: "You're supposed to be this colossus! You were this great, legendary thing!"
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