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  1. Do you mean the Vale Mountain Clans? As far as I'm aware Tyrion hasn't met a wildling.
  2. Another one of mine: everything that happens in the last couple seasons of the show is quite likely to happen; the show's flaws are the books writ large.
  3. I think Jaime has an appointment with a tree and a rope courtesy of Lady Stoneheart.
  4. My guess is that Rhaenys, at three years old, was too familiar for the staff to pull off such a deception.
  5. Adding a bit more variety in dialect and practices in the Faith throughout the Seven Kingdoms.
  6. Yes, it would be in character. I still think it's a stupid plan.
  7. The fact that Renly attempted to get Margaery into Robert's bed as his mistress/wife suggests he did know, otherwise he wouldn't have tried it. The whole getting Margaery into Robert's bed scheme is very risky on a few levels. First off, nobody on the Iron Throne divorces their wife outside of a religious fanatic like Baelor the Blessed. Second, Cersei herself. She still holds a lot of power (mostly because Robert allows her to) and neither she nor Tywin would take being shunted aside lightly, particularly Cersei and her prophecy of the Younger and More Beautiful Queen hanging over her head; she might have Robert and Margaery's children murdered. This leads into the next point: Joffrey. Myrcella and Tommen might be nicer to their half-siblings but Joffrey won't take kindly to his mother being shunted aside and would murder them if given the opportunity. If Mace wants his kids on the Iron Throne, he'd have more luck courting Cersei ;).
  8. I wouldn't trust someone who turns at the drop of a dime and leads people on a child-killing massacre.
  9. Perhaps I should rephrase it, The Kingdoms apart from Stannis did nothing to help the Watch when they asked.
  10. So in ASOS Tyrion IV, Tywin, annoyed with the neutrality of the Night's Watch, suggests appointing Janos Slynt at Lord Commander as an ally to the Lannisters. Here, Tyrion thinks he should have Janos killed when he sent him up to the Watch like he did Allar Deem. To that point, why didn't Tyrion have Janos killed? At that point there wasn't anything stopping him from doing that and it wouldn't have been a stretch of the imagination if Slynt fell overboard in a storm, which is what indeed happened to Allar Deem.
  11. Not to mention if there's anyone to blame for the Night's Watch going (more) to pot, it would be Sam since it was his idea to elect Jon to Lord Commander, cutting off support from most of the Seven Kingdoms because the Night's Watch didn't elect Janos Slynt as Lord Commander.
  12. Prove it. Sam wants to protect the realm but Bowen Marsh would gladly add to the enemies the realm has by leaving the wildlings out to be killed and become wights.
  13. You do know ghosts and wights are different right? Ghosts don't show up in ASOIAF.
  14. Tell me, would you rather be facing wildlings or wights?
  15. I think the impression in that episode is that when Daenerys is burning the city, some of Drogon's flames reach some of the caches of wildfire and detonate them, adding to the chaos.
  16. The portrait of Aegon V in The World of Ice and Fire is unfortunately inaccurate; it depicts Aegon V with the Valyrian Steel circlet and square rubies of Aegon the Conqueror's crown while it's stated he wore the simple golden band worn by Aegon III and Viserys II.
  17. And said families did nothing to help the Watch when they asked.
  18. The kingdom wanted to bring the Watch into war anyways.
  19. Something I've wondered is why, of all the eligible bachelors in Westeros in 279 AC, was Robert chosen as Lyanna's spouse? Surely there were a few other options like Jaime, Elbert and Denys Arryn, Oberyn Martell, Stannis, a Greyjoy or two. Jaime for example is much closer geographic-wise. And this is only among the Great Houses.
  20. Greater good? Prove it; would you prefer being killed and made into a zombie by the Others, because Marsh would gladly abide for the wildlings.
  21. Do you see anyone else receiving a death by sword from the Brotherhood? They seem to have given up the trial by combat practice and go to the hanging.
  22. Well, it would be like Martin to turn a nominally good action into one that screws over hundreds of thousands of people.
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