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  1. Everything that people complain about in the show (logistics, subverting expectations, sudden bad things happening out of nowhere, unpleasant shifts in characters) is present in the books, just on a larger scale.
  2. Hypothetical question: Say in ASOIAF or beforehand, Hoster and Edmure Tully died, the latter without issue (let's just say, for the sake of simplicity, he hits his head on a lintel). How would the Tully succession proceed from there? Brynden Blackfish is unmarried, so the title would pass to Catelyn's children... which poses its own problem since Robb, Catelyn's eldest living child, is heir to House Stark. Would it fall to Bran?
  3. I think there's a theory out there somewhere that Pycelle is of Westerlands origin, and may hold some residual loyalty to House Lannister.
  4. Well, Sansa's going that way in the books too. As for Doran... his plans were never great in the first place, just ask Viserys when Doran left him out to dry.
  5. I wonder if GRRM overestimated stamina in that book. How does somebody burn through so much wine, women (plus a knife and boots) over two weeks? Anguy must have steel for a liver (plus more down below).
  6. If that were the case how come he left Rhaenys and Aegon to the hounds so to speak? There were 7 Northerners who rode to the Tower of Joy: Ned, Howland, Lord Dustin, Martyn Cassel (Rodrik's brother and Jory's father), Ser Mark Ryswell, Ethan Glover (the lone surviving member of Brandon's ill-fated party to the Red Keep), and Theo Wull (I think he was adapted out).
  7. I don't think that's the case; if it were Aerys would have married Joanna and Rhaella.
  8. I have two. The first is that Summerhall had a library of Targaryen history particularly on years between Daeron II and Aegon V, which also explains why there's little information on the Targaryens during that time (Daeron's daughter, Aerion's son Maegor, Aegon's sisters) because it all went up in smoke. Rhaegar also goes there because he mourns the loss of information (as well as being born in tragedy). The other is that Lysa and Sweetrobin are both suffering from lead poisoning.
  9. Something that I find interesting about Robert's Rebellion is that when Lord Commander Gerold Hightower went to find Prince Rhaegar Targaryen at the Tower of Joy, he and Rhaegar swapped places: Hightower stayed at the Tower to guard Lyanna while Rhaegar went to command the King's army. Between the three Kingsguard there, I find Hightower's placement there quite suspicious; Arthur Dayne and Oswell Whent were Rhaegar's close friends and in on his plans with Lyanna, but Hightower, as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, would have been counted on as a commander for the royal army, as had happened during the War of the Ninepenny Kings when Ormund Baratheon was slain and Gerold had taken command of the combined Westerosi army. So in theory, what about that tower and its occupants was more important than commanding the royal army and taking an active role in military matters, as Lewyn Martell, Barristan Selmy, and Jonothor Darry had at the Battle of the Trident? What about Rhaegar's orders was more important than King Aerys' orders? Lyanna was already guarded by two Kingsguard, why were three needed? Even if Rhaegar and Lyanna had conceived Jon Snow (unproven as of yet in the books) and Jon is/was the Prince who was Promised, he would have been illegitimate... unless Rhaegar had annulled his marriage to Elia making Rhaenys and Aegon illegitimate (man those kids would have had it rough, being disowned by both grandfather and father, if they'd even survived the Sack of King's Landing).
  10. And from Varys he could direct an assassination.
  11. Wouldn't they have at least some knowledge of how the Dothraki operate via Jorah?
  12. So, to get back to the topic, how did they intend to cross?
  13. As far as the Dorne plots in the books go, some of it feels half-baked.
  14. 3. Surprised he didn't find one earlier considering that he allowed Kevan to marry Dorna. 4. Well that's the thing; for all of Tywin's (public) disdain for whores, he never actually stops Tyrion from using his money for them.
  15. The Dothraki would have to get over their cultural aversion to the sea. Culture's a tough nut to crack, as Daenerys has found out the hard way.
  16. So in AGOT the Small Council starts raising their hackles at the idea of a Dothraki invasion of Westeros save for Ned Stark. But how was it going to work? First off the Dothraki have a cultural aversion to the sea (they consider it poison water because their horses can't drink it). How many were in Drogo's horde alone? The numbers seemed to range from 10,000 to 100,000 screamers, that's quite a range. Drogo's going to have to fight hard to crack that cultural nut It's also the same reason it boggles the mind as to how Renly could keep his 100,000-strong army together Acquiring the gold and ships, plus the crews for the ships; we see the start of this with Drogo acquiring slaves to sell but that's about it The Dothraki would likely have some amount of infighting which would wear down their numbers at any point plus attrition Being culturally averse to the sea, they're not going to be really adept at naval warfare... which the Westerosi are. The Westerosi are likely not going to to do much to help Viserys and the Dothraki and hadn't for 15 years. Case in point Doran Martell: Viserys is his son-in-law-to be and has a kingdom at his back and contacts in Essos through his brother, yet he does jack shit to improve Viserys' situation or even just to train him up to be a suitable son-in-law for Arianne... was Doran setting her up to be abused? There's a lot of fortifications standing between them and King's Landing; divided ones but the Westerosi could just shoot them silly with arrow fire as they pass or attack since the Dothraki aren't really interested in siege warfare And they had no dragons at this point.
  17. Not after Tysha he wouldn't. But on the other hand Tywin never seemed to believe that Jaime's vow to the Kingsguard was for life, didn't he pressure him at least once to resign?
  18. Something I've wondered about Daenerys (Daeron II's sister): how come she never got any flak like Daeron got about possibly being Aemon the Dragonknight's kid with Naerys? Or do we not know about whether or not she did?
  19. It would get him out of the line of inheritance which Tywin has always wanted, give him something to do with his brain, and it would be harder for him to waste Tywin's money on whores (why Tywin still continues to fund him despite his public disapproval is beyond me).
  20. Yes there's parallels and what I'm saying is that there's a chance, considering where Sansa is at now under Littlefinger that she could become like Cersei. Don't necessarily like it, but there's a chance. Harry may not be as bad as Ramsay, but he doesn't seem like a good person. As far as superficial resemblance, that'll probably change under Littlefinger.
  21. To quote a certain French "archaeologist", Cersei is a shadowy reflection of Sansa and it would only take a small nudge to make Sansa like Cersei (as evidenced with the show when Sansa marries Ramsay). Both are daughters of a Warden, whose fathers were made Hand of the King to a King who was a close friend of said father. Each has a brother who joined a monastic warrior order who became its Lord Commander (Jon for Sansa, Jaime for Cersei), a younger sibling whom they quarrel with (Arya for Sansa, Tyrion for Cersei), and a younger brother who's crippled (Bran for Sansa, Tyrion again for Cersei. Both ladies had aspirations for being queen and were betrothed/married to royalty, but suffered abuse at their hands (Robert raped Cersei, Joffrey had Sansa beaten) which has left them decidedly jaded ("No one will marry me for love).") Sansa's subsequent husband and betrothed bear similarities to Cersei's husband Robert Baratheon; Tyrion is a hedonistic womanizer while Harry Hardyng is a womanizer who casts his illegitimate children aside and betrothed to a Northern lady. This also means that I don't have high hopes for Sansa's relationship with Harry Hardyng or her association with Littlefinger given both their personalities (Harry resents the betrothal in the first place) and Littlefinger's lust for Catelyn being projected onto Sansa.
  22. He's working with Littlefinger, who made a teleporter and Euron implemented it on a wider scale.
  23. Well, the Catelyn trusting Littlefinger part is a definite problem. Catelyn tells Ned not to trust Robert on the basis of their old friendship, but says to trust Littlefinger because they grew up together. Anyways, most people wouldn't trust the person who had a crush on their current wife/significant other. With not warning Cersei, yes it's fundamental to who he is, but that still makes it a stupid move that accomplishes nothing but losing his head. As far as Sansa and Arya are concerned, Arya's already shown to resent Sansa from her first POV chapter and Sansa enables bullying from Jeyne, she's an accomplice by inaction at best. Plus Tyrion gives as good as he gets (drugging Cersei in ACOK).
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