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  1. A general problem I had with the North in the last two seasons: why were they so hell-bent on keeping their independence in the face of the White Walkers? Did they honestly think they could go it alone with nothing that works against White Walkers?
  2. They’re consistently bad, since Aegon the Unlikely’s son Jaehaerys II was left out back in Season 1 and Aerys II succeeded Aegon after the Tragedy at Summerhall.
  3. Well it looks like there are only six History & Lore and limited to a select few topics: King’s Landing, the Greyjoy Rebellion, the Blackfyres, the South (Tormund), the Defiance of Duskendale, and Maegor the Cruel. Brevity is the soul of wit... except when there is no wit at all.
  4. I have a funny theory for Season 8: ever since it was revealed that Conleth Hill (Varys) left the coffee cup on the table at the feast, I suggest that Varys directly caused Daenerys’ downfall through over-caffeinating her, because after that point she’s been overdrive about getting her armies down south to take the capitol right away, her impatience leads to the ambush at Dragonstone, etc.
  5. And they didn’t give power to her the first time around in Season 6. On the other hand, we see what happens when someone who doesn’t seek political power gets political power. His name was Robert Baratheon and we know what happened with that. Did they forget their own plot?
  6. It is weird. Especially since the dragon has somewhat similar coloring to Drogon; this one is dark red while Drogon is black with red highlights. Funnily enough, I read that Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime) played a character who was an expy of Jaime Lannister. Haven't actually watched of the Simpsons though, except for the film and a scene from an earlier episode where the principal chases Bart up a mountain.
  7. Except that Grima’s already dead. I’m not sure why Tyrion cares so much about Cersei, since she’s never given a damn about him and has had tried to kill him a few times.
  8. They've been critical of the petition to redo the final season for sure. I wouldn't say that Emilia's the only one who's cursed; Sophie had Dark Phoenix come out and we all know how that went.
  9. They had one? I guess the mass funeral pyre that opened Episode 4 counted. Yara was also pretty clumsily handled for the last season; how come Daenerys couldn't ask her to blockade King's Landing? She'd already declared for her, and while Yara gets into place, Daenerys could march down the Kingsroad getting the smallfolk to like her. Didn't she do all this for them, theoretically? She got the slaves to like her (remember "Mhysa"), why not the smallfolk?
  10. Cersei's another problem I had in the final season, since Cersei does very little: stare out of windows, drink wine, stare out of windows drinking wine, get a few blocks dropped on her head... Lena Headey has stated that she's disappointed by her lack of presence in the final season, particularly suggesting a final fight of some sort.
  11. Well, the reason why people pay him mind at the end is likely because there are so few nobles left that they have to pay him mind... unless you're Archmaester Ebrose. How Tyrion got left out is anyone's guess.
  12. Am I in the wrong for thinking that Sansa (to give an example) should have been taught how to fight? Because I think that she should have, particularly since she wound up caught in a situation where she couldn't talk her way out when the wights attacked the civilians in the crypts.
  13. The show. There's a shot of the White Walkers in Season 7, Episode 1 where they're marching on Eastwatch where the Night King intends to freeze the sea and go around the Wall.
  14. I always thought that the Night King’s original plan was to go around the Wall, since there’s a small point around Eastwatch where the Wall ends just before it meets the sea.
  15. I guess I would have expected Aegon, Rhaenys and Visenya to have at least one child if not more by the time the Conquest began.
  16. I’ve actually had a nagging feeling that some more characters like Arya, Brienne, Podrick and Gendry were not supposed to survive the Long Night, since they contribute little to the story for the last half of the season, and their survival was tacked on for some reason.
  17. Plenty have, mostly disappointment; Lena Headey’s expressed some that she died anticlimactically, Kit Harington was disappointed that he didn’t kill the Night King, and Peter Dinklage remarked on the idiocy of putting all the civilians in the crypts. You might as well have put Macguyver in a store cupboard. I personally think that the final two seasons were a myriad of wasted opportunities to make things worthwhile.
  18. How come Aegon the Conqueror only had two children? These were born relatively late; Aenys was born when Aegon was 34, and Maegor when he was nearly 40. Compare with Ned Stark who had five children (six if you count Jon) by the same age. It just seems unwise, since Aenys was a weak heir whose parentage was disputed, and Maegor was a psychopathic monster.
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