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  1. On the other hand I'm surprised Cersei didn't have everyone (or at least Tyrion) shot with ballistae; it isn't like she isn't adverse to trying a move like that, just look at the Green Trial and her putting The Mountain on standby to kill everyone at the Dragonpit.
  2. Well, GRRM hasn't really shown Littlefinger as someone not to emulate, so they're following his rules.
  3. I'm talking about any point beforehand, since Littlefinger had apparently been boasting about taking Catelyn for awhile. As for during Tyrion's tenure as Hand, at that point he has a bit more of a bone with Littlefinger, primarily the whole catspaw business.
  4. Like the recap given at the beginning of Obi-Wan Kenobi?
  5. So in AGOT, Tyrion mentions that Littlefinger has apparently told everyone at court he took Catelyn's virginity (really Lysa's but don't tell him that). If what Tyrion says is true, how does Littlefinger still have his neck? If he's lying, why would Littlefinger tell something like that to Tyrion, who could also make him lose his neck?
  6. Not to mention the Lannisters intended to interfere with the Night's Watch themselves since Tywin refused to help the Watch unless Slynt was named Lord Commander and Cersei intended to send Osney Kettleblack to assassinate Jon. Speaking of which, why didn't Tyrion have Slynt killed like he did Allar Deem?
  7. Well, in the case of the Starks, the current Stark family appears to be out of place in the world of Westeros; they seem like your standard High Fantasy protagonists, ala Lord of the Rings, dropped into a medieval world run on realpolitik and virtue is weakness. If you've seen the Predator films, think about how the main characters are like Rambo carbon-copies... that get dropped into an Alien-esque film. The second Predator film replaces the Rambo-esque commandos with cops that wouldn't look out of place in Lethal Weapon (in fact the main character is played by the same actor who played Murtaugh).
  8. Which, in another case of villains having plot armor, should have had gotten him killed by now since he'd been boasting about having sex with the Lord Paramount's wife and her sister (though not at once).
  9. And I'm saying he was an idiot.
  10. I'm surprised Ned wasn't more suspicious of him. Why would I trust someone who challenged my brother for my now wife's hand? Plus Hoster was downright careless by putting Lysa in proximity to Littlefinger. By marrying Jon Arryn, Lord of the Vale, Lysa is close to someone that Hoster knows is a bad influence.
  11. Well, the main Stark daughter we hear about outside of Sansa, Arya, and Lyanna is the mother of Brandon son of Bael, and she was probably deemed untrustworthy, something like that.
  12. Which Catelyn should have known better; didn't she say to Ned on the basis of their childhood friendship because the years will have changed him but then tells him to trust Littlefinger on the basis of childhood frienship?
  13. Plus the lingering question as to why Aegon sired kids pretty late, and only two at that.
  14. If one looks at a map from the show (the credits map), the Wall doesn't meet the sea just east of Eastwatch, so it appears the Army of the Dead intended them to go around the Wall.
  15. Again, we had one Mad Queen, no need for two.
  16. If Tywin intended to entrap Ned, what would have happened if, say, after Ned is injured by Jaime's men, Jaime tosses Ned on his saddle like a sack of potatoes and brings him to the Westerlands instead of leaving him outside the brothel? It would accomplish the same objective.
  17. Jaime will receive a short drop and a sudden stop.
  18. They did include Theon's transformation into Reek into Season 3.
  19. I welcome it. Plus how he'd do it once he ran out of material.
  20. Well, @The Dragon Demands, how would you have adapted A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons?
  21. Suprised that in the books neither Hoster nor Blackfish have anything to say about their spurned aunt.
  22. Oh yeah that one. Wasn't he retconned out in Season 1, but it'll make any adaptation of the War of the Ninepenny Kings nigh impossible since the Tragedy of Summerhall had already occurred.
  23. Which one; the Old King, or the kid who lost his head (literally)?
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