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  1. Not to mention Sandor since Clegane Sr. covered the burning up.
  2. As far as the muppet Tullys are concerned, Martin wasted an opportunity to throw in an Eddard, Gordyn, and Henryk.
  3. Well who'd have thought this happened in the show.
  4. And some kids suffer less and become killers. Look at Joffrey or Aerys the Mad.
  5. Two. There was a Vale tribesman whose throat she slit in AGOT.
  6. That tends to happen as a zombie, not to mention GRRM's dislike of resurrections where the person who comes back is mostly normal.
  7. Another one to throw in: Randyll and Sam. Not even Tywin directly threatens to murder his son unless he goes to a monastic order (and for some reason Tywin never considers sending Tyrion to the citadel and enables his whoring by giving him money despite his public disapproval).
  8. Unfortunately we don't see much of Ned as a ruler in the North so however good a job he did seems on the surface to be informed ability.
  9. Well, GRRM emphasizes realism in his work so when it doesn't match it sticks out like a sore thumb (like Anguy's steel liver and sex drive which is nearly equivalent to a one-month rental for a pirate fleet).
  10. That's if they don't get whittled down by the Sons of the Harpy.
  11. She will jump out of a tree and kill the Great Other.
  12. She's not going to be found. Didn't GRRM say that in another interview?
  13. On the other hand I could see it happening since GRRM has a liking for age gap relationships with a side order of Stockholm (read: Drogo and Daenerys).
  14. Though wouldn't GRRM argue against that viewpoint since both Robert and Ned, who were both veteran soldiers, were shown to be poor rulers?
  15. That does seem to be how Daenerys is; she doesn't wear armor (maybe it's the Dothraki rubbing off on her). If Drogon wasn't there in the battle on the road, Jaime would have made her into a shish-khaleesibab.
  16. Of course that would require Daenerys actually wearing armor.
  17. I think Jon Connington would likely be driven to sacking as an act of desperation before his greyscale advances too far. Or for all we know given how greyscale messes with the brain, the greyscale could literally make him do something irrational.
  18. Well the White Walkers (the ones in the show) themselves appear to be a living weapon designed to counteract people that backfires, which appear to fit the books and show's theme of good intentions blowing up in someone's face.
  19. I guess that's what it is, they had two years to work with for the last season.
  20. Technically Jon does not count as the second son, being illegitimate and all.
  21. Being too nice seems to be a thing in the books. Ned plays nice with Cersei and she gets him arrested and exiled; similarly he trusts Littlefinger who has everything to gain from getting Ned killed or disgraced Robb plays nice with Balon and Roose by sending Theon back to negotiate (the former) and trusting the latter with command; both repay him by invading the North and whittling down Robb's troops Daenerys saves Mirri Maz Duur, who leaves Khal Drogo catatonic and kills Daenerys' unborn child. Jon's attempts to save "Arya" lead to him getting stabbed.
  22. Again, Daenerys calls Tyrion on his screwups. He doesn't answer her question. As for the grimdark tale, the books are already trending that way with Daenerys contemplating Viserys' advice (Dragons plant no trees), Sansa under Littlefinger, Bran with Bloodraven, Arya with the Faceless Men, Jon getting stabbed and not coming back normal (GRRM hates it when they do), and Brienne leading Jaime to Lady Stoneheart (another example of coming back wrong). It's going to take a spanner like Gollum with the One Ring to make things worthwhile.
  23. Which should have been taken into consideration by whoever thought it was a good idea to put civilians in the crypts.
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