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  1. As I said in an earlier post there was an inflection point where Viserys could have turned out better. That was if Doran Martell had decided to help him after Willem Darry died, and he had more reasons to do so than not.
  2. There's plenty of ways to kill people without shedding blood. Hanging is one, drowning is another. Plus is being crowned with molten gold (the show sold itself short because the gold should have been glowing and would have created a very cool effect if pulled off).
  3. So take me through the mind of Kraznys mo Nakhloz. You're arranging for an army of 8,000 Unsullied to be traded for a dragon (which in the real world would be the equivalent of an artillery piece or two with a few crates worth of rifles, with the soldiers knowing how to use them). Why would you give someone the means of taking back what you just gave away, when they're still close enough to do so?
  4. Except Viserys would have known that the Dothraki only respect strength, strength he doesn't have. So the Dothraki don't respect him.
  5. Barristan said the mad Targaryen side was somewhat present. Well, there were a couple points where actions could have been taken where he wouldn't have been such a mess. For one, Doran had this plan with Viserys as the centerpiece and could have stepped in once Willem Darry died, but he didn't for less than justifiable reasons.
  6. I think Sweetrobin has some craziness from his environment.
  7. Why did Darry never train him? He had at least 5 years to work with him and what we see out of Viserys is quite pathetic.
  8. And the worse Daenerys may look as the story unfolds since "Dragons plant no trees."
  9. Not to mention Karstark tried to sell his daughter to Vargo Hoat...
  10. On the other hand if Ned read Wuthering Heights he might be a bit more wary.
  11. That's if Robb could get back to the North. Isn't that hypocritical to say something like that? She told Ned not to trust Robert just because they were childhood friends, yet she says to trust Petyr on the basis of their childhood friendship?
  12. Or the Freys could have just held up the Starks at the bridge until the Lannisters caught up.
  13. Right; so he's leading Tywin on a merry... and then what? Which way is he trying to go? He came from the east; if he goes west, he runs into Lannisport. Could he take Lannisport? He goes south, he runs into the Tyrells (not allies). He goes north, he runs into the Greyjoys.
  14. He could smash the hell out of it but not bring it to its knees. Perhaps, if he'd tried harder to save Sansa his mother wouldn't have cost him a bargaining chip by freeing Jaime.
  15. Couldn't he? Anyone knows that the Lannisters aren't to be trusted with kid hostages (Rhaenys and Aegon, the Tarbeck boy), or hostages in general (Elia Martell).
  16. I think that part of Rhaegar's abilities have been played up; he was a good harpist and singer, read a lot (to the point where it was joked Rhaella swallowed books and candles while pregnant with him), and a very good jouster, but not practical. The whole plan with Lyanna (if there was one) wasn't thought out, made a strategic mistake that got his army routed, and the only time he fought outside of sporting competition was a loss.
  17. I've wondered that about Walder myself; maybe he wanted to hedge his bets? There's a reason why he's called "The Late Lord Frey" for coming late to the Battle of the Trident.
  18. Plus Rhaegar was a lot closer to age than Daemon and Rhaenyra; Rhaegar would have been 23, Lyanna 15 or 16.
  19. Yes. The point of his war to free his father and sisters, was it not? And yet it apparently doesn't occur to him that Joffrey isn't to be trusted with hostages with Ned's execution, or that his battles lead to Sansa getting beaten. What do you think would happen if after Oxcross Ser Boros slapped Sansa with his armored glove and she died from bleeding on the brain (think Home Alone where Marley hits both Harry and Marv with his shovel, which would have been fatal in real life), or Joffrey executed her just because he felt like it? He had Ned executed because he felt like it. One would think that Robb would have been a lot more focused on getting his sisters back, but he doesn't even try.
  20. If Robb's own father was executed by the Crown despite all advice, it should occur to Robb that Joffrey isn't to be trusted with Sansa's safety.
  21. Plus Cleos Frey; as the go-between for the Starks and the Lannisters, Robb could have had terms set up for Sansa there, like "While my sister is under your custody she is not to be harmed; if Sansa is mistreated that punishment will be met with equal force on your uncle Ser Jaime".
  22. At the least kept tabs on her, made sure she wasn't being mistreated. For the attention he pays to her safety, he might as well cut her throat instead.
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