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  1. Mongo

    Episode's title is blood of the dragon

    Not laziness. It's the expense. D&D have explained in interviews that direwolves are actually more expensive to CGI than dragons, because they are close enough in appearance to wolves that they have to be nearly 100% accurate or they will look fake. Whereas dragons can be animated almost any way and nobody can say otherwise, so they are less expensive to animate. That single battle in Spoils of War blew a huge amount of the CGI budget, it seems that the only direwolf scene they could afford to do was the Arya/Nymeria scene. They could perhaps animate a Ghost scene, but likely at the cost of deleting a dragon scene that advances the plot a lot more.
  2. Mongo

    Balerion vs Drogon

    From the Winter Is Coming article Game of Thrones' Head Sculptor Talks About Making That Huge Dragon Skull As for how Balerion’s skull compares to other dragons in our story, Fitzsimons said that “[w]e calculated that it would be about the same size as Drogon is in Season 7.” I guess that answers the question!
  3. Mongo

    Balerion vs Drogon

    So we see the skull of Barerion the Black Dread in this episode, with Cersei standing next to it for scale. Based on the images we have of Drogon in Season 7, how do Balerion and Drogon compare in size? We do have random Westerosi claiming that Dany's dragons are larger than Aegon's dragons, but that's just hearsay.
  4. Mongo

    Season 7 Trailer

    One thing I noticed was some Unsullied taking what appears to be Casterly Rock against very little opposition. We know that Tirion is familiar with the drainage/sewer tunnels under Casterly Rock. Could he have led a group of picked Unsullied inside Casterly Rock through said tunnels, and opened the gates from the inside, catching the defenders by surprise?
  5. Mongo

    Endgame roles for all major characters (TV only)

    I seem to recall reading that GRRM told D&D that he cannot tell them exactly what he has planned for the books, but that five people need to survive to the final Boss Battle: Jon, Dany, Tirion, Arya and Bran. Their roles in Season 8 as I see them: Dany will send her dragons against the Wights -- airborne flame-throwers are a near-perfect weapon against them. Jon will take overall command of the fight against the WW threat -- and as a Targaryen may also become a dragonrider. Bran will provide vital information about how to defeat the enemy. Tirion might organize the strategic fight -- marshaling resources, arranging alliances, etc. -- as well as possibly becoming a dragonrider at need. Arya is more difficult. I think that she might end up using her abilities as a Faceless Assassin to get close to the Night King and killing him with an obsidian or Valyrian steel dagger, at the cost of her own life.
  6. My suggestion is probably not happening, it breaks too many television guidelines. But how about a BBC-style documentary series, with each episode focusing on a different historical event from World of Ice and Fire? Several episodes on the Valyrian Freehold's conquest of Old Ghis, one or more episodes on the migration of the Rhoynish refugees, perhaps an episode on Bran the Builder, and so on. There must be enough inspiration in the written material for many seasons of episodes.
  7. Mongo

    Season 7 Premiere Date Announced

    I thought that the purpose of the teaser was to set the tone for the new season, which it did quite well. It clearly stated that the time of the great Houses fighting for dominance in an endless revolving wheel (which is what we saw happening for the first six seasons) would come to an end, in the face of the existential threat from the Walkers. Plus Jon's lines about the Great War having arrived were new. I liked the teaser myself.