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  1. acwill07

    Brown Bens plan

    It could be for a couple of reasons. He could be realizing that he made a mistake betraying Dany and he wanted to acquire Tyrion as a gift. Or maybe he just wanted Tyrion as an insurance policy so he could keep all his options open. If the battle should go against them he could turn his coat again and us Tyrion as a gift to hopefully keep Dany from killing him.
  2. acwill07

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    All of this is assumption after assumption. I realize that it's been 8 years between novels, but not every single thing in Martin's novel are red herrings. The ONLY evidence that Brandon and Ashara ever had any contact at all is when Brandon asked Ashara if she would dance with Ned at the Tourney at Harrenhal.
  3. acwill07

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    I don't understand why so many want there to be some kind of secret romance between Brandon and Ashara, when clearly that's not the case because there's no evidence for it. Ned was the one in love with Ashara, which is why Brandon spoke to her on Ned's behalf for a dance. If people are using Ned's character as evidence then that's pretty weak.....sure, deflowering a highborn maid was not something Ned Stark would've normally done, but these were extenuating circumstances. Neither of them were promised and there was a lot of drinking and dancing going on at Harranhal. It's obvious that George is trying to convey that Ned and Ashara loved each other but Ned had to forsake her for the honor of his house and marry Catelyn after Brandon was slain. There is zero evidence that anything ever happened between Brandon and Ashara.
  4. acwill07

    Summerhall is central to the series

    LOL @ Jon Snow being born at Starfall. Are there really still people who actually believe that? Sigh...
  5. acwill07

    Sansa really is Alayne

    I couldn't agree more. Some of the ridiculous things being posted on this board lately are beyond laughable, this thread chief among them.
  6. acwill07

    A Faithful Knight in Winterfell

    It probably should be locked cause almost everything that you have asserted in this thread has no basis in fact/has no textual evidence. I mean, you decided that since Rickard asked for trial by combat that he must be a knight who is turning away from the old gods. It's like 2+2=5.
  7. acwill07

    A Faithful Knight in Winterfell

    As someone told you earlier ITT, the burden is on you to prove that Brandon was a knight considering there was never any textual evidence to support that. If Brandon had been a knight, Ned would've mentioned it or thought about it at some point.
  8. acwill07

    A Faithful Knight in Winterfell

    I'm glad to see that you got this posted before I did. The Hugh of the Vale exchange pokes a hole in this whole ridiculous theory.
  9. acwill07

    A Faithful Knight in Winterfell

    I think you're being a little thick. Sandor was not a knight. Jory was not a knight. In GOT Ned even talks about how knights have a high opinion of themselves when he sends Jory to talk to Ser Hugh of the Vale. Ser Hugh wouldn't talk to Jory because Jory wasn't a knight, he was merely Captain of Guards for Ned. Then Ned even thinks to himself that even though Ser Hugh is a knight, Jory is older and 10 times the swordsman. No one considered Sandor a knight because Sandor wasn't a knight. They considered Sandor a bad SOB and an awesome fighter and killer, but not a knight. Jory Cassel was also not a knight, just like Eddard is not a knight and Brandon wasn't a knight. Ser Rodrik is the only Cassel was know of that was a knight, so you assuming that the Cassel family practiced knighthood is also likely wrong. Martyn was never identified as a knight. Your whole theory is based on premises that simply are proven to be untrue or that have no evidence to back them up. Also, Sandor did compete in the Hand's Tourney....he was one of the final 4 jousters and he defeated Jamie Lannister.
  10. acwill07

    A Faithful Knight in Winterfell

    Dude you are making stuff up here. Sandor was NOT a knight. He hated knights. He was never dubbed and never did a vigil. It doesn't matter what you think people viewed him as, the fact of the matter is that he's not a knight according to the text. He even bitches at people for calling him "Ser," and corrects them. You are now trying to bend things to your theory, which really has zero textual evidence. Pretty much every part of your theory is filled with massive assumptions.
  11. acwill07

    A Faithful Knight in Winterfell

    Tournaments are not reserved for only knights. In GOT when they stage the tourney in KL in Eddard's honor, Jory and Alan both enter the lists, and neither one of them are knights. The OP of this thread is making a massive amount of assumptions. Rickard Stark foregoing the old gods for the seven? LOL yea ok.
  12. acwill07

    A Faithful Knight in Winterfell

    Brandon was not a knight and having a squire is certainly not evidence otherwise.
  13. acwill07

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    No. Jon is 100% the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna.
  14. acwill07

    Please explain Ramsay and the Pink Letter.

    This whole post was amazing and spot on. That was some seriously irrational hate toward Jon Snow for sure.
  15. acwill07

    Please explain Ramsay and the Pink Letter.

    Nice. The very second post in the thread and you got it exactly 100% correct. I LOL @ anyone who tries to say it was Stannis or Mance or whoever. There is no real evidence to back any of that up and it's all a reach, just like the folks who want R+L=J not to be true, when it obviously is. Ramsay wrote it after questioning Mance's spearwives and/or Mance himself. A lot of what is in it is a lie, as would be expected from Ramsay.