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  1. Bronn Piedra

    NFL Thread: "Terrell Owens does what?" edition

    Jay Cutler is on record saying he is almost 100% sure he's done with football. I think he got the direction of that wrong.
  2. Bronn Piedra

    Best team not to advance

    Although it pains me to say it, I have no opinion on topic. But I'm pretty sure which teams looked worst. Panama seemed to have assembled a roster by lottery.
  3. What would the tie-breaker in this case have been before the Fair Play rule was created?
  4. Bronn Piedra


    Tres cervesas Balboa, por favor. Ugh.
  5. Sadly, the Panama = Belgium match occurred during my commute so I missed it. But it seems like it was not pretty and following the feeds it sounds like the many yellow cards were justified. A truly wretched performance.
  6. Bronn Piedra

    MLB 2018: Sho(hei) Me What You Got

    I'm Mariano Rivera..... ¡¡¡¡de PA-NA-MA!!!!!
  7. Bronn Piedra

    Who Is This Year's Group of Death?

    Agreed. There is an excellent chance all four will fail to advance.
  8. Bronn Piedra

    Who Is This Year's Group of Death?

    I'd go with Group I Group I Netherlands Italy USA Ghana
  9. Bronn Piedra

    World Cup 2018: Celebratin' Your Nation.

  10. Bronn Piedra

    2018 World Cup - Get a Team to Support Here!!!!

    Team request.
  11. Bronn Piedra

    Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2018

    I was sick and traveling. I've given up on vetoing trades here. It isn't worth the effort. You can't change a weasel into a lion.
  12. Bronn Piedra

    MLB 2018: Sho(hei) Me What You Got

    Still liking Jon Miller on the radio. I think he talks too much for TV, but perfect in the car.
  13. Bronn Piedra

    NFL 2018 Draft: On The One Hand...

    If what we are seeing is true and the Browns are choosing between Allen and Mayfield (and have them close) it makes ZERO sense for them to pick either #1 overall. 99.9% chance one of those guys is there at #4 and you get your pick of the lot at #1. As I've suggested before, I think Barkley is a LaDainian-type talent who can give you a decade of top RB play. Another path they may be considering is trading #4 to get even more picks after having taken a QB at #1. Again, if so, bad plan. Trade #1 and get a bigger payout and still get one of your top 2 at #4.
  14. Bronn Piedra

    NFL 2018 Draft: On The One Hand...

    Yes. Their ownership is cultivating the British market as a possible future permanent home.
  15. Bronn Piedra

    R,I.P. Thread

    The 30 Rock episode with the partial cast reunion is must see for any Night Court fan. RIP Harry.