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  1. Around here, we call those days, "Days".
  2. Things change quickly here. I am pretty comfortable if I get 3 wins out of the remaining 8.
  3. That was Keeper. In Dynasty Jace came back to beat me by 15, having also been down 50. She had Taylor, Andrews and the Ravens Defense.
  4. Not like it was an autodraft. He knew what he was doing.
  5. I definitely was watching, and aware every time Aaron Jones was open and Rodgers passed elsewhere.
  6. LOL. It looks like I am headed for a 4-1 week with this as my only loss. I guess if I had to lose a match this week, I definitely owe you one.
  7. Something like 3 points would have given Jaxom a win and 4 higher slots in PR.
  8. The OCD in me has checked over 25 times in the past 72 hours to see if you have done the edits requested in this thread. No criticism of anyone other than me is implied. But help me, Obi-wan...
  9. No. You can keep as many as you want from your final roster, subject to the keeper rules.
  10. Start D. Jones, bench Garoppolo. Start K. Hunt, bench Gibson
  11. It won't let me set anyone to start until week 3. Nor will it let me pick up a DT/K without a corresponding drop despite having two guys on IR. Thanks.
  12. Yes. Sorry. I just used tentative to give myself the chance to change my mind. But if time runs out, then it runs out.
  13. The first post on page one of the thread is an excellent summary of the draft rules.
  14. Not going to apologize that one. I was headed for a brutal 0-3. In fact, at one point before the Raiders offense brought down my score for the Ravens D, it really looked like I would go 0-3 in the 3 leagues I share with WJ and he'd go 3-0, having been outscored by me in all 3. But yes, the tight races overall bode well.
  15. I felt really cornered when I got Dak. Two QBs both with week 7 byes. Kept me from prospect hunting.
  16. Not much higher. But I would have then gone very high (70ish) on Mahomes. My plan going in was Mahomes at any cost. I thought McCaffrey would go higher and was just price enforcing.
  17. Trades definitely no. Projected points, I say yes. Roster drops/adds - only if cannot field playable roster with non-IR players - adding highest projected player (remaining games) active that week. I would say new contracts can be decided by the next owner, even though that gives the next owner an advantage - he/she'll need it with a weak roster overall.
  18. The Gridsmoot of the Harlaw Ironmen are proud to welcome a new batch of The Dead Who Will Never Die. New Contracts (Tentative - become final at deadline) Christian McCaffrey (Car - RB) $42 - 2 years Dak Prescott (Dal - QB) $30 - 2 years Trey Sermon (SF - RB) $10 - 1 year Logan Thomas (Was - TE) $6 - 1 year Amari Cooper (Dal - WR) $15 - 1 year Jaylen Waddle (Mia - WR) $9 - 3 years Terry McLaurin (Was - WR) $13 - 4 years Tyler Boyd (Cin - WR) $6 - 1 year Derek Carr (LV - QB) $5 - 1 year Jakobi Meyers (NE - WR) $1 - 4 years Tyrod Taylor (Hou - QB) $3 - 1 year Rhamondre Stevenson (NE - RB) $6 - 4 years Rashaad Penny (Sea - RB) $4 - 1 year Under Contract in 2021 Kareem Hunt - 9 - Contract Expiring Josh Allen - 7 - Contract Expiring DJ Moore - 4 - Contract Expiring Darrell Henderson - 1 - Contract Expiring Michael Gallup - 2 - Contract Expiring Under Contract Beyond 2021 Alexander Mattison - 4 (1 years) Malcolm Brown - 2 (1 Years) Parris Campbell - 2 (2 years) Ke'Shawn Vaughn - 1 (2 years) Players Still Drawing Penalty Salaries in 2022 season Bryce Love - 3 (1 year) Jerrick McKinnon - 3 (1 years) Hunter Henry - 1 (1 years) Marque Valdes-Scantling- 4 (1 years) Rob Gronkowski - 1 (1 years) Tyrell Williams - 1 (1 years) Ryquell Armstead - 1 (2 years)
  19. Herbert was not considered a big deal. He went in the 19th round in Keeper.
  20. I don't honestly remember. But that sounds right.
  21. My friend is willing to draft then abandon. He's too busy to manage the team. His email PMd to Groz
  22. While FAR from ideal, I think this is better than skipping.
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