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    Littlefinger's Game

    Sansa has pretty much already stated that her only concern about losing Littlefinger is that she would lose the support of the Vale. I believe Arya has revealed her secret to Sansa for one purpose, in that she could kill off Littlefinger (yay), put on his face and Sansa still has what she needs while LF is truly dead. Pretty much a win-win. If there is some kind of rally in the end of all the living against the NK and his army, this would keep the Vale in that bigger picture. Also, all-seeing Bran has already handed the dagger over to Arya, and I think that's all the involvement that is and was needed from him to complete the bigger picture. His 'Chaos is a Ladder' statement to LF tells us that Bran already knows what he has done, and that he should be dead. Giving Arya the dagger was all he had to do to make happen what needs to happen to defeat the NK.
  2. Joffrey's Wine

    Will Arya be dead this season?

    Yes! E03, Arya reunites with the Hound. The next ingredient for the end of Arya's story. This show is finalizing itself, so that would definitely be something that has to happen.
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    Will Arya be dead this season?

    I have this slight suspicion Arya may be done for this season. My reasons as follows: 1.) Arya has the 'kickass' opening scene of the first episode - I've read that this was a last minute change, but this would be a very fitting opener if this was indeed Arya's last season. 2.) The Ed Sheeran appearance is supposedly a 'gift' from D&D to Maisie Wiliams - the backstory being that the showrunners had been trying for awhile to get him on the show at her request, which is at last fulfilled. To me, the scene overall leads me to believe it is actually a parting gift to the actress. 3.) The surprise reappearance of Hot Pie - obviously a tip of the hat to their work together on the show, and the dialogue clearly indicates this is the last we'll see of Hot Pie. If Arya was going to be gone this season, this would be the last opportunity for Hot Pie to appear and say a goodbye. 4.) Goodbye to Nymeria - This scene clearly indicates there is no future plot with Arya & Nymeria together, concluding and finalizing their role together in the show version of the story. And all of this is only two episodes into this season. I wish I could explain my gut feeling more in depth, but it seems like all of the above events that have taken place would be something that has to be done for a proper goodbye to Maisie/Arya on the show. Of course it's entirely possible this all had to be before the show ends next year in general, and this was the time to do it, but I still think there is a strong possibility S7 could very well be the last of this character. Any thoughts? And I think this might be my first post here on this board, so please don't tear me to shreds if there are any glaring mistakes, etc. - I'm just a longtime lurker ASOIAF fan.