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  1. SaltThroneHeir

    The perfumed seneschal

    Good point. Some people will be really disappointed if she follows that way, though, but it could indeed add great stuff to that story.
  2. SaltThroneHeir

    The perfumed seneschal

    I've been thinking about that option aswell, but didn't understood the point of it. IMO, it seems pretty obvious that Tyrion wants the good for Dany. Or maybe the warning is about the red priest (who was on the ship) and (the great !) Victarion ? Another option could be that Quaithe is actually an antagonist... Since she wants Dany to beware of potential friends ?
  3. SaltThroneHeir

    The perfumed seneschal

    Hi there! First of all, I have to say that it is my first post on this amazing forum, and I'm glad to join you all Please excuse my English (since I'm a French fan from West indies) My question is about our dear Varys. Could it be him the famous perfumed seneschal ? Don't know if you talked about this theory before, but that really hit my mind during second reading, since a seneschal is someone who actively serve a king or a Lord (Aegon in this case) and the guy is known to be very perfumed. Dany should indeed beware of him, because he's actually working for Aegon to finally sit and the Iron throne. Am I completely late, or... What do you guys think about that? I have to add that Aegon is definitely one of my favorite characters, so I hope he's not fake x)