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  1. Reading The World of Ice and Fire, my favorite aspect of the world-building is definitely the conjectures of timing and relationship between the various houses of Westeros. If I had to state my interest in Fire and Blood, it would be the relationship and leadership of the various houses during the reigns of certain kings and how they marry into each other. I am especially interested in the relationship between the Velaryons and the Targaryens before Aegon I. His mother is apparently Targaryen on her mother's side, which most likely means that she was likely an aunt of Aerion of Dragonstone. Just what happened to all the missing Targaryens throughout history and are their anymore dragonseed houses running around Westeros?
  2. I made my ranking based upon an extensive table listing the positives and negative effects of each king based upon their tenure and the impact of that tenure. I also included a percentage that I based on the number of positives relative to the total number of achievements and for kings who have the same percentage, I have the reason they rank compared to each other. Ranking of the Kings Jaehaerys I “the Conciliator” (88.9%) Viserys II (85.7%) Daeron II “the Good” (75%) - Length of term beats out Viserys. Viserys I (75%) Jaehaerys II (66.7%) Aegon V (55.6%) Aegon I “the Conqueror” (50%) - Created the Kingdom and ensured its survival after his reign. Baelor I “the Blessed” (50%) Aegon III “the Dragonbane” (40%) Maekar I (33.4%) Daeron I (33.4%) - Only major accomplishment ends in failure Aenys I (33.4%) - Unable to maintain realm peace Aegon II “the Elder” (25%) Aegon IV “the Unworthy” (25%) - Actions created pretender crisis which lasted 5 generations. Aerys II “the Mad King” (25%) - Actions lead to open civil war and the destabilization of Targaryen Dynasty Maegor I “the Cruel” (16.7%) Aerys I (0%) - Which is worse, a king that does nothing when terrible actions occur or a king who performs terrible actions? Overall, the Targaryen Dynasty on average has an approval rating, by my calculations, of 45.8%. Specific Actions of Each King 1: Aegon I "the Conqueror" Pros: Unified the Seven Kingdoms Maintained good relations by traveling through the courts of the realm. Maintained peace with the Faith of the Seven. Cons: Failed to codify a singular law system The First Dornish War Failed to find permanent solution to Faith crisis which would haunt his sons. 2: Aenys I Pros: Fathered many heirs, ensuring line and future realm stability. Cons: Far weaker than his father. Too affable and eager to please. Failed to take initiatives with uprisings and faith crisis. Far weaker than his father. Too affable and eager to please. Failed to take initiatives with uprisings and faith crisis. 3: Maegor I "the Cruel" Pros: Strong enough to aid in putting down numerous rebellions. Cons: Arguably, more effective as Hand then as King. Cruelty to smallfolk and nobles alike. Inability to deal with Faith crisis. Unable to father any heirs, decreasing realm stability. Initiated succession issue and led to civil war. 4: Jaehaerys I "the Concilator" Pros: Fathered many children, ensuring realm stability. Long reign ensured stability. Unified realm under a single legal code. Ended the Faith militant and made peace with the faith. Gave support to the Night’s Watch. Ended the Lord’s Right. Negotiated truce between Blackwood’s and Bracken’s. Ensured peace with Dorne. Cons: Decision on succession would directly lead to the Dance of the Dragons. 5: Viserys I Pros: Friendly and amiable, a peaceful king for a peaceful time. Supported the War in the Stepstones. Allowed Daemon’s reform of the City Watch. Cons: Reluctance to be firm and strong on succession and internal court politics directly led to Dance. 6: Aegon II "the Elder" Pros: Fathered three children, even if they never sat the throne. Cons: Defied his father’s will upon succession directly leading to a brutal civil war. Civil war resulted in the deaths of most of the dragons. Allowed his council and mother to lead in issues that furthered the conflict instead of de-escalation of the crisis. 7: Aegon III "the Dragonbane" Pros: Had two sons, ensuring realm stability. Worked with his brother Viserys II to reunify the realm following the war, even if Viserys did majority of work. Cons: Melancholic. Little enthusiasm and bitter about the war. Long regency period with destabilizing political intrigue. Death of the dragons ensured future Targaryen instability. 8: Daeron I "the Young Dragon" Pros: No known major domestic issues during reign, likely due to Viserys. Cons: Short reign, no children. Fought a failed war with Dorne. 9: Baelor I "the Blessed" Pros: Established a peace treaty with Dorne ending the Second Dornish War. Made a strong relationship with the Faith of the Seven and smallfolk. Initiated marriages that would result in the absorption of Dorne into the realm. Cons: Treatment of sisters directly led to the bastardry of Daemon Blackfyre and the future Blackfyre rebellion. Religious fervor created instability with High Septon choices. Refusal to create an heir created succession issues. 10: Viserys II Pros: Ruled effectively as Hand of the King for the years of his three predecessors. Had a grown son to succeed him upon his death. Established new mint. Revitalized trade. Reformed royal household. Reformed Jaehaerys’ tax code Cons: Short reign, curtailed by heir. 11: Aegon IV "the Unworthy" Pros: Long reign. Did not disown Daeron II, allowing his reign to not devolve into civil war and giving his vassals hope for a better future. Cons: Sired and legitimized his bastards, leading to all future Blackfyre Rebellions. Attempted dismal invasion of Dorne. Created domestic tensions with his passions and lusts. Stole from his vassals, had a court filled with corruption and debauchery. Actively destabilized his heir’s future reign to spite him. Reinitialized Bracken and Blackwood feud. 12: Daeron II "the Good" Pros: Diplomatically unified Dorne and the Seven Kingdoms. Successfully ended the Blackfyre Rebellion swiftly. Had many children, ensuring realm stability. Cons: Failed to capture Blackfyre claimants. 13: Aerys I Pros: I honestly tried and could not find a single positive attribute or impact of his reign. Cons: Refusal to sire heirs would cause succession issues. Failure to deal with Dagon Greyjoy, in the west. Unable to maintain safety of the smallfolk. Did not deal with Spring Sickness and the droughts. Controlled by his Hand, and suffered through two Blackfyre Rebellions. Refused to execute Bittersteel, ensuring future rebellions. 14: Maekar I Pros: Resolved the Peake Uprising, even if he was killed for it. Cons: Failure to name a clear heir resulted in succession crisis upon his death. Stern and unforgiving, Maekar was a military man in a time of relative peace. 15: Aegon V "the Unlikely" Pros: Well like by lords and smallfolk alike. More down to earth and reform minded than his predecessors. Removal of Bloodraven ensured relative realm peace. Ended Fourth Blackfyre Rebellion. Dealt with uprisings successfully due to his efforts to improve the lives of smallfolk, even if he had to compromise more often than not. Cons: Obsession with dragons resulted in death. Ruined relationship with many Great Houses. Weakness with sons betrothals led to several succession and political crises. Smallfolk reforms eventually undone. 16: Jaehaerys II Pros: Handled the War of the Ninepenny Kings, ending the Blackfyre threat once and for all (maybe). Reconciled with Great Houses alienated by Aegon V. Cons: Sickly with a short reign. 17: Aerys II "the Mad King" Pros: Allowed Tywin Lannister to lead as Hand, creating great wealth and prosperity early on. Initially ambitious, Aerys filled the court with liberal ideas and bold visions. Cons: Absolutely insane and cruel. Wiped out houses for pretend slights. Alienated half the realm and his hand out of jealousy and paranoia. Created a dispute with the Iron Bank of Braavos. Attempted to murder the entire city of King’s Landing. Allowed Rhaegar to kidnap Lyanna Stark, initiating a realm-wide civil war. Having looked at all my work, I may have gotten to into this question, but it was fun nonetheless.