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  1. Ok ok that i understand killin him for being lied to,anyways enough about tywin and tyrion,you wont make me hate or like the other more than i'll make you:) And yes i like Tywin better but he's still an arogant and overrated as fuck,but so are most other book characters Shiny blue eyes And you could call them my precious, like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iz-8CSa9xj8
  2. Yes i'm downplaying it,i agree it was horrible and traumatic,but much more so for the girl in question than for Tyrion,and i don't apologise anyone from a moral viewpoint Tywin was very wrong,pehaps from a lawful one too but law in westeros isn't law in our day and age,not that our law is always correct mind you. Forced him to rape her? How exactly? Me thinks Tyrion was mad because the truth(she loves him) turned out at that moment to be a lie(she's a whore) and he did what he did,sure he felt bad aftewards and everything,but i doubt Tywin stuffed him with the westerosi equivalent of viagra and had him forced physically,more likely psychologically forced him to do the deed. What do you want me to say? It's easy to abuse a position of power/influence and lords in westeros have a lot of it. I don't agree that Tywin deserved to die for that,by the family of the girl sure but by his own son, no. I don't know how to give an example in english but i'll try anyway to explain what i mean, Tywin did do a horrible thing no doubt here but he's still his father. Imagine for a moment please,that you know your father is doing all sorts of horrible stuff(mengele) for example and all those people are innocents,but at the end of the day he's still your father would you kill him for some unknown or even known nonames or even a "wife/girlfriend" that you've known for however long Tyrion knew that girl at the end of the day? Ok. I don't excuse Tywin,but what Tyrion did was also wrong even more so,and i think he did plan to kill him why go to his room then,yeah it wasn't on his mind like a mantra (i must kill i must kill) but he did go to the hand rooms for a purpose.
  3. A little bit boring but dosen't annoy me as much I know about Tysha,still it's killing your own father basically over a girlfriend and she could've been a whore for all we know,jaime isn't the most reliable witness I think it was Tysha and his trial that triggered it,i disagree however that he was that abused,he simply wanted to kill his father and so he did. His being abused was nowhere near that horrible as it's made out. Hahaha i simply dislike his character for some reason and even if he's a targ,which btw could explain why he's a dwarf,maybe Joanna didn't want the child and had "moon tea" but it didn't kill him and so he was born deformed.
  4. In my absolutely unhumble opinion the starks(mainly Lord Snow and his supposed mother) get too much attention in every fucking theory around. Why for fucks sake must every second character be a secret targ? tyrion,jon snow,Jaime?Walder Frey? And who the f*** cares if he's a targ,like he's one of the biggest failures in the story so far and every second theory is about him being the world's saviour(whatever that's suppose to mean). Conclusion: FUCK jon snow,i hope he stays dead,just in case have him chopped to tiny pieces then have him thermally proccessed fed to the pigs and then dump their shit in the sea. Moving on,why is Tyrion so well liked/loved? The guy murders his own father for a prostitute and everyone is justifying and excusing it(to be honest i do the same with other things,still annoys me tho),but that takes the cake,killing someone is bad enough,killing someone of your family even worse,and worser yet doing it for someone else and not even someone worth it but a hooker. Conclusion: I hope he meets Robert Strong in a dark alley,and stays there forever,until his funeral of course. PS: No idea why those two annoy me so much,perhaps because the fandom likes them,but anyways my rant is over for now.
  5. Tralalala

    Lyanna Stark: A Gift from Old Gods

    The pot is so cracked we will need a new one. Imo Lyanna Stark gets way too much attention.
  6. Ah i have no favorite,everyone's somewhat interesting in one time or another,but none are all that special,considering the so many theories.
  7. Absolutely not,dany sounds like the name of a boy and adding Daenerys Targaryen to the other names would've made it too long.However i will edit my post i have no wish to be mistaken for a dany fan,i guess you guessed wrong.
  8. Hm I think a lot of characters from the books are extremely overrated,Rhaegar Targaryen,Tyrion Lannister,Eddard Stark,Tywin Lannister,Stannis,Roose Bolton,Jon Snow,Robb Stark,Bloodraven,Euron,Arya Stark,Oberyn Martell,Wyman Manderly,Daenerys Targaryen,my other opinion is that many fans are way too easily impressed by those characters and create too many theories,make them more important than they were or are.