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  1. Deepbollywood Motte

    House Belgrave

    I'm just gonna say Westerlands or the Vale, to make the list more complete.
  2. Deepbollywood Motte

    Quaithe Farman?

    I think George is trolling us here, he says he doesn't read fora and theories but he knows how infested his hardcore fanbase is. Quaithe could be anyone, in his gardenerstyle he could make her anyone, and he is throwing Miss Farman in to keep us infested. The islands weren't that far away, and in the wrong direction for all it matters. Ok maybe Corlys spotted her ship but who knows, even that is kept fague. I think Elissa won't turn up anywhere, she is human, she got old or not, she died sooner or later... not alive today. But it makes for one hell of a story, as far as I've seen one of the most discussed of Fire&Blood. Our interest is spiked up a bit more again, I don't see how this will add to the overall (back)story.
  3. Deepbollywood Motte

    Who do you think will have the most POV chapters in WOW and why?

    So you disagree with the assumptions made? I think most of them are interesting and have something to add to the story, dany will probably have most POVs but I also agree with the assessment that it's gonna be predictable in the way Starkz says, still one hell of a read.
  4. Deepbollywood Motte

    Winterfell burning a 3rd time

    Oeh, Dany's dragons? Ice dragons? Dragons living underneath Winterfell or ancient Barrowkings on skeletondragons? I still like to see a Winterfell not as a historic name but as a foreshadowing name (or maybe both). It won't probably be intact if winter falls but when was it ever? A castle isn't a static entity. I agree that it will probably be destroyed again but it will rise again. What's dead may never die.
  5. Deepbollywood Motte

    Who do you think will have the most POV chapters in WOW and why?

    Dany has to make a lot of progress IMO so I think she'll have the most POVs. But I also think Bran will become more and more important. If he can fully learn the powers of the weirwoods then in the whole POV style of writing he is kind of a wildcard to start writing about a lot of places and times (storylines) so I think he'll also have a lot of POVs
  6. Deepbollywood Motte

    Small Questions v. 10105

    By my understanding of comets (which is quiet poor) I think the people on Planetos would have known if it hit the planet. Mostly by being either dead or experiencing earthquakes, tsunami's, triggered vulcanic activate, a lot of dust ect. Since we don't see any evidence of this in the narative I think it's save to say that the comet just went on on its orbit past the sun (Sunetos?)
  7. Deepbollywood Motte

    Questions about summerhall

    Summerhall is made an mystery on purpose by the author but it seems to me like it was mostly a family party for the Targaryens. So people with the surname and married to people with the surname. Aegon died, Duncan died, Jenny died, anyone else? Probably Theresa the washwoman but your guess is as good as mine
  8. Deepbollywood Motte

    Houses most likely to rally to Aegon and GC

    I agree on most houses mentioned but some questions for you. Is the choice for Rowan soley based on his disgust ect. (I guess you know the theories) or do you think there is more to it. And about the Marcher lords. I always had a soft spot for these lords for some reason. Swann spared his forces, Beric did nothing but start an outlaw group. Is the Brotherhood gonna help Aegon? Did they want to and did its objective change after the split with lady Stoneheart and her shenanigans? House Caron is gone for all we know and there is nothing about house Selmy (except maybe a parallel with Barristan also supporting a Targaryen). I guess it would also be very GRRM to have Barristan fight his own cousins in the predicted second Dance. Would those powerful martial lords put away their hatred of the Dornish aside and aline with them? Sorry, I guess this is more ranting (or spewing) than really asking but those Marcher lords always fascinated me
  9. Deepbollywood Motte

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Leaf speaking to Bran "The giants are almost gone as well, they who were our bane and our brothers. The great lions of the western hills have been slain, the unicorns are all but gone, the mammoths down to a few hundred. The direwolves will outlast us all, but their time will come as well. In the world that men have made, there is no room for them, or us.[20]" This may suggest that there are far fewer direwolves than there used to be, still more than the other animals mentioned but less. I think they are quite rare. Also, from a literary point of view, I think that having hundreds or thousands of direwolves running around in the story would make the direwolves of the Starks less "special".
  10. Deepbollywood Motte

    Small Questions v. 10105

    I think the difference is that with Tyrion she was the accuser, not the accused. The kingsguard only needs to defend the royal family, not fight for them when they are the accusers. So the Mountain could be picked in that case. Just as Ilyn Payne does the executions and not some random kingsguard.
  11. Deepbollywood Motte


    It's a fanterm for the planet. The known world is on a planet, the known continents all end in -os so the planet is dubbed Planetos, for lack of a better term. Calling it 'earth' may be confusing is some discussions. George was asked about this but his answer was everything but clear (as usual, on stuff like this): https://winteriscoming.net/2017/05/15/world-ice-fire-called-planetos-george-r-r-martin-weighs/
  12. Deepbollywood Motte

    Dothraki and the Rhoyne

    The dothratki threathen the Free Cities on the coast, Pentos we know for sure. Daenerys makes the reverse journey in GoT, (using some internet, I don't have the books and quotes ready). She goes by Norvos, and cross some of the upper tributary rivers of the Royne, maybe the rivers are fordable at this point (this also makes sense for Norvos being in the location it is.) Or there are unmentioned bridges. What is sure is that they are able to do it with a large band of horses, carts and slaves so it's logical to assume there is a ford or a bridge. Choose whatever fits your interpretation of the story better
  13. Wouldn't it be great if the books had maps in them to help with these sort of things?
  14. Deepbollywood Motte

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Probably this
  15. Deepbollywood Motte

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Well Loras is only 5 years younger than Renly so I think he was the first squire Renly ever had and age-wise I don't think it is likely. We don't know when Renly was knighted but Loras was knighted at only 15 years old. If Renly also got knighted at a reasonable age of say 17, Loras was 12 then and would have been a squire for someone else for some years. He may have been fostered at Storm's End though, but we simply don't have that information. Short answer: No.