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  1. Wouldn't it be great if the books had maps in them to help with these sort of things?
  2. Deepbollywood Motte

    Misdirections, Plots Twists, and Fake Outs.

    That's hindsight, did you really see them coming like they happened on page? (And frey pie isn't confirmed yet, just a popular theory)
  3. Deepbollywood Motte

    How big is an endorsement for a book by GRRM for you?

    For me it it non-excistent. I don't believe writers because they're usually driven by the publishers in these endorsements. If you (I guess) as a reader of fantasy stories would give me a recommandation of an unknown tale I would give it a lot more credit to it than a heavily media-trainend maybe influenced by publishers writer of stories
  4. Deepbollywood Motte

    Was the second shadowbaby necessary?

    I read or heard somewhere the idea that Penrose wasn't killed by a shadowbaby but by the garrison of Storm's End and that Mel's episode with Davos was just another trick of her (we know she uses tricks with black smoke that make people tremble). A trick to convince Davos of her powers. This is really the only time we see Mel with actual powers and I like the idea that this also wasn't real. The only problem is that it would be a really convenient time for the garrison to betray Penrose to let us and Davos think it was actually Mel.
  5. Deepbollywood Motte

    How is Edric Storm being looked after?

    You start a topic asking a question while acknowledging that we don't have any answers... I think Kandrax' post is as good as any, Lys had a lot of whores, Edric is in Lys, he is a young man full of hormones, probably fucking whores, maybe making babies, lets call them double-bastard-baratheons (DBBs for short), all hail King Barras of Lys rightful king of the Andal, First men and Roynar? He probably has a lot of bastard followers since his companions will also make some offspring on the Lysene whores and a second Golden Company is born... but who am I to say.
  6. Deepbollywood Motte

    North centralized

    Colonize the world, become the sun winter king, become a bit too decadent and wait for a civil revolution some 70 years later to overthrow the nobility.
  7. Deepbollywood Motte

    Why does Ned and Catelyn’s marriage work?

    I think your summation is the best one here, just want to add that it fit just right for the story George wanted to tell
  8. Deepbollywood Motte

    Things you found oddly amusing

    I don't know if it is already metioned and it doesn't really happen on page but when it was mentioned that Walder Frey paid a dowry according to the weight of his girl to Roose Bolton I just imagine a large room in the twins somewhere with a giant scale with fat Walde on one side and someone else pooring silver on the other side and Roose just standing there stoic, nodding, and this thought makes me chuckle
  9. Deepbollywood Motte

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Probably this
  10. Deepbollywood Motte

    Opinions on Ghostwriters for remaining books

    Wasn't that chapter partly paraphrased from a reading, or was that another one? Anyway, it is an unpublished chapter so maybe in the actual book it will look more recognizable. I haven't read it, only watched some analysis of it.
  11. Deepbollywood Motte

    Opinions on Ghostwriters for remaining books

    If he has to heavily edit, approve and direct everything I'm sure it would be easier to just write it himself, which he is doing...
  12. Deepbollywood Motte

    Opinions on Ghostwriters for remaining books

    Nope, I think we would all notice the change in writing style immediately and I rather have the real thing and wait some time for it than some bad rip-off semi-fanfic
  13. Deepbollywood Motte

    Question about the NW's knowledge on Others.

    We can assume that this wasn't the first attack on the NW. I don't have the exact quote ready but Ned mentioned something about a spike in deserters of the Wall in the recent time. Maybe the stories started to come back again. And they never really left the minds of people (Nan is probably not the only one in the world telling these stories. There are also some curses ect. using the Others). Wildlings also act like they never forgot about them, Craster was offering sons to them way before our story began. The watch and the wildlings have some contact, especially with Craster.
  14. Deepbollywood Motte

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Well Loras is only 5 years younger than Renly so I think he was the first squire Renly ever had and age-wise I don't think it is likely. We don't know when Renly was knighted but Loras was knighted at only 15 years old. If Renly also got knighted at a reasonable age of say 17, Loras was 12 then and would have been a squire for someone else for some years. He may have been fostered at Storm's End though, but we simply don't have that information. Short answer: No.
  15. Deepbollywood Motte

    what really caused the doom of valyria?