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    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    A few more thoughts: 1. It's unlikely that Bran is gonna repeat everything he said to Sam, to Jon on camera. I think they're prepping the reveal to Jon off camera and that would suck big time. Like 70% of my emotional investment in this story hung on the excitement on Jon's reaction to hearing about his parentage and what he is. And 30% in Dany's reaction to the same info. 2. So shall we presume that LF did not write Ramsey's letter to Jon? I kinda thought it Bran would mention it after telling them about LF's betrayal of Ned Stark. 3. "Robert's Rebellion was based on a lie", who lied though? Who said Lyanna was kidnapped and rapped? Was it Robert to get The North behind him? But the North was already behind him after King Aerys killed Rickard and Brandon Stark.. Was it Ned's lie? That's pretty dishonorable for Ned, considering the destruction and lives the war cost.
  2. Progmetty

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    I liked the finale okay. Everything I was expecting to happen has happened except I didn't care much for the way they handled the Bran/Sam reveal, I wanted to see Jon Snow finding out! That bit of acting and dialogue I've been looking forward to for so long would have been amazing! Instead they did a reveal for the 3 HBO viewers who have not been privileged enough to have an internet connection for the past 7 years. When I complain about GoT, I'm only doing it against the standard they set. At it's worst it's still simply the best thing that's ever been on TV.