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  1. Dragonsbone

    Is Robert to blame for Joffery being a bad king?

    OK. But still there is only so much you can do to change or influence a person. In the case of Joffrey, who is cruel, twisted and evil inside, there is no chance you can change him. The only way was to use force and fear like Tywin did.
  2. Dragonsbone

    Is Robert to blame for Joffery being a bad king?

    Joffrey is born as a twisted person. In his earliest age (I forgot how old he was) he opened the belly of a pregnant cat and took the unborn baby cats out. You can not go more evil than that. Most psychopaths beginn their cruelness in the early age by being cruel to animals, since they are helpless and the only beings that the kid is able to harm in this early stage. It is pretty clear that GRRM views Joffrey as a psychopath or even more precisely a sociopath who was born that way.
  3. Every book community has theese people unfortunatly. The answer is often rather simple: they don't know the difference between the two products. In specific they know shit about the art of cinema or in this case television. It is pointless to talk with them. It is like trying to convince someone about the greatness of Picasso who insists that Picasso was a bad painter because the portraits don't look like real people.
  4. Dragonsbone

    Season 8 Predictions?

    Yeah, but this time it is different. This time it was a guy from 4chan, who by now has admitted that he has made all just up. Last season it was a worker on a hotel who had the possibility to see the outline in the hotel room of the producers, at least that is what the leaker had claimed.
  5. Dragonsbone

    New to GOT - please help me understand a thing or two

    Cat is not a Stark. She is a Tully. Cat stays in Winterfell to take care for Bran.
  6. Dragonsbone

    Can you bring an Other back to life (Fire)?

    Provide any line in the book series that supports what you are just saying. I'll wait. OK. So this is a fact now? : And I never used the word theory, since that would mean that you have a derivation of logically built concepts supported by facts, which you have not. I used the word thesis, which to be honest seems also a little bit over the top, since you still miss a logical concept out of your thoughts. What you have written seems more like brainstorming. And I also never said it was your theory or that you have came up with. But since you are writing it down, I can only answer to you. You use this word "likely". I don't think you know what it means. Who denied their existence? How can you conclude out of my statement that I do not read? I do not read Fanfiction, that I can say, though. So your implication is what exactly? There are also a growing amount of people who believe the Earth is flat. Does this mean the Earth is therefore flat? The amount of opinions does not make an opinion true nor false. But the facts do. That is what I have stated in my post. You have some interesting, and to some people maybe apealing ideas, but you can not provide any line from the books that provide what you are saying. And no, relying your ideas on other unproven ideas or in the amount of people who believe It, are no facts.
  7. Dragonsbone

    Can you bring an Other back to life (Fire)?

    Nothing that you stated is even slightly hinted in the books. But nice fan fiction though. It may be, but every other idea that one can come up with, is just as possible, which makes this thesis pretty much personal opinion and not backed up by the source material. Also GRRM has already stated that there is no Night's King in the book. This should be given knowledge by now.
  8. Hmmm...some posts mysteriously disapeared. Kim Jong Un, you sneaky bastard
  9. -What do the Others want? -What secrets are hidden in Ashai? -Who was the last hero? Additional question: In which year have you decided to not continue writing on the series?
  10. Stannis is as good as dead. Defeating the Boltons is not up to him. He will die and won't be much more then a footnote in Westerosi history.
  11. Dragonsbone

    Who would betroth their daughter to Gregor Clegane?

    The only sick man that comes to my mind would be Walder Frey. Maybe Roose too, if he would have a Daughter.
  12. I watched GoT first. I had never heard of ASOIAF before. Through some friend of mine and via the internet I heard of this show, that all were praising and I gave it a try. Then I watched season one in one day. After the third season I decided to give the books a try and read them over the summer between season 3 and 4. The first three books were really good, but they bored me still, because they were exactly the same thing I already saw on TV. Even the dialogues of the first Book were taken one on one in the first season. But still, I thought they were great books to read. Book four (AffC) was terrible for many reasons.I would have never read it, if it were a stand-alone book. It is badly written, the story could be a spinn-off of the series, and also the introduction of newly characters just to blow out the story. This book is the reason why GRRM takes so long now. The series after this book is rather a mess, with no direction and just complexity for the sake of complexity. Book five suffers from this very much. I would allways recomand someone to watch the show first, and then start reading the books. Since this is a forum for book fans mainly, it is understandable that some might beg to differ here. But in general, the books are here rather overrated, which is normal, considering that this is a fan community.
  13. Dragonsbone

    Dragon eggs

    They were "dead" eggs. Eggs turned to stone, who were layed once by dragons. Daenerys woke them to life again.
  14. Dragonsbone

    Is Jon Snow fit to command?

    This topic is in the show part of the forum, at least it is shown under the GoT subforum. Why is this a book discussion again? Is it a mistake?
  15. Dragonsbone


    Enlighten us mortals with your wisdom your grace. What mistake have we fools made, that we established this theory as the most accepted among fans. Where have we lost our way?