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  1. Pink Fat Rast

    Who will get to rule Dorne and the Reach in the end?

    The Night King will reach all the way to the Reach, establish his Night Reich and stick his Thorn into Dorne
  2. Pink Fat Rast

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    GRRM said something in an interview that I found a bit disappointing - calling the political "war of the roses" plot in Westeros something that the characters "are preoccupied with" while "the real issues" i.e. the ice and fire, the Others and Daenerys, "go unnoticed as a result". Seemed to imply that the pol plots didn't have any major significance in the end, even though I expected them all to pay off somehow (i.e. by different characters still assuming different positions and goals in the finale that's infomed by their previous relations, and various religious beliefs perhaps as well) - but if they're not supposed to, then ehhhh, them all being disposed of by the mad queen who's then gonna be counterproductive when all the ghouls arrive kinda makes sense and something that could happen in the books. Or GRRM didn't mean it in the way it appeared, in which case of course none of that applies.
  3. Pink Fat Rast

    Make Armor For Daenerys

    Daenerys has plot arma and a big fucking arc
  4. Wait, isn't it the case that during Aerys' rain it was merely a "rumour" that he had fire planted everywhere, but then Cersei's action actually confirmed this to everyone? Also, Cersei's reign so far seems to be "acceptable" - she isn't really fucking with the populace or nobility, outside of her obvious (and very reasonable, esp. when compared to the Sands' lol) revenge quest against Dorne. Mad King was considered unacceptably tyrannical however, burning people all the time and getting off to it etc.?
  5. Pig shit. The power cometh from the pig shit.
  6. Pink Fat Rast

    Book!Joffrey vs Show!Joffrey.

    Both greasey kants.
  7. Pink Fat Rast

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    Ah ok, I'll go an catch up then - although he's actually the one I primarily had in mind when talking about "misrepresentation", as he kept mentioning how Benioff told that female interviewer to "watch something else if they didn't like [Sansa rape or some other specific controversy thing]", and then I watched the clip and it turned out to be an even mellower response to a general "so some people have a problem with the violence and perversion right?" question. Or something like that, not 100% sure about the specific details; although this one's plausible since John Bradley has used the same argument in some panel, and possibly a couple other actors. Cool name btw lol!
  8. When you've got your fingers on a nuke, OR have Voldemort-like magic powers, the rules of "needing the support of the elite and populace to hold on to power" don't really apply to you as much. Think people are underestimating that a bit when talking all about people tolerating Cersei's reign, not that the show isn't guilty of forgetting to really make that point stick.
  9. Pink Fat Rast

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    There's plenty famous examples of stories that employ exactly those tropes and still somehow succeed at being "believable in the moment". Why? Because the things that happen there appear natural to the mind, particularly imagination and false world models. Lots of people IRL have the sense of having "plot armor". Good vs. evil has a strong presence in our culture for religious reasons if nothing else, and some mastermind being behind all events is consistent with certain religious views and extreme conspiracy theories. Etc. . I haven't followed the most recent interviews, but it's very possible that D&D have said some absentminded bullshite at some point. However it's also possible they've been misinterpreted and said something more cogent, who knows.
  10. Academic eh? Oh boy - good luck finding the correct definition for "progressive", for starters. As the saying goes, ask 10 progressives this same question, and you'll get 10 answers?
  11. Pink Fat Rast

    Rank the 6 seasons

    Can I just ask, does it even make to rate whole seasons - or, hell, just even whole episodes? The quality and other aspects (amount of progression and whatnot) often vary strongly between the separate storylines - to such an extent, if I didn't know better from the credits I'd just have assumed that the directors (and possibly writers) are distributed among storylines and not episodes (or pairs of episodes rather). Then you've got cases like S5 where it starts out solid, and then takes a dive into wrongness and absuridty after the 1st 3rd or so - and not every plotline of course, just two or three of them. And the way the different threads are put together or intercut with each other is often very clunky and phoned in, so it literally feels like several movies cut together - not always of course, they tend to get particularly fancy in the episode finales and there are other exceptions, but still can't be ignored. It's like uh, it's like rating RoTJ or something - like, how do you really rate it with a single score? Doesn't really make much sense does it.
  12. Pink Fat Rast

    Do D&D hate feminity?

    No - they don'ta!
  13. Pink Fat Rast

    Do D&D hate feminity?

    Given how the practical importance of knowledge is already an established fact in this world - I wonder how absolute Randyll's scoffing attitude is in the first place: if he literally thinks all maesters etc. are useless, or he just doesn't like the way Sam considers it a pleasant alternative to losing weight and becoming a tough man. And if it's really that absolute, how much of a fucking fool he is for having that view, and must be considered this by his fellow noblemen. Has he ever heard of that wildfire incident from a few years back, for starters?? Or maybe he just views them as kind of servants? Necessary and useful, but not prestigious enough for a nobleman to pursue that path? At any rate, god forbid this old asshole might have a point here or there. I bet if Randyll says being really fat is unhealthy, other people would also be fools to start "citing" him?
  14. Pink Fat Rast

    what do the white walkers want?

    KILL EVERYONE NOW. Condone first degree necromancy. Turn the world into a giant iceberg.
  15. Pink Fat Rast

    Why is GoT so popular yet...

    Yeah, this show's a fucking meme factory - constant quotations in all kinds of contexts (jokes, illustrating points etc.), characters and plot points are named and used as examples for things all the time. Definitely seems to WAAAAAY outshine other current competitors, such as MCU, new SW, or Hobbit (lol), the new Treks etc. in terms of cultural presence.