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  1. The Iron Throne itself wasn't, but the humans obsessed with it and causing a war was treated as equally important I'd say. Also keep in mind that the Iron Throne and e4-6 were all revolving around dragons - a fantastical threat as dangerous as the WWights but not as autonomous i.e. controlled by humans; that factor and the negligence of their more mystical side after s2 cause many people to forget just how "fantasy" e4-6 still were lol Either way while the execution of it in the show was janky in many ways, I dislike the idea of the interhuman conflicts being a mundane distraction that is to give way to the "main story" of the Others - it remaining as important and central to the story as it was at the start fits the series better imo. Craster managed to make deals with the Others, and necromancy isn't unique to them either - I think this ideally sets up a plot in which the humans either somehow try to, say, wrestle control over the wights from the Others / create their own zombie army (like they control the dragons), and/or make pacts with the Others to win conflicts between each other; old political and personal conflicts, but also increasingly religious ones, up to perhaps as @BlackLightning suggested, the Faceless Men taking the Others' side for fanatical death cult reasons or sth. Defeating the Others in a Lotr-esque fashion and that being the finale, and defeating the Others in a Lotr-esque fashion and then resuming their civil wars as if nothing happened, both seem like disappointing directions to go in imo.
  2. The series wouldn't be complete without a religious conflict like this, but imo with these 2 it also wouldn't be complete if that conflict wasn't also over how to fight the Others - some subsets realizing they need to collaborate and figure out their connection / common origins, combine their green + fire visions to get the most complete picture possible, but the other apes would just be obsessed with their dogmas getting reinforced. And the FM also getting involved as the probably man-made religion of the 3 but every bit as fanatical as the Reds - and then the "wrong" fanatic group making some kinda RW-like "purge", fucking everything up and causing a major setback, sth like that. Euron and the other FM obviously partaking as well, at the very least.
  3. "Political intrigue" was part of it, not the totality - and Brienne doesn't take up the entirety of 4-5 either, it's just one storyline out of many, of which most continue having political intrigue lol. Brienne's seems more in the ballpark of Hound&Arya which wasn't exactly unpopular either, so don't see how that'd be a problem?
  4. Well entertaining tinfoil idea I guess, but it's not holding up for the same exact reason her turn wasn't as rushed and abrupt as you're accusing it of - she had been getting unstable at least since early s7, periodically going "f it let's just burn them": not very good at the whole lying thing then was she? Talia Nazgul wasn't breaking character twice a week, she kept it hidden until the end.
  5. Hm well Gandalf talked about it either in the fireplace chapter or Elrond's council, so it can be looked up at some point lol. The "heart tree" was surrounded by stones arranged in a spiral, like the symbol they tended to make out of body parts (and possibly the horns on his head, not sure atm?), and that was where Bran found him hanging around with the wight army when he got marked. Unless it was like a thing where the NK was there in the far past, marked Bran from the future and then waited for 8000+ years until that future moment so he could show up there the next night - in which case why not the next second right? - it's quite safe to assume that that was a present vision and the Tree was beyond the Wall.
  6. Wait, what heart tree - the one in Winterfell or the one way up North where he was created? Or the Wf one was connected to the ritual one and conjured its "presence"? Also Arya's dagger was valyrian / dragonsteel, not dragonglass - the one he was made with was dragonglass. Btw the Ring also was destructible by dragonfire but none were left - Balrogs weren't brought up in the books, not sure if anywhere else lol. The idea that he might be uniquely immune to either (but that immunity might be undone in the presence of a weirwood tree) wasn't brought up in the show, even though that's what the primary trap+test should've been instead of the dragonfire - which already proved useless in s7.
  7. The criticism from the bookists may have gone down during s5, not sure how noticeably so - however the criticisms from the showists drastically increased. Before that there wasn't that much complaints about the show, I don't think - the critics made fun of the sexposition I guess, other than that ppl disliked the anticlimactic Yara rescue attempt and that's it as far as I can recall.
  8. Well maybe the dragonfire needs a middle man lol, who knows how that magic stuff works? It's certainly not a 1st tier plot hole the way the contradiction pointed out above is lol. Hm might've been cool if he turned out to be immune to the dragonglass zergrush and projectiles but would be vulnerable to valsteel, requiring a more daunting 1-3 on 1 melee combat.
  9. Well yeah it generally was. Btw I've got a question here - just used the search function on this thread and didn't find it, but has anyone here (or elsewhere for that matter) brought up that plot hole where Bran says no one's ever tried dragonfire on the NK and they set up this trap for him hoping it'll kill him... even though he walked through dragonfire in s7? Should've been about whether he was vulnerable to dragonglass/steel instead since that really hadn't been tried yet and there was reason to fear it wouldn't work since he was created differently from the otger WWs i.e. with a dragonglass dagger stuck in his chest - the plan would've been to shoot obsidian arrows or spears at him or zerg him with a group of melee fighters etc. Has this been pointed out already?
  10. Lots of shownlys turned on the show in s8, and some started increasingly turning on it starting with s5 (the cheesy Sandsnakes were a major complaint, and sort of enabled misgivings about the otgpher storylines as well).
  11. Anomaly Inc is a bizarre case - feels like if the Gods had thrown different coins or dices or whatever it is that they throw, he'd be marching alongside RLM against Lucas and the prequels while praising s8 to the high heavens; if you're gonna hate one flawed fantasy series, you should hate all of them imo - but eh *shrug* who knows.
  12. "Your instrument" doesn't mean "king", and even "your King" doesn't have to literally mean political throne king - just like Bran's wolf face is metaphorical, so can be the king title. It's possible, but clearly the show writers were confused about it as in s7 they had him said he couldn't be a Lord of anything. Well those rules only apply as long as they apply, don't they - if the story starts out as realistic middle ages but then magic takes over everything maybe they will crown a psychic God-King, no matter what his name is? Although idk Bran becoming king rings the falsest to me, out of all the late season developments; a lot of it has to do with the way it happened in the show, but still meh
  13. A thread like this exists in the books subforum, but I haven't found any equivalent to it for the show - so I thought I'd create one. (If one already exists and I've missed it, then please link it here and I'll be adding some things there unless they're all there already.) Anything goes from confirmed references to suspected/possible ones to most likely random and unintentional similarities - preceding bits that may have influenced the show, as well as subsequent ones possibly influenced by it. __________________________ So I'll start with a rather unexpected one that I ran into some while ago - Mendez' slow-motion entrance from Orange is the New Black has a very strong resemblance to the White Walker's from the Hardhome sequence: both turn their heads once to each side, blinking in similar ways when moving their gaze between right/left and forward - intercut with 2 characters watching on in terror; the music also has a distant resemblance - the GoT one features its "downward 4th glissando" motif played on some kinda distortion synthesizer (first introduced in the Fist attack from s2/3) mixed with high-pitched dissonant strings, while the Orange counterpart has a metal instrumental with distorted guitars playing power chords and a "timbre glissando" (no idea what's that called properly lol, sry) also mixed with dissonant high-pitched notes. www.youtube.com/watch?v=K34lCM-PxQI&t=65 I'll be adding more stuff subsequently, and others can as well of course.
  14. He also played the man in the white suit from the end of Vanilla Sky - completely unrecognizeable if you're only familiar with his GoT appearence.
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