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  1. Error-504

    The Queen of Ashes foreshadowing

    Now don't get all b--- hurt, I did say it was well thought out. Just wrong that's all. And while the leaks have been kept to a minimum this year, what we do know seems to not coincide with this theory in the OP. Dany is a threat, mainly do to the fact she has three dragons (ok, now had). One could say all the players for the throne were a threat. But she isn't anymore ruthless than the others, quite often quite the opposite. How would Cersei be with three dragons and the Unsullied, as well as the Dothraki? Not too mention she gives dany grief for being a "foreign invader" and at the first possibility, goes and buys a foreign army. if Little fingers had Danys forces? What about Robb Stark, would he lay siege to KL after Neds death? Stannis? How old was Dany as she began her ascent to power? Could it be we were just witnessing a young girl/woman grow up? People come up with these theories and then choose to watch/rewatch the show with blinders on. It's too bad, because they miss the entire evolution of a character.
  2. Error-504

    The Queen of Ashes foreshadowing

    Deity: 1) a god or goddess (in a polytheistic religion). "a deity of ancient Greece" 2) synonyms:god, goddess, divine being, celestial being, supreme being, divinity, immortal; More divine status, quality, or nature. "a ruler driven by delusions of deity" 3) the creator and supreme being (in a monotheistic religion such as Christianity). noun: Deity; noun: the Deity and I did include a (?)
  3. Error-504

    The Queen of Ashes foreshadowing

    i do not have to have an alternate theory to claim someone else's theory is wrong. Op made several claims and used video that was inconclusive at best. and in some cases just downright misinterpreted (by his/her self) to arrive at his theory. GIGO. 1) False claim number one. Dany should be more feared than the Army of the dead...... Wait....What? How can anyone be more feared than a deity (?) that seeks nothing less than the complete destruction of human kind? No one is claiming Dany is a Saint, but the show is more about the journey, and how one arrives or becomes who they are. Witness Jamie. Dany has put aside her life long ambitions to come to the aid of the North, and she didn't require Jon to "bend the knee" to come to that conclusion. She has gathered and listens to counsel that does not fear to tell her she is wrong, Something Cersei does not do. Before one pass's judgment on the complete or near complete destruction of KL (not saying it will happen, only if it does), one needs to see the context. There are scenarios in which while it would be terribly tragic, it might just be the only way for Humans to survive at all (did someone say "bittersweet"?). Maybe KL is a Westerossi Sodom and gamorroh? furthermore, and destruction that happens to Kl, Cersei is the one that should bear the brunt of the blame, not Dany. had she honored her word, this would not come to pass.
  4. Error-504

    The Queen of Ashes foreshadowing

    The theory, while well thought out, is wrong.
  5. Error-504

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Hardhome is most certainly in the books. And there is a good chance we might find out that this is where Mellisandra came from, 600 years ago.
  6. Error-504

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    What reason did she have at that time to kill Tywin? simply because he was a Lannister? It was Joffrey that ordered Ned's beheading, later Tywin said killing Ned was madness. So, once again, more poorly thought out troll drivel. Yawn
  7. Error-504

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    It's hard to come up with a unique reply when all you do is keep posting the same poorly thought out Troll drivel (I mean come-on, it's not even good troll drivel) over and over. Anyone else reading this post, please click on this persons user ID and take a peak at his 40 posts, you will see what I mean. As for post count, maybe that is a question I should ask you? Personally, I find no reason to care about post count on a fan site of a show in which it is based will be over in 8 weeks. It's blatantly obvious that all your trying to do is get a rise out of people with your hate (of the show) posting in a desperate attempt for some attention; Otherwise, you would be posting in the rant an rave without repercussions thread exclusively. So there you have it, now in the future, when I post "yawn" at least you will now know why. Yawn
  8. Error-504

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Everyone knows Jamie is the prince that was promised, hell, how many people did he save the first time around?
  9. I disagree, and we will leave it at that. What I saw is what the producers intended me to see, what you think you saw is what you wanted to see in order to make your debate. The first mens tolerance of cold is well documented, and not every minute detail needs to be explained beforehand just because you want it to be so. Your grasping at flies here. The point is, does a reasonable explanation exist? Yes! And I have given you one. Now, I am not going to emphatically defend every last scene on the show as being reasonable, for instance, Gendry running back to the wall, then the NW sending a raven to Dany, and her magically appearing just in time, now, if you want to criticize something as unbelievable, I cannot defend that......
  10. Start at 2:20 The writers of the show disagree with you. It was necessary for Jon to do what he did to insure the others made it out safely. Arguing anything else is silly, and not the what the sequence was trying to show you. So no, Jon did not have plenty of time. The only thing up for argument is how well the scene depicted what the writers were trying to convey. It made perfect sense to anyone watching while not trying to go through it with a fine toothed comb looking for possible flaws. Then you probably shouldn't have mentioned it. For one, Jon didn't have any armor on, only furs. But in a show with zombies and dragons, a guy that was brought back from the dead, magic, warging, and everything else, you want to argue the finer points of hypothermia? Seriously? However, seeing how you brought it up, why is it ok to accept that Dany cannot be burned (immune to fire-Targ blood) but you cannot accept Jon cannot freeze to death, or at least has a great deal more tolerance to the cold (Stark blood)? You know, a Song of Ice and Fire? And Jon did get a bit of body heat from the horse he was laying on on the ride back.
  11. Which leaves out the fact they were driven to do exactly what they did. Remember the hounds vision in the flames? Roh roh shaggy, you forgot about that one didn't you? We now know the white expedition was necessary. Despite what you have been trying to pass off as stupidity, for whatever reason, the Lord of Light wants then to go there. The other comment about Jon and his genitalia tells us a lot about your predisposition to actually understand what you are watching. Says who? Jon was never a prisoner on Dragonstone. He was free to roam the island at his will. He never asked to leave. If he did, it's anyones guess what Dany might have said or done. Yes it is quite obvious Dany didn't want him to leave, not yet, but calling him a prisoner is a bit much. Not to mention he had only been there a day or two, maybe three, and hadn't even thought to ask about the dragon glass yet. Except killing 100's of thousands of innocents was something they were trying to avoid, or did you miss that part? It's kind of hard to convince people that you want them to join you to fight for the living, after you have just slaughtered 1/2 the city. And we have already witnessed that the Dragons are far from invincible, or did you miss that part as well? A little reminder Took Bronn Two shots with one scorpion, imagine attacking Kl when they have now built 20-40 of them and have them mounted all over the city? But nobody is debating as to whether or not at this point in time Dany could take KL's, the question is at what cost? They are operating under the assumption they need their help as well to defeat the NK (at least Jon), and Dany has a legitimate concern as to what might happen to those that have helped her up to this point if she were to suddenly leave. And yes, there has to be a great many Westeros locals that have been aiding her to keep her army fed, clothed, etc etc. Left unabated Cersei would search them out and have them all tortured and killed. Dany had already been convinced of the NK's existence, that happened in the caves at dragonstone. She also eventually agrees to help him without Jon bending the knee. Jon only bent the knee after he witnessed first hand Dany's sacrifice to help his cause, after Tormund pointed out Mance Raiders folly due to his pride. Pay careful attention to what Jon says about the first men and the CoF. They fought together, despite their differences, despite their suspicions, together. This is called foreshadowing. Jon is trying to accomplish the same thing, because he believes that is what he has to do. I believe it also ties back to the "dragon must have three heads" prophecy. And Dany is no more to blame than Jon about bending the knee, Jon is after all asking for quite a bit here, why shouldn't Dany ask for his support in return? It is quite clear, at this point in time, that if a truce can be negotiated with Cersei, that Dany will help Jon without bending the knee. Pay careful attention to Tyrion stressing Jamie's importance. More foreshadowing. " We don't want to go beyond the wall, We have to". More foreshadowing. Of course, everyone wants to point out that the expedition was a tragic failure, Dany lost a dragon, Cersei will/has betrayed them, etc. They forget that it did in fact get Jamie to leave Cersei. Don't underestimate the importance of that. We also see it again in the Trailer to season 8. There is reason for this, Jamie is a key component in the war to come, and there is no way that he would have left Cersei if not for the wight expedition. so yeah, it didn't go completely as planned, but was it a failure? No.
  12. A bunch of misconceptions here and follow up posts. First of all, the so called "magic" of the wall didn't keep even a single wight out of Castle black now did it? So, lets dispel with the Myth that they could not penetrate or cross the wall, until Bran this or Dragon that. And then there is this: If Wights can jump down a 200 foot cliff, re-animate and attack, I am sure they can do the same thing in reverse. Or just make a wight bridge in the shallows around the wall at the beach. Long story short, the NK always had any number of ways to breach the wall. did the Dragon make it easier? Sure, but more on that later. Now, as for the Bran made it so the NK could breach the Blood Ravens cave, more misinterpretation and not understanding what really happened. Take a look: The NK can clearly pass through the barriers at the Blood Ravens cave. What the BR's magic had done for so many years is to hide it's location. When Bran got branded, the NK essentially put a GPS tracking device on Bran, and thus was able to Find the cave, that is all. So from here on out, the NK knows where Bran is, nothing more. Long story short, the NK could always get pass the Wall, otherwise it makes no sense for him to have been building an army, unless we are to assume that he just "knew" a dragon would fall in his lap. As to the reason for the NK to suddenly re-appear and assemble his forces, I don't think it has anything to do with any of the doings of men, rather more of a cyclic event, much like how Haleys comet appears every 75 years, albeit on a much longer time frame.
  13. Error-504

    Season 8 Official Trailer

    Euron is just a taxi service, he didn't hire anybody. That transaction took place in KL, with the Iron bank as the intermediate the way I took it.