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  1. That simply isn't true. what your upset about is the fact neither of them was the one to kill the NK. And that is the part people fail to understand. You don't have to be the one that kills the NK to be instrumental in allowing that to happen. It was a collective effort, need to stop being so fixated on who delivered the kill shot.
  2. For all the endless bookies complaining, has any of you ever thought GRRM has planted multiple red herrings in his books, and now your'e all butt hurt because they just got exposed as such? Hmmm? Enjoy your wait for the "books that were promised", really looks like that is yet another one of his red herrings. I liked the episode overall. My biggest WTF moment when when they had the Dothraki attack like they did. I mean, come on man. Even I have to admit, as a big show supporter, that was just plain stupid. All for the visual of watching the flaming swords go out.
  3. All I seen on Dany's face was shock. She really didn't take it any differently then Jon did in my opinion. It is, after all, a lot to take in.
  4. So, as suspected, all the drama about the North and Dany was just that, manufactured drama. Hardly a murmor of it this week, Sansa even apologized to Dany. Actually, the meeting they had this episode was exactly what should have went down in the first episode. Sansa expressing her concerns in a one on one face to face with Dany. No more Northern defectors, Lady Mormont focused on the task at hand. almost like it never happened, which it shouldn't have.
  5. They should set him on a dragon and fly him to Deepwood Motte.
  6. Ok, I will get my crayons out. You said Bran most likely wouldn't like Dany. Basd on what exactly. I used jamie as a reference to show that Bran is capable of looking past quite a bit if he sees good in a person. that is why I brought up Jamie. I am sayinig, if bran can like jamie, he most certainly can like Dany. It's not like Bran is going to concern himself with personality. Oy Vey. Understanding context is everything. I said nothing about Sansa in specific. I said Bran though looking at Dany, was addressing everyone in the room. That included Sansa, last I checked.
  7. You really don't understand context. The bolded section was to what my post was referring to, that Dany was unfit to rule. Do you think the citizens of mareen would agree with this?
  8. The former slaves of marreen would like to have a word with you.
  9. Except it has everything to do with the current discussion, so stop trying to move the goal posts. This is what you said: "am guessing Bran is not fond of Dany at all - he actually expressed his attitude by only one phase said almost with contempt "We don't have time for this..." I presume that he knows that Dany would never abandon her crown even to save her people, she lacks that kind of self-sacrifice features (her lame attempt to be a good queen by marring a man she despises does not count, she didn't have to put her crown aside, it was done more to establish her as a queen rather than otherwise)" You speculating how Bran feels about Dany. I am saying BS. It's actually quite obvious to everyone that Jamie has committed far more heinous acts than Dany (and I am a Jamie fan btw). And yet has Bran come to the same conclusion about him? Considering he is on trial in episode 2, and fighting for the North in episode 3, it's fairly safe to say Bran didn't condemn him. And I am quite sure he wasn't waiting for him outside all day just to tell him off either. The fact is, both Dany and Jamie have made some questionable decisions in the past, but they have both given up their personal ambitions for the time being for the greater good. To forgive one, yet not the other would be hypocritical. who said anything about Sansa? And what did Dany do up to that point except be very nice to Sansa? What Sansa said, compared to the bitch face she had when she said it was the only shade thrown before Bran spoke.
  10. Need to slow your roll with this analyasis. While she might have helped her cause with the Tarlys by playing on his racism, Ultimately it was Cersei's promise of Randyll become the ruling house of the Reach that got him to join sides. So far, Cersie is trailing really badly in the general election department the last I checked, with Dorne, the Reach, The a part of the Iron Islands and the North all declaring for Dany. Cersei has managed to get one or two minor Houses. That's odd, I never once seen her to threaten Olenna, Theon or Yara, or the SS's. She never threatened to burn Jon alive either. What she did do was execute a few leaders how openly declared war on her. Really? I mean Really? How many innocents has Dany killed? How many slaves has Cersei freed? Which reprehensible crimes might those be? You seem to forget the whole Marreen plot, oddly enough. You don't think Dany was using her position of strength to try to make a better life for the formers slaves of Marreen? Are we even watching the same show?
  11. Does it matter who was talking at the moment? That line was clearly intended for everyone in attendance, not just Dany. Not to mention it was Sansa that started the ball rolling down that court. You can say that about most every character in GOT. And I do not thing you can draw any definite conclusions yet as to what type of ruler she might be. Let's not involve Jamie why? Because doing so makes your argument weak? The fact of the matter is, if Bran is willing to forgive Jamie, not doing so for Dany is hypocritical.
  12. But do they know that? How much of a line of credit will they have if Eurons fleet gets destroyed and the GC never makes it to Westeros? Not the books, but ok. Look at the map, cutting off access to the ports into KL is an easy task. she only has to patrol a small stretch of sea north and south of Dragonstone. You seem to not understand that there are 1/2 a million people in KL, a few wagons that make it in are insignificant. And Cersei has no allies outside of the Gates of KL. Even if ships got into Duskendale or Maidenpool, the supplies still have to travel by land to KL. You don't think 100,000 Dothraki and 20,000 Unsullied could patrol all the roads into KL? Come on man! Actually revolt was at their doorstep with the High Septon. but that's another discussion. And Cersei maintains control by fear, how can she do that when an opposing army sits just outside KL's walls? All they have to do is open the gates. Oh, you have tossed your fair share of straw mans out there yourself. So Pul-lease. I really have come to appreciate your complete lack of understanding of war, what it means, and how they are fought. The "it would be hard to cut off food to KL" argument was classic.
  13. I think that line of thinking is exactly how Jon would react, Dany I am not so sure. And it's not quite that crystal clear either, if that was the way everyone thought, why did Ned have to hide Jon's lineage from robert, or why did robert kill Aery's children, and try to have Dany killed?
  14. Bran didn't seem to express any contempt when he told Sam that Dany was coming, so I dismiss this argument as BS. I am sure Bran is quite aware that the North needs Dany, unlike the Northern fools. I don't think Brans comment was at all directed solely at Dany, but to both Sansa, Dany, lady Mormont, etc. What he was saying to everyone was that we don't have time for this petty bickering, period. I highly doubt Bran is the one to make snap character judgments, but looks at the big picture as well. No one is saying Dany hasn't made mistakes, but hell, Bran is about to forgive Jamie, something you shouldn't forget. I also don't think Bran possess's the ability to foresee the future, and determine Dany is going to be bad. If you want to make something out of the looks bran was giving off, your much better to re-examine the look he was giving tyrion.
  15. The lannisters did not get the food, they did however get the gold, That was then promptly turned over to the Iron Bank. Not sure what Cersie's current line of credit is with the Iron bank, but it appears she has used most of it not to be food, but to buy soldiers. Staving KL was still an option, so your wrong on this point, more on that later. I think you meant Tarley. There was well over 100 at least 150 and I am not sure what was in the picture was the total, or just a representation. Way more than the dungeons in dragonstone can hold, that is for sure. as long as we are on the topic, where are the prisoners the lannister/Tarley forces took in their sack of the Reach? I didn't see any, did you? Not, you want to talk about being a hypocrite.......... Cersei still didn't have any food, and had Dany not choose to leave, Eurons fleet could have been burned trying to leave KL. It's really not that hard. She doesn't need ships to keep other ships from entering the ports at Kings Harbor, and the Lannisters don't have the men to stop a blockade by land either. Depends really. The idea is to force a revolt from the inside. A well placed assassin would do wonders. Well, admitting that right there says she is better than the others, and now we are down to arguing about to what magnitude is she better. Slowly, your coming around. And the sooner you recognize it, the sooner this debate will be over. to some extent, yes. There was a little more than that though, wasn't there. Cersei also convinced him to break treaty with the Tyrells, and kill them, without first announcing his intentions. Your failing miserably in this example. And again, she is more just. She just doesn't live up to your 21st century ideal of what that should mean. And she doesn't have too. doesn't make her a hypocrite.
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