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    How does the Stark line continue? Jon is a Targaryen, Sansa is a woman (children would not have the name Stark), Arya is also a woman, and Bran can never be lord of anything (creepy). How does the Lannister line continue? Cersei is a woman and Jaime swore an oath to never marry. How does the Targaryen line continue? Dany can't have children. Jon?
  2. Naming Daenerys as a bastard would not necessarily do much in Daemon Blackfyre's favor. His purpose was to get Daeron II off the Iron Throne, and Naerys wouldn't be much of a threat. Her children won't be heirs to the Iron Throne, they will be princes and princesses of Dorne. If I were Daemon Blackfyre, I would target the King's direct descendants.
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    Same Name, Different Family

    I understand that if there are two of the same name Kings in one family. For example, Aegon I Targaryen was the first King named Aegon. Aegon II targaryen was the second. But what if Jaime and Cersei's son was named Aegon. He wouldn't, but if he was, would he be Aegon I Lannister of Aegon VI Lannister?