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  1. I like the content of the book but the writing style just throws me off. I don't read many books, I used to only read children's books but then I stopped and years later read a couple pages of a book called Eragon I didn't like it so I stopped then I read Twilight but then stopped about three quarters into Breaking Dawn because it just kept going so I lost interest and I haven't read a book till now. I am up to Page 94 in A Game of Thrones and I haven't picked the book up since late last afternoon I really want to read it but the writing just seems dry to me, it reminds me of my writing style it tells you what's what, who's who and what's happening in a very straight forward formart but with no flavour it's like you've got the lasagana, you can tell it's lasanaga. it looks good, smells good but then you taste it and it's got no flavour that's the best way I can describe this book and it's soooo long and I've heard it's not even the longest book I've been reading for days and I'm not even half way done with the damn thing when I read Twilight I finished the first three books in under a week but this book just keeps going and I'm not even halfway there it's killing me. Does anyone else find GRRMs writing style bland, do you like the books content but just not the writing style, do you not like the books content at all, do you like the writing style? and whose your favourite character so far. I'm a big fan of The TV Series so my fave chars always been Daenerys and will continue to be her.