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  1. Simon Tam

    Your favorite individual acting performance

    I admit, I liked Jacob Andersons way to express feelings with a minimum of face motion. especially in the last few episodes.
  2. Best: 1. The music (mainly Stark, Ironborn & Daenerys themes) 2.Actors: Charles Dance, Alfie Allen, Lena Headey and many more 3. Some strong scenes:&dialogues: "The moment you were born"; "Not six times, just once"; "Even confessing" and many many more 4. The Valyrian language 5. Dragon CGI Worst: Implausible decisions of characters & armies; implausible logistics; implausible biology (Stabbing Arya, Jons dead body not rotting); lack of good plotting after leaving the path of the books; fan service in regard to minor characters (Bronn, Gendry, Mormont girl); The most boring way to defeat the NK.
  3. a) More than half of them fought on the wrong (Cerseis) side b) Only a few of them fought the dead IIRc correctly Sansa wanted the independence of the North as a reward for their suffering. I would have liked Yara asking for an own kingdom and Bran denying the request.
  4. Simon Tam

    What is left to be told?

    But what is Tyrion for Arya and Gendry, that they should risk anything for him? And if Jon is in danger of being executed, Bronn would not be bothered. The hand and sword thing sounds reasonable, I did not thought of that.
  5. Simon Tam

    So what happens to Drogon?

    I am in the "Drogon would stay neutral when Jon kills Dany" camp. Besides That: Long ago Drogon had to take a nap for several weeks after an exhausting flight. So after all the flying and flaming in the last episodes it should be bed time now. Of course the writers of the show have long forgotten what they once implied about draconian biology. That could be a nice story: Dany trying to hide that Drogon is currently unavailable while still needing to excite fear.
  6. Simon Tam

    What is left to be told?

    For a proper ending we need to see at least Sansa and Bran again. Teleportation is no problem in the show, but what could be the motivation to bring Team Dragonstone and Team Winterfell together in one location? Dany trying to subdue the North with her army maybe, but is there a reason for Sansa and Bran to travel south?
  7. Simon Tam

    Best lines of E05

    "I hope I’m wrong" and "Thank you" The rest was shouting and burning.
  8. Simon Tam

    Arya Stark Screentime: What Gives?

    Episode 5 showed us another side of Arya: Stopping her revenge run on Cersei, withdraw, and saying "Thank you" to Sandor. I really liked this. The scenes with Arya in the burning streets *may* have been important, if she is ever going to meet her brother again.
  9. Simon Tam

    What is left to be told?

    So the Targaryan coin has chosen side, and she is gone mad. All other relevant villains (Cersei, Euron, NK) are dead, some arcs (Brienne; Bronn) become useless, others (Clegane) finished. Now Jon will kill Dany Or Arya will kill her Or Jon will kill her, after Arya confronts him with her experience in KL. All this could fill 20 minutes at most. So what do you think will be told before or after? * Tyrion and Ser Davos talking for hours on Jon to act , who seems to be blind * Dany introducing a reign of opression, threatening everyone and everything * Tyrion and Jon trying to talk reason to Dany for hours * The queen marching north & demanding full obedience by Sansa * Sansa marching south for whatever crazy reason * Resurrection of the Night King * The last hour showing a new Westeros and the reconstruction of Kings Landing etc. Really, what is left to be told beside getting rid of the mad queen?
  10. Glorious scenes and grave stupidity Let us start with the good things, that has helped us through weak stories for seasons: The music, the actors, well setup scenes, emotional moments and occassional memorable dialogues. We had it all this episode - The drums in the opening scene, the Dothraki flame charge with the lights fading, fine moments with Sansa and Tyrion, the zombie bookclub at the brink of comedy, airfights, Alfie Allen remarkable as always and much more. And we had the usual dumb plot ideas. No 1 - The Villain cliche´s a) The villain boss is the one to kill the good guy. As in James Bond movies. As Voldemort and Harry Potter. Why not simply bury bran under a mountain of undead corpses or under the Ice dragon? b) When the main villain dies, then all his minions and magic fall to dust. Like the Mother of Borgs. Like Sauron and the Black Gate of Mordor. I always wondered why the orks did not continue fighting, I mean they had still the stronger numbers and they liked to kill menflesh, right? Other complaints: - So the NK could be killed simply by Valyrian steel? Any crossbow with a Valyrian bolt could have done the same? (not that I believe in Valryian bolts). - And Super-Arya was the one to do this. I would pay good money to see a cage fight between Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Arya, Mystique and Xena. - Melisandre went to Volantis - and came back with nothing more than a spell how to ignite swords (that the should had known long before)? - And sent the flaming Dothraki into the maximal idiotic charge? It was common knowledge that the NK enlists defeated enemys into his ranks. An isolated charge didnt made sense. An isolated ANYTHING didnt made sense. Fight combined or retreat, that is all. In the end the Episode was fine, but the problem solution was ... (no comment)
  11. Simon Tam

    What end of the story will satisfy you

    a) A powerful stories need an important solution. Like ending the time of the elves and beginning the time of men, or starting a stellar Djihad with a messianic leader etc. And here in Westeros would end what had begun with Aegon tC. b) And the IT is shown empty in Daenerys Visions, so it would make sense. C): Presently there is no worthy king/queen anyway
  12. Simon Tam

    What end of the story will satisfy you

    I am afraid there is no end that will satisfy me, but there are at least some developments I would prefer to others: * NK wanting someting more specific than just erase the memory of the civilization * Sansa surviving without having killed a person in combat for the whole 8 Seasons. * No dragon surviving * No Lannister surviving (Yes now the rains...) * Neither Jon nor Dany (nor Cersei) on the Iron Throne. Well, there wont be a throne anyway, except in an empty hall without a roof. * The poisoning of the Freys will have an (unfavorable) effect on Aryas position in the North and/or Jaqen will appear in Westeros.(I know, that is my pet subject ) * Melisandre coming back to do/bring something good/useful/strong which is not a deus ex machina. * The safe island talking have some significance, though I cannot see how many people this really could save (on the other hand: logistic was never a problem in the show) * Bronn getting his castle what I would not prefer: * Another wildfire explosion * Time circle where this NK is defated and the next is reborn * NK sucessfully stabbed by Arya
  13. Simon Tam

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    This bothers me too. Forgetting Reed, Robin, Edmure is one thing. But the mass slaughtering of a great house under very suspicious circumstances will definetely be talked about in Winterfell. a) Does Bran know? b) How would the northerners - especially Jon - with their extreme honour code judge this poisoning? c) Will we get the following lines? The Hound: I was right when I told you once, that poison is a womans weapon. Arya: I killed with steel too.
  14. Simon Tam

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    This episode was so void of any plot or development, it is even hard to find things to criticize: 1) As many have already mentioned: Interrupt important dialogues with incoming messengers 2) Tormund behavior to Brienne is not even fun anymore. 3) Podrick singing. I immediately watched a video with Pippin at Minas Tirith afterwards to compensate for this. 4) A female cold psycho killing machine is not a good receipt for an emotional sex scene 5) Contemporary ethnical problems imposed on a medieval fantasy world Good things: The knighting scene was decent at least Tyrion & Podrick interaction How do you know there is an afterwards?
  15. What is the proper interpretation? a) Your are not as good as you think are. In a fighting pit I would kill you. b) When I kill Cersei to become king, I will kill you too. You are dead again, you just dont know it yet. c) Cool warrior. Where can I buy these guys? d) When I am king, you have to obey MY commands. e) D&D asked me to look this way. I just dont know whats the meaning.