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  1. TheThreeEyedCow

    Audio book of ASoIaF (Not Roy Dotrice)

    He's not amazing in ADWD of AFFC. But he did better than most would have.
  2. TheThreeEyedCow

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    It's possible. But I don't imagine it going that way. It's way too soon to make any claims re the future King/Queen. Jon is (hopefully) warging Ghost. Dany is in the Dothraki Sea in a very compromising situation. SO if/when these two are back to full strength, it's more likely that they'll be focusing entirely on the LN. I completely understand why people want to discuss who'll be sitting on the IT by book's end. But the IT may not even exist! I'm not saying this is foreshadowed. But if you think about it, there are hundreds of possibilities re the IT. A Targaryen may not reign by the end. We could be left with Cersei. Aegon may never go within spitting distance of the Wall and win it by default. Stannis isn't likely (sad face) but it is technically possible. I think the biggest question of the series thus far re Dany & Jon, is what will they actually think of each other? It could go either way. I mean, who will they be by the time they meet? Will Dany still be a Queen of anything? Is Jon alive, is he the Lord Commander of the NW? Does Dany fly in on Drogon's back? Or does Jon approach her? How they meet, and who they meet (this series focus' a lot on identity) is crucial.
  3. TheThreeEyedCow

    When was Theon supposed to go home?

    It's a good question. I would agree with other posters that Balon's death would of been a good moment. That said, one would imagine Balon or his wife, appealing to the IT for his release at some juncture. But then we have to consider that Balon considered Theon to now be a Greenlander, and his mother Alanyss, had lost her mind some time ago. It's little wonder why Theon felt the way he did.
  4. TheThreeEyedCow

    My Cold Hands Theory: Jon Snow

    I've always seen Coldhands as a warged corpse. And I agree with Lady Barbree; his face is probably a terrible sight. And not the sort of fellow Sam, Gilly or Bran would trust and/or follow into the white mists.
  5. TheThreeEyedCow

    Why did Jorah push Dany to go to Asshai?

    This. What Dany actually ended up doing was suicide in contrast. But hey, it paid off. And thank f*** it did! I don't think it would have worked out in the long-term.
  6. TheThreeEyedCow

    Would you classify Joffery as a pscopath or sociopath?

    Joff is little more than a spoilt brat. His mother was too forgiving and nurtured his superiority complex. His father was largely absent. There was an occasion when Robert attempted discipline. Sadly, it was far too severe. I think Robert actually knocked out one of Joffery's teeth. The result of this was Cersei telling the king she'd kill him in his sleep if he ever did it again. Or something along those lines. If it were up to Robert (and arguably, it should of been) Joffery would of been fostered elsewhere by a trusted noble. But Cersei was never going to let Joff out of her sight. The woman loathed Robert and would of wanted Joffery as both a son and a King, to be under her influence/protection. A lack of discipline, a lack of role models, and a lack of education combined with the powers of being a prince/king culminated into the character we know as Joffery. Oh and he's inbred. So he has that going for him too. Without his controlling mother, and maybe if just one of the men in his life stepped-up and gave the boy boundaries and lessons, we may of had a better King for it. I don't think he's either a psycho or a sociopath. Ramsey Bolton's introduction to the series kind of highlights this. We spend two whole books convinced that this little sh*t is the worst of them all only to realise we've been hating a 13/14 year old kid with no boundaries. And the real evil doers have been under our noses the entire time.
  7. TheThreeEyedCow

    How long had the north wanted independence for?

    Every house is different. And every house wants to boast honours and improve their standing. For some, such as Roose Bolton, self rule simply isn't necessary. Warden of the North is enough of a promotion. But a man like the Greatjon? Or Rickard Karstark? Big, powerful men with something to prove. The temptation to rebel is always there. Greywind literally had to take chunks out of the Greatjon in order to fully subjugate him. And all that fuss was over the dishonour of being told to march behind a House that the Greatjon deemed unworthy. In this scene, we see how a Lord can struggle to keep his own banner men in check. Let alone an entire realm filled with conspiring Lords. Take away King Rob's direwolf and he'd be forced to fight the Greatjon, steel on steel or risk losing the respect of his men. Nobody wants to fight a man like the Greatjon. The disadvantages to self rule are apparent when the Young Wolf's home is attacked by the emboldened Iron Born. With a strong King or Queen on the IT, the Iron Born wouldn't return to pillaging Westeros. But with half the realm in open rebellion, the North is easily singled out, it's expansive coastline and it's enormous open stretches of land make it very difficult to repel and invasion from the sea. Winter is upon them and they will get no relief from the south in terms of men or food. For many readers, the North knelt to the 'Dragon Lords'. But not the Andals. I'm not suggesting that the North should of rebelled. But I do feel a sense of inevitability regarding the eventual cry for independence. Few could mock a man for kneeling to a dragon. The IT itself is a reminder to any fool wishing to fight them. But a bunch of Seven worshipping southerners? The Northeners are a hard people from a hard place, again, as the Gretjon demonstrated.
  8. TheThreeEyedCow

    Why did Jon lock Ghost up?

    Gah, I was really enjoying this thread until the posters with an obvious bias showed up. I think the reasons for 'locking up' Ghost have been covered. Jon's being cautious with his new alliance with the Wildlings. And doesn't really need a giant direwolf beside him to be an effective administrator. Especially if it's threatening to attack someone or something. And Ghost really was misbehaving. It's clearly not similar to a dog that can be leashed. I think, similar to Dany, he;s in a bit of a pickle when it comes to the matter of his oversized companion. I just don't know if he's truly cut-out to be an administrator. With his warging, and his wolf and his strange berserker mode, I wonder if he's supposed to be a different sort of leader?
  9. TheThreeEyedCow

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

  10. TheThreeEyedCow

    Does anyone find the existence Mountain Clans of the Vale odd?

    As many posters have stated, mountains are tough and the people that live there: tougher. So long as they're not attacking, it's wise to leave them be. If/when the Vale have a new Lord with some renown, they'll likely back off. I think George is using them as a pretty good plot device. Their presence in aGoT is significant for Catelyn, and Tyrion especially. And ultimately, as other posters have pointed out, they'll probably become more significant during winter. The LN is a first-man gig. In First Men culture, they pass down tales and legends which should give these people a better understanding on how to behave at such a time. The Andals by comparison have little to no understanding of the LN. I don't think they believe in any of the First Men legends simply because they weren't around in Westeros during the time. So I'm fully expecting the Mountain clans, both north and south to take centre stage during winter.
  11. TheThreeEyedCow

    The Stark sucession crisis and Arya the unlikely

    I don't think Arya is being set-up for leadership. She's an assassin. We could postulate all the different ways that Arya could attempt to crown herself, or be crowned. But there isn't any real reason to do so. I do not doubt that the Northmen in general will find Arya agreeable. Especially if she arrives with her Wolf. But this means ignoring the fact that it's Sansa who's learning 'the Game' and it's Jon who's learning how to lead from the front. As other posters have pointed out, Arya's more invested in the Riverlands; Not in some hazy, childhood memory, but instead, the place that has all of the characters relevant to her and her arc. Nymeria, LS, Hot Pie, Gendry, The BwB, Sandor. Everything that make's Arya who she is, is in the RL. She has business all over Westeros. But the RL is the most relevant to her for tWoW. If Arya does go North, it will be to see Jon IMO. I will add. There is something tempting about the idea. Especially during winter when a lot of the men will be dead. It would make it easier for her (a woman) to rule the rowdy fighters if they're all dead.
  12. TheThreeEyedCow

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    The heroes in our story definitely need some help and that's all the author has done. Otherwise, everyone will end up like Rob, 'the young wolf'. On the subject of Dany specifically. If I were 'building' her character, I'd put most of her points into charisma and will power. I believe those are her true strengths. I don't think it's entirely fair to criticise or even champion her intelligence. she doesn't have too much of that. Same for physical strength really. She has to rely on those around her for these traits. Not because she's 'not as good' as some other character. But because she's a child. She could grow into a very intelligent woman if she can keep that Targaryen rage in check. The dragons do give her an advantage. They also paint an enormous crosshair on her back. Jorah did save her life. but he also put it in jeopardy. Drogo did treat her well, but only once she'd basically conquered his heart. Reading comments from posters whom compare one imperfect character with another makes for a very droll read. Every character who's survived the series thus far has needed a dollop of luck. Tyrion, Brienne, Arya, Sansa, even the Hound!
  13. I'm going to guess. He, like many others thought he was fighting the ultimate battle. The battle of all battles. And when/if they won, all the children would be safe and there'd be no more senseless killing. The reality is that it didn't make any difference who won that war. The realm bleeds all the same. Ned is a great man. But he's also idealistic and I'm willing to wager that the Ned we meet, despite being a decent and honourable fellow, is but a patch on how idealistic he was in his youth. It's a relatable trait. People truly believe they can change the world once and for all.
  14. TheThreeEyedCow

    Why did nobody try to curb Joffrey?

    He had bad parents and was given a massive bodyguard in the shape of the hound to indulge his cruel whims. Nobody was going to openly chastise him. Except Tyrion. Robert wanted nothing to do with the boy, clearly. Robert was a man's man, Joff not so much. And the one time Robert did discipline him, he went way too far and won the scorn of Cersei. And Cersei herself is quite a chauvinist. I can't see her chastising her son openly in-front of non-family members and least of all the realm. It's a bit of a perfect storm that George has created where-by Joff is on a course to be a cruel and selfish king. Let's also not forget that Joff becoming a terrible king fitted the machinations of the conspirators around him.
  15. He had neither the wit nor the wealth to endear himself to anybody. His name alone meant nothing other than a death sentence courtesy of Robert Baratheon. I think it's fair to assume that Illyrio had an accurate estimation of him. He may of even had some use for the guy, but he fatefully chose to pursue Dany and Drogo into the Dothraki Sea, never to return. I also think it's fair to assume that Illyrio met the same guy we did in aGoT and realised he had none of the necessary traits. If Viscerys was big and could fight, or if he had dragons or if he'd managed to maintain some wealth then perhaps he could of accomplished something. Instead, he was little more than an exile. Disgraced. Penniless. Humiliated. Dany's dragons are a huge game-changer. This, coupled with the collapse of the Baratheon/Lannister dynasty (wonderfully orchestrated) and Dany's spectacular achievements in Slaver's Bay makes the Targaryen dynasty very a attractive prospect.