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  1. TheThreeEyedCow

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    And you think her crime fits that punishment? Because I really, really don't.
  2. TheThreeEyedCow

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    Cut the RW entirely? Perhaps not. But it could of bought Rob's life. Maybe Cat's too. I agree vengeance was coming regardless. But you must agree that vengeance can come in many different forms? There a ways to humble a person. In my opinion, the RW played out the way it did for the sole reason that there would be no recourse from the other side. It appears to me that Cat basically went unpunished. And I can't stress enough how highly I regard JL's importance as a hostage. As for a fitting punishment. I have to admit that I wrestle with that on every read. The closest I've come is resigning myself (given that she's his mother) to the idea that he should of left her at RR. In my eyes, she couldn't be a Stark. She was and always would be a Tully. A fish out of water. The Starks are a hard people. They need to be that way. And what Rob did was so soft that it pains me whenever I have to read those chapters.
  3. TheThreeEyedCow

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    Good point. I suppose he had time to ruminate on things and so could not of acted in haste. I'm just stuck on how he didn't choose to act like a king. And instead acted as Catelyn's boy.
  4. TheThreeEyedCow

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    Do you honestly believe that the RW would of played out the way it did if JL was rotting in a dungeon in RR? That would of been an even trade. The heir to Casterly Rock in exchange for the heir to the North. Alas... Tywin and co were free to do as they pleased with almost no fear of retribution. The capture of JL was the biggest and most significant win for the North. And Catelyn undid it all. There were a number of reasons which served to weaken Rob's cause. And shunning the Frey girl was one of them. But Catelyn giving away Tywin's only weakness left Rob with nothing but a prayer. It's like spending your last bit of money on a lotto scratch-card. I understand they both made a mess. I understand that there is love and respect between them. I'm not insinuating that Rob should of just lopped her head off, willy-nilly. But nothing? King's and queens often change their mind. Making new rules and breaking old ones. It is a luxury not afforded to anyone else. It is for him to command and others to obey. And his intentions re JL were clear.
  5. TheThreeEyedCow

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    Ok. Agreed. So back to the OP, what is the appropriate punishment for Cat? Karstak made his King a liar and so he paid with his head. Catelyn receives....
  6. TheThreeEyedCow

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    Yeah, I know. So his mother should act with impunity? I think a Tully head weighs about the same as a Karstark one. And kin is kin. The Karstark betrayal cost Rob some hostages. Cat's betrayal cost him the war. And undermined his rule. I suppose the sensible idea would be to have her confined to RR and leave her there. But it's always bothered me that Rob would kill a sworn bannerman (distant relative or no) and do absolutely nothing with Cat when what Cat did cost them more.
  7. They've had it for a fairly long time, 500 years or there abouts. So they could of bought it or won it stole it or been awarded it. Pick one. It doesn't really impact the story.
  8. TheThreeEyedCow

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    Possibly. The Karstarks paid with a head. And they too are kin to the Starks.
  9. TheThreeEyedCow

    A New Husband for Catelyn

    Roose Bolton... as messed-up as it is. I'd pick Wyman Manderly. I don't think Cat would of wanted anybody though.
  10. TheThreeEyedCow

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    Death. Beheading most like. But that would of made him a kinslayer - cursed in the eyes of gods and men.
  11. TheThreeEyedCow

    By what right did Lysa/Robin judge Tyrion?

    No. Only the King (Robert) had the right to legally charge Tyrion with anything. Arguably, Cat had rights in the RL to detain Tyrion. I don't think she could make a good argument for delivering him to the Arryns though. But to be perfectly honest. The entire legal system in Westeros unravels the second you start poking at it. And Catelyn isn't acting as Lady of this or that. She's acting like a mother. And Lysa is too. Sort of.
  12. TheThreeEyedCow

    R+L=J v.166

    Nobody is surprised when a lord goes off to war and fathers a bastard. There would be literally no reason to believe that Ned was lying about being Jon's father. They look alike. And anyone who knows Ned wouldn't be surprised to see him do the honourable thing and raise him as one of his own. What's more, the lie regarding Rhaegar and his treatment of Lyanna was a convenient one. It kept Jon safe from any suspicion. The only people who would come forward to claim Jon as Rhaegar's child would be people trying to get Jon and/or Ned killed. That would of been the price whilst Robert was King. Hell, even the person who stepped forward with the truth would get themselves killed one way or another. It really is a very inconvenient truth that messes everything up for the victorious side. Regarding the timing of his birth/conception. It's important to remember that by the time Ned reaches the TOJ, the war was over. Rhaegar and Aerys were slain. As were baby Aegon and his sister Rhaenys. Viscerys and Dany had fled from Stannis' ships. From that point in time, it would of taken months for Ned to track Lyanna at the TOJ. Not to mention physically getting there without attracting unwanted attention. JS is conceived toward the beginning of the rebellion. So you can say either Ned went off and on day one got a woman pregnant. Or Rhaegar and Lyanna eloped. After almost a year, the war ended. A few months later, Ned reaches the TOJ and discovers Jon. It lines up, for me. Only the most desperate and stupid of Lords would of tried to raise Jon as King or even try to convince Robert that Lyanna (willingly or not) had a child by Rhaegar and Ned of all people was raising them. Robert wouldn't of believed that his best friend and his betrothed both conspired against him. That and, it wouldn't benefit any of the major houses what-so-ever. All of them except the Reach and Dorne had rebelled. And Dorne were never going to be sympathetic to Robert and the Lannisters. So that leaves only the Reach (okay and the Ironborn I suppose) as viable candidates for making the claim that Jon was Lyanna's. But the Tyrells and their bannermen do not know. As for characters who do know the truth, I think Howland clearly does. And judging by Jojen and Meera's lack of input. I'd say he kept his mouth shut. And the Daynes... They named their child after Ned. So if they do know, they wouldn't reward the man who's their child's namesake by telling a disinterested King 'the truth'. Varys may know. But he hasn't made much of an indication that he does. And whoever else it is that knows the truth have remained silent for 15 years. So there's a very good chance that almost nobody in Westeros actually knows anything at all. Which is how Ned wanted it. Overall, it's an incredibly inconvenient truth that's remarkably well hidden.
  13. TheThreeEyedCow

    King Aegon VI Appreciation Thread

    If we're just straight-up guessing, I'd say that she will know what she's done. I don't think she'll be crazy, but she will resign herself to perhaps the same thing Jon Connington does towards the end of aDwD. Who can afford to be merciful in the face of such odds? Or honourable in a world full of scoundrels? I don't envy Dany. Not her power nor her dragons. It's an impossible predicament. She can either go full Fire and Blood which is exactly who she is. Or she can deny herself and flounder until someone eventually takes everything from her. She dawdled in Mereen, and it will haunt her. She tried to play their game and it didn't work. The people die no matter what. She may as well seize power and have it on her own terms. As for (f)Aegon... he is a threat. It's as simple as that. And when/if he seats himself on the IT, he isn't likely going to accommodate her as the rightful queen. He will exist in opposition to her and the two will not be able to co-exist. She won't be attracted to him because he's moody and tempestuous like her brother Viscerys. And she already tried marrying for political reasons. Twice, in-fact. For readers like me, no matter how much we enjoy (f)Aegon, the boy is toast. And Dany won't need to justify the action. It is, after all, a game of thrones.
  14. TheThreeEyedCow

    Characteristics of a good ruler

    Agree to disagree. I'm not sure becoming a tennis pro is at all similar to being a ruler. People who lust after power are so often corrupted by their desire to rule. Unwin Peake from Fire and Blood is a good example of this. I'm not sure I can write about him on this section of the forums. But suffice to say, this is a person who's priorities are first and foremost to maintain their grip of power instead of doing good work for the realm. They spend time and resources shoring up their own position, choosing sycophants and lickspittles over the more competent and well-reasoned types. A tennis player can afford to be completely self-indulgent.
  15. TheThreeEyedCow

    King Aegon VI Appreciation Thread

    Because he'll have his fake ass on her IT. Because she is a Targaryen and he is a pretender. And by the time she reaches Westeros she'll be void of patience. It's fire and blood. That's what she's about. He'll expect her to...what exactly? Joint rule? Marry him? She'll be on the biggest power trip with a huge army, navy and dragons. So rightly or wrongly, I see her arriving in a less than accommodating mood. He cannot prove his identity. So I believe Dany will let Drogon decide for her. Honestly, I don't think she'll suffer him.