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  1. TheThreeEyedCow

    Why didn't Tyrion consummate his marriage with Sansa?

    He wants to be loved, but never will be. Sansa and her response to him represents the truth. He is small, and disfigured and no maid wants him. Shae is the lie. Her love is bought and paid for. As is Bronn's loyalty. Tyrion prefers the lie. He can live with that. For a time, at least. Sansa couldn't even show the cool courtesy that she did for Joffery. Maybe, to some extent, Sansa preferred the lie too? Tyrion is small and ugly and everybody hates him. Even so, he has his pride; he is no martyr. If he cannot succeed as a just man he will become the villain people believe him to be. In aDwD, he does a decent job of doing exactly that. And it's getting him what he wants. His story so far appears to be the makings of an antagonist. With him, I think George will demonstrate what happens when you bully and marginalise a person(s) and never show them kindness. Jaime will be the only person who can give him pause for thought. If/when Tyrion returns to Westeros with power, then seven save them, he has been given no reason to be merciful. I think hatred is all he has left to him.
  2. I won't disagree with you there. I mean, I don't really know much about Whent or Hightower. I'm just considering the confrontation between Jaime Lannister and Rob Stark at the whispering wood. And also, Ashara and the Mountain Men in the Wolfswood. One big reason those two characters survived those confrontations is that there were men to throw themselves in harm's way. So even though I can't comment on either Hightower or Whent's fighting prowess. I can comment on their loyalty and devotion.
  3. TheThreeEyedCow

    How does Ned know Lyanna is at the Tower of Joy?

    Yeah, most like. She was a lady in waiting for Elia, present at HH during the crowning of Lyanna of blue roses. Do we know if she was present at KL when Gregor came to town? She must of been close.
  4. I think there's every chance that the three most loyal and skilled of Rhaegars KG (which is kind of odd when you consider Aerys II still lived) would of made a difference. I'm not saying the battle could of been won. But these guys would of done everything to make sure Rhaegar survived. So I think there's a chance that Rhaegar may of escaped with his life if his most trusted bodyguards were there. And if, it's a big if, but if Rhaegar survived, there's every reason to believe that many would of still fight in his name. I think Robert was a prolific warrior. The man could of taken on a company armed with nothing but a sandal. But Dayne is no joke. He wields the sword of the morning. And that is an earned title, not a hereditary one.
  5. TheThreeEyedCow

    Maesters vs varys

    There are maesters who served their Kings well. And there are times when Varys gave good council. And yeah, this. It's not often that George paints a character so negatively. Usually, it's a bad ruler who's good with their family, or vise versa. You know, a bit of a mixed bag, so to speak. But Aerys II is painted as a woeful human being by every perspective we have.
  6. TheThreeEyedCow

    Which minor spin-off story would you like to see?

    I'm struggling to understand what qualifies as 'minor' when everything feels so relevant, lol. That said, I've always been really intrigued by the Maidenvault. Pt.1 could be their confinement with a part 2 telling their stories after their release. There'd be secrets and schemes and three different perspectives to consider. The pious Rhaena, Daena the defiant and the awkward and shy Elaena.
  7. TheThreeEyedCow

    Getting Away with Murder:Catelyn Stark

    Catelyn was a worthy diplomat but she was caught between a pair of brothers who had their blinkers on. The Baratheons only had eyes for each other. Trapped between a pair of Stags... it's no place for fish. Rob himself could not of dissuaded them. Both men were offering basically the same thing and I have to say, I liked their terms. Renly was very fair. Both Baratheons had sympathy for the Ned. Rob needed to set aside his crown. And this was the stumbling block. She is the warden's daughter. And the warden himself is severely ill. Catelyn is on home turf and has a huge amount of authority. The stunt she pulls at the Crossroads inn show's how much pull a Tully has in the RL. Imagine being one of those men, and you're being asked to take Tywin's son captive. How loyal would you need to be to do something so utterly stupid? I think the picture we get of Cat is someone who learned to love Ned and the North. But it isn't her home. RR is her true home. She is still very much a Tully. And it's not as if she can just shrug it off. As far as she's concerned, Bran and Rickon are safe at WF. Safe behind it's walls with a garrison to defend them. Not to mention the Direwolves that stalk around after them. Her existing family is in peril: Sansa, Arya, Edmure and her father and uncle are the ones in peril. The family members who are SOUTH of the Neck. She nor the reader could anticipate Theon's actions. She only looks negligent in hindsight imo. Catelyn releasing Jaime on a promise sets my blood to boiling. But I learned to forgive. She wanted her daughters returned alive. If you can't give that to a grieving mother then you must have ice in your veins. I would of liked to seen her put into a cell. But only to shock her. And it would of been purely for my own sense of justice. And if you think about it, that's sort of why Westeros is a complete mess, aye? Grief makes people do all kinds of crazy things. But hating a person for grieving is an absolute waste of time. They're already suffering so adding to it accomplishes nothing. As for the betrayal aspect, it's kind of the same for Stannis and Davos. Davos outright defies Stannis. Davos attempts to assassinate his King's new errrrm, advisor? But despite this, Stannis knows Davos to be a good man and true. Loyal to his bones. And so, Davos is shown mercy. A good leader knows when to be merciful. Sparing Edric storm was a masterstroke by Davos and you'd have to be insane not to see it. If Stannis burned a child then he'd risk suffering greater enmity than the Lannisters for their twincest. These are important comparisons imo. I'm not sure I follow. Are you saying Catelyn needed to change tact? As I said above, she's the warden's daughter. She doesn't need to sweeten her words. She has a level of authority in the RL where by the vassals of RR and house Tully are obliged to obey. And she's loved and respected by at least a few. Look at how the northmen fear for (f)Arya and would rather die than have her repeatedly raped. This (f)Arya doesn't need to ask for men to fight for her. She doesn't need to manipulate anybody. Cersei needs to manipulate people because she's an awful person and men only want to screw her. That's her only weapon. And that's why she's doomed. I enjoy reading about her but for all the wrong reasons. Sansa must of spotted this. She even thinks to herself how she will make people love her. She might of been a way off from where she is in aFfC, but she was onto something. Catelyn was loved and respected. And she sort of knew it. So she could give commands and yield only to her brother and son. And she didn't need to manipulate either of them. Nor could she. Iirc, George has stated that he would of liked a Rob POV. The snag for me is that I don't believe we need one. The best thing about a POV is having an insight into the characters inner monologue. It's how we come to understand their motivation. Rob's motivations are so painfully clear that even Tywin can anticipate him. Outside of owning a direwolf that can be warged, he's not all that cryptic. I feel like George would of been treading water trying to write his POV. Who better to give us eyes inside those walls than the woman who grew up there. Jaime doesn't have the foggiest clue what life inside of RR was like. He would of given us zero exposition. As for Rob, see above. Just my opinion though.
  8. TheThreeEyedCow

    What if Robb was the sole survivor of RW?

    Well, yeah the story is paramount. Elsewise it becomes fan-fiction. Consider the reaction to the abomination and also the latest SW movies. There's a real reason fanfic is loathed. It's more often than not a persons wish fulfilment over a well told story. And it's impractical to cater to peoples wishes over what serves the story best. May I ask, when did you start reading the series? I can promise you that Rob and co, dying the way they did hurt a lot of readers at the time. A few saw it coming and called it. But most of us were devastated. Rob winning his war felt like the most important thing in the story. His win would of saved a lot of the characters we care about and they could of recognised the threat beyond the wall. But that would of been too easy, wouldn't it? Sansa wouldn't get to learn from KL and LF. Bran may not of made it to the Three eyed Crow if a responsible adult was around to stop him. Arya would of gone to her brother and not the FM. Hindisght being 20-20, it's good for the story that Robb died when he did. The way he died ultimately kept readers engaged and made them more fervent in their convictions that the Starks were their heroes. He could of tried. But a big part of the rebel's shield is that for all intents and purposes, they're finished. The IT no longer considers them a threat. And that's because Rob's head is on a spike. It deescalated the fighting in the RL and created a stalemate. And we can see that Lady Stoneheart, the BWB and Nymeria are all using this crucial moment to gather their strength. Tywin left the battlefield, and that helps the rebels a lot. If Rob was still out there, then so too would Tywin. And bare in mind, our author is very much anti-war. So he's very keen to demonstrate how huge battles can be won for no real gain.
  9. TheThreeEyedCow

    What if Robb was the sole survivor of RW?

    Because he is absolutely screwed. He'd be without key people such as the Greatjon, he'd have no army, no home. The world would just carry on around him. Roose would still be made WotN, and Ramsey would still attempt a marriage to a (f)Arya. He'd be holed up at RR and in doing so would force the Lannisters to converge on them. And Tywin would see to it that if it came to it, the castle was stormed and the rebel king killed. Rob dying helps the realm return to some form of peace. It's not the peace most readers wanted, but it's closer. What's helping some of our beloved characters right now is subterfuge. Sansa isn't Sansa, Arya isn't Arya. Bran is beyond the reach of Lannisters, Freys and Boltons. Rickon is MIA. So, it's hard to see Rob alive without a massive crosshair on his back. He's either hiding behind the walls of RR with the Lannisters and Freys outside. Or he's being mercilessly hunted through the RL. I think the only way things could of gotten interesting is if Rob's trauma somehow helped with his warging abilities. He could of linked-up with Nymeria, and maybe Stoneheart too. And perhaps he would of been more akin to the warg kings of old? I can sort of picture Rob hiding in RR with the enemy camped outside and Nymeria's pack nibbling at their attackers. And when the Lannisters and co turn to deal with the wolves, maybe Rob could make a dash somewhere or even go on the offensive? Still, wherever Rob was, Tywin and the Lannisters would of hounded them endlessly. Consider poor Beric, who paid with his own life over and over again to no avail. I think the hard truth is that Rob needed to die. A version of the story where he still lives would be unrecognisable compared to the one we currently have. You may as well ask, what if Ned didn't die?
  10. TheThreeEyedCow

    Favorite character arcs

    Burning monster does have some interesting implications. He's one of Craster's boys, right? If the 'Others' are hellbent on taking these children then what would be the consequences of giving one of these kids to the flames? Interesting.
  11. TheThreeEyedCow

    Favorite character arcs

    That's a really good point. I always forget about him. I think it's pertinent to also include that he's haunted by his past leniency when dealing with Robert's rebels at the stony sept. It gave me the impression that JonCon 2.0 would become an ever more ruthless adversary to whoever stood in his path. It's been a while since I read that chapter though.
  12. TheThreeEyedCow

    Favorite character arcs

    I know, mate. It pains me to talk about the one true king this way. I just refuse to believe that he will be the one to burn her. There are wildlings and rhllorists and even wildlings who have converted to Rhllor who will be itching to do it for him. And without derailing the thread, I'll just say that I think news of his (fake)death will result in some crazy behaviour at the wall by those very people. But then, I would say that. I like Stannis too much to accept that he'd burn his kid. But if he did, that would definitely make Davos' mind up for him. Davos thinks about Azor Ahai killing his wife and he decides to himself that he (Davos) could never be a hero, as he could never do that. which sort of makes him the true hero.
  13. TheThreeEyedCow

    Where did Elia fit in the Lyanna-Rhaegar relationship?

    Elia didn't fit into the R+L relationship. Elsewise she would of been there with them and benefited from the protection of Dayne and Hightower and Whent. Frustratingly, we simply do not have enough information to make and certain judgements. All we know is, Oberyn is aiming his revenge at the Lannisters and not the Targaryens. Dany sees a vision of Rhaegar and Elia where Rhaegar explicitly states that 'there must be one more' so we could speculate that Elia at the very least knew what Rhaegar was doing. But what we cannot say is that she was willing or complicit. We only know that she was in a very weakened state. For some, that would be reason for Rhaegar to be more attentive and remain by her side. For others, it's cause to afford him the freedom to make another child with another woman. It is messy. It does look bad. We can hope that Howland Reed has some answers. But I suspect Doran knows more than we realise. Until there's a reveal, I think readers are free to project their own views onto the situation. My personal opinion is that Lyanna wanted an escape. Rhaegar wanted another child. And Elia wanted peace and safety for herself and her family. I suspect the three of them, in their own way, foolishly thought they could do this without the 7K around them going up in flames.
  14. TheThreeEyedCow

    How did the Nights Watch get so weak?

    Yeah. This. Whatever the reasons are for having an enormous wall and a group of devout and celibate men patrolling it religiously, have all been lost to time. I suspect that there is a method to their madness. There is a reason that these men should have no family. It's just buried under the centuries. I'm certain that there is more to learn and we'll probably know more once George stops hiding the 'others' from us. It's clear that this wall isn't designed to keep out Wildlings.
  15. TheThreeEyedCow

    Favorite character arcs

    I think you've made a great list, there. Mine would be largely the same only I'd like to swap Cersei for Sandor (the Hound) Clegane. His arc is really interesting and I can't wait to see how (or if at all) George reintroduces him. Given the fact that "the Hound" is now a guise worn by another man, who will Sandor be? Will he simply be Sandor, will he get his old identity back or will he be born again like so many other characters? We don't know exactly where George is going to take it. We could even go a whole book without seeing him. And I'd argue that Davos does have an arc. It's just not reached a pivotal moment yet. But it's happening gradually. For one, he's lost the finger bones to remind him of his king's justice. He's lost sons. His faith in Stannis has never wavered and I wonder if it will in the books to come. I wonder what Davos will make of other people who have similar ambitions to Stannis. I wonder if he could truly support Stannis when he's confronted by another potential ruler such as Dany or Jon. I don't think he'd turn on Stannis per se. I just wonder if his faith in his king has truly been tested by an arguably better man or woman. I wonder if Davos' morality will once again put him on a collision course with his king. Davos has been loyal to Stannis. But it would be more accurate to say that Davos has been loyal to the idea of what Stannis should be. It just so happens that Stannis respects Davos even when he defies him. But Davos is willing to defy him should he see his king making the wrong move. It makes me think that something has to give. How long will it be until Stannis does something that Davos cannot forgive? How long until Davos' defiance actually costs his king something irreplaceable?