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  1. TheThreeEyedCow

    Characters who deserve to DIE

    I think the only person on that list who is genuinely evil is Euron - Crow's Eye - Greyjoy. He goes to enormous lengths to ensure his victims suffer immeasurably for no other reason than he relishes in his power over them and see's himself as godlike. The others on your list are just products of a harsh and unforgiving society. Rape and misogyny are commonplace and it goes almost completely unchallenged. It's shit. For Roose, rape was his 'right'. But if were focusing on Westeros and who the truly evil people are, I think Euron wins by a thousand miles. This man knows no bounds. Roose and Ramsey are BASIC compared to him. Kill these two and there's another pair of dirtbags to take their place and do the same messed-up things. I don't think they are truly set-apart or unique in Westeros. Roose makes an attempt at playing the game, so to speak. He understands the value of diplomacy so we can have some small hope that there would be an effort on his part to make the North, "A peaceful land, a quiet people." He's a shitty, shitty lord but not particularly evil. Ramsey is horrid. But he's basically a thug and he's somewhat predictable. A ferocious idiot. If there was but one competent Stark around he'd of been executed already. I think Wyman has something in mind for Ramsey. LF. Even Varys can't figure this man out. I think it's safest to reserve judgement until we know his end-game. I mean he's probably a complete arsehole who enjoys screwing over the 7K and getting paid to do so. But maybe there's another reason? Or a motive we don't fully understand yet. As for Randyll Tarly. He is a POS but he's also the model Lord for his era. Albeit a harsh one. He's a Lord on the Dornish Marches and there's a 'type' for that role. His job and life's work is to command armies and remain vigilant against the Dornish. If he fails in this, then there's every chance that there'll be untold amounts of rape and murder. The Dornish do not play nice, if the history is to be believed. He is harsh, unforgiving and entirely unromantic. I don't like him. But he's not "evil". You just have to recount all of the attempts he made to turn Sam into a fighter to understand his complete ineptitude. If he is "Evil" then so too is half of Westeros. He's mean, but he's also one of the most competent generals in Westeros. The realm may have some need of him. Valar Morghulis!
  2. TheThreeEyedCow

    POLL: Will you continue to read the books if _________

    I have a few favourites. And I expect most if not all will die. So YES. I'm definitely going to finish these books if/when they come out.
  3. TheThreeEyedCow

    Time for the Vale to enter the fray....

    To where though? The Vale doesn't seem to have clear allies or enemies. With or without LF they could potentially move against or for Dany, (f)Aegon, or the IT. I think that George will reintroduce those pesky mountain clans to muddy the waters a bit. They may kill or abduct some influential people. Maybe even making off with Sansa herself! I vaguely remember Tyrion promising them proper weapons. And I'm going to guess that Winter is a good time for these guys to pick off the Vale men while they're weak? I'm not sure what state their navy is in so I can't say they'd definitely sail anywhere. It's moments like these when I'm certain that LF is just too many steps ahead.
  4. TheThreeEyedCow

    Time for the Vale to enter the fray....

    It is difficult to see a good reason for the Vale to begin invading anywhere. It's winter. But then this in itself presents a problem. All those big men with big mouths and big bellies to feed... It's probably better in the long-haul to send these champs off to die rather than have them eat all of the food. It's sad, but that's seems to be the reality. What I would like, is for Sansa to engineer a way of undermining LF. He's well on his way to buying peoples loyalty so I'd like to see her somehow beat him at his own game. And Sansa has ties to a lot of contested places right now. WF, The Eyrie, Harrenhal, RR, The Rock. I know she's not directly in-line to inherit these castles. But she is in the mix at a time when even more lords and ladies will perish. If that girl survives winter, she could be a huge influence on things. And with an intact army she could sweep through the 7K. It depends who's left alive. It is a long shot. But I like the idea of it happening.
  5. TheThreeEyedCow

    Poll: Is Varys a Woman?

    I suppose anything is possible in a world of glamours and warging. I think Varys is old school though. He uses actual disguises, perfumes etc. And I don't see anything to suggest that his gender is part of the disguise. It makes sense to chose to be a man, given their task is to influence king's and lords in a patriarchal society. But I don't think there's even a tiny glimmer of this happening and we're already 5 books into the series.
  6. TheThreeEyedCow

    Do You Think Sam Will Forge His Chain?

    I think the writing is on the wall when Sam first arrives at the Citadel. Basically, no one at the Citadel (apart from the select few) are going to believe him, so one would imagine that being an intelligent man, Sam would set to putting together his chain quickly to get back to Jon. As was his charge. But I think that will get interrupted. I think Sam will find himself tangled in Jaquen's (Pate's) journey. Basically, it'll be similar to Arya (Mercy) where there'll be every intention of becoming someone new, only to revert to type when something changes. Like an Iron Born invasion or perhaps he finds 'something' at the citadel that he thinks Jon needs. I don't think there'll be an ultimate fight. I think that whatever pact it was that has been broken, needs to be made good. I think Sam will be the guy who figures out how to do that.
  7. TheThreeEyedCow

    Top 5. Who will die in The Winds of Winter

    I'll be brief. 1. Vic - too stupid to live. 2. Bowen Marsh - I think Tormund will want more than a word. 3. Daario - It will piss Dany off to no end. 4. Hizdar - He doesn't seem to have much of a story left imo. 5. Wyman Manderly - hopefully in a blaze of die-hard glory.
  8. TheThreeEyedCow

    Which minor houses do you want to see more of?

    I'm about 3/4 of the way through! I'm not sure if I've missed that entirely or if I'm yet to read that part. Even so, I'd like to see the weird desert people.
  9. Viscerys went a bit mad because he was treated like a bad joke when he thought he should of been a king. He was naive, delusional, and prone to bursts of anger. But that's about it. Dany has the same genetics as him but a completely different trajectory. Nobody mocked Dany, apart from Vicsery. She had no designs of becoming anything when the story begins. She has a humble origin imo. Viscereys took the full brunt of being an exile. And faced an endless stream of mockery until finally he met someone whom refused to humour him. In my opinion, he was a fool. Not crazy. Just the product of torment. Aerys is much the same. He was clearly suffering from an inferiority complex with Tywin. He was one of those people who'd never saw anything through. He had accomplished nothing whilst his hand had earned the respect of the realm. To make matters worse, Varys was most likely informing Aerys of every potential betrayal, driving the King deeper and deeper into insanity. I don't know if Varys did that on purpose. But it's clear that by the end, The mad king was convinced that everyone was his enemy. And he wasn't wrong. Look at the behaviour of the major lords during that time. Moves were being made against him. Dany was a humble person. But now she's popped a crown on her head, don't be too surprised if she turns out to be, you know, "mad". Power can do that to people. Especially if you are accustomed to having 1100 lbs of fire breathing destruction between your legs.
  10. TheThreeEyedCow

    What is the dumbest house Sigil/ coat of arms.

    House Toland's dragon biting it's own tail because it's just big advert for their complete lack of honour.
  11. TheThreeEyedCow

    Crasters White Walker arrangement

    I think he needs to sacrifice 'something'. He chooses the boys ans he can make certain use of the women. And the sons would eventually overthrow him. I just don't fully understand why the wildlings give him a wide birth. Maybe they sort of buy into it enough to steer clear. but it's hard to say how a group of wildling men didn't just rock-up and take his stuff. Perhaps the NW affiliation protects him also?
  12. TheThreeEyedCow

    Which minor houses do you want to see more of?

    Uller/Hellholt. They killed Rhaeynys and I wonder if they have a big old dragon skeleton somewhere? Plus they live in the middle of the desert. That's pretty cool. House Peake. They have a few kin in exile with the GC. I wonder how the remaining Peakes get on with that? House Tallhart/Dagmer. I'm interested in how things are going over there. They've been occupied for some time now and things must be looking increasingly grim for both the hosts and the attackers. Blackwood and Reed are a given. And yeah the Daynes of Starfall for all the reasons stated in the op.
  13. TheThreeEyedCow

    Victarion GreyJoy is a Jerk

    I can't recall anybody professing any kind of affection for Vic. I thought the general consensus was that he wasn't very bright? His chapters are interesting though. His perspective is important.