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  1. TheThreeEyedCow

    Robert should have wed Daenerys to Joffrey

    Robert despised the Targaryens. He forgave many people for choosing the other side. Ser B being one of the big ones. But his hatred for Rhaegar and his kin ran so deep, that I doubt he would of found it in himself to even hear such a request. Look what Ned had to go through just to convince Robert not to kill them outright. I do see what you're saying. But. Well.... Would YOU want to make that suggestion to Robert? Because whoever had the courage to go up to him and make such a suggestion really should do so in full plate atop a fast horse. And as Lord V said. The big damage had been done. The babes and their mother were so brutally slain by Gregor and co that even a desperate Viserys would of declined IMO.
  2. TheThreeEyedCow

    Why Lord Walder is great for the story

    I've gotten a lot of enjoyment out of WF. He's my second favourite villain after Euron. I absolutely love to hate him. I think the chapter in AGOT when Cat first meets him is my favourite. He's such an uncompromising and petty, sour old man. And yet, totally hilarious. The fun ends with the RW for me, though. My favourite villain of all is Euron Greyjoy. I'd be interested in witnessing a meeting between him and WF. But it probably won't happen. Still... I like it when the villains clash. So I hope we get something similar at some point. A bit like when Viscerys clashes with Khal Drogo in Vaes Dothrak. Only not so one-sided.
  3. TheThreeEyedCow

    Varys the Sorcerer

    I hadn't considered Varys to be a sorcerer, no. He is a type of magician. And I understand why George would use similar words when describing him to a reader. But if he had anything at all similar to what Mel has, then he would of been able to prevent LF from accelerating the Lannister downfall. And he wouldn't of needed to take Kevan down the way he did. Just IMO.
  4. TheThreeEyedCow

    Why doesn’t Dorne have a navy?

    For 300 years, Dorne has been part of one whole kingdom. It's the regions within that kingdom that were most likely going to attack them. The South already has the Redwyne fleet to the west and the Crown has it's fleets a little to the north. An attack on Dorne would be an attack on the 7K and within range of the existing navies. When we look at Dorne and the Martels, I don't see any evidence that there's an emphasis on protecting the small-folk. The Dornish, and The Martels by extension seem happy enough to allow an aggressor in. Their response is to play hide and seek and use guerrilla tactics. It sort of defines them. Those two things combined make a navy seem like an unnecessary expense. Unless you're a peasant living in Sunspear or some coastal village. And nobody really gives a shit about those people and their lives.
  5. TheThreeEyedCow

    The Red Wedding Was Justified.

    I didn't say Tywin killed anyone. In fact, I said he didn't kill a few ppl. And I would say that at a wedding, one is one too many. The soldiers were celebrating a wedding with allies. ....I'm trying to be polite and insinuate that certain individuals may condone Tywin's plan, but the mass readership has never been able to. I wouldn't want to cast aspersions. There are a few reasons why someone would admire the RW. Some people are contrarians who cannot bring themselves to agree with a majority. And as mentioned further up-stream, some people come here to post their thinly veiled hatred of the Starks. In a world of Anti-vaxxers and flat-earthers, one can never be too sure who they're talking to. I left it ambiguous. Sure. But not at any cost. Some would resort to killing children. Some wouldn't. And this is the crux of the argument. Not the what, but the how. The methods used by Walder Frey were cowardly and pathetic. Not just in the eyes of us readers, but in the eyes of in-book characters who are products of their society. If you're at war. And there is an enemy out there looking for you, and they catch you asleep. You will wake with a blade in your belly if at all. Armies are known to do this. It's not difficult to differentiate this from a wedding feast. Where men are suppose to let their guard down. They were celebrating with allies. "Victory is more important than honour"... I don't know how you can be so blind. The RW worked in the short-run. But do you truly believe that it is over? Can you truly call it a victory? It merely spun the wheel once more. Twofk rages on, Stannis still lives. The North is still in a rebellion. The Freys are losing kin left right and centre. A contingent of their army has been ordered to march out into the Wolfswood to fight an enemy hellbent on their destruction at the behest of a man who's renown for sending other peoples men to their deaths to preserve himself. Against an enemy who can walk atop the very snow that the Freys have to wade through. The Boltons will treat the Freys no better than the Starks did. If anything, Walder can expect nothing but misery from his Bolton alliance. And the Lannisters are screwed. Walder Frey's alliance is about to unravel because there is no loyalty. And that bit of bloody vengeance he took out on the kitn will haunt his family for a very long time. The Starks, and their 'honour' is made into a sort of joke. But winter will change that. Loyalty will be the difference between life and death. It wasn't clever though. It was cowardly. If we had a dispute. And I invited you to my home to discuss and make terms. And then, after offering you a sandwich, I came up behind you with a bread-knife, would you truly think I had 'outsmarted' you? Would anyone? If there was any merit to what you were saying, then why do the Frey's lie about it? In the Merman's court, the three Freys, Jared, Symond and Rhaegar attest that Rob and his men turned into wolves. That Rob and his men had the mark of the beast upon them. They also said that Rob killed Wendel Manderly.... It's not even a clever lie. The clever thing to do would of been to just shut their gates. Tell Rob that he had broken their alliance. Let the Northmen be either smashed by The Mountain or spend their days attempting to retake their home and then try to deal with winter, wildlings and eventually the others. The problem would of solved itself. Especially considering that the North will be dependent on the south for food during winter. Needless to say, the North wouldn't be getting any relief. Or simply arrest Rob the second he stepped foot into the Twins. It was for the IT to decide the fate of the rebel, not Walder nor Roose. And this is why I think Tywin is the really clever one, here. He played them all against each other knowing that Walder would be salivating at the prospect of revenge and more marriages. Tywin could shunt all of the North's anger and outrage onto the Frey's. But Walder, being the vengeful and ambitious man he is played his part. And won his family enmity. I'm willing to predict that in time, people will forget about the feud between Lannister and Stark. But the RW won't be forgotten. People will make songs of it.
  6. TheThreeEyedCow

    Pardon for Rickard Karstark

    I've already danced a dance similar to this just a few weeks ago. All I'm going to say is this, Cat had no right to abduct Tyrion and take him to the Vale. It was the second most stupid thing she did in the series. But what Karstark did was far more stupid. He gave the king no choice.
  7. TheThreeEyedCow

    The Red Wedding Was Justified.

    Tywin Lannister talks out of his ass. He didn't kill a few people over dinner. It was a massacre, at a wedding. And nobody, apart from individuals such as yourself can respect or condone this strategy. The Westerossi respect brave fighters. That's what they like to see. It's bloodshed, but there's some honour in meeting your foe with steel in hand. They also like to feel safe when visiting one another's castles and the guest right is the solitary pillar which holds this value aloft. To see both values being perverted this way is disturbing to the Westerossi. It's shameful and cowardly. The one clever bit of the RW was the way that Tywin managed to shift the entire focus of Northern hostility away from House Lannister and squarely onto The Freys.
  8. TheThreeEyedCow

    Neck Will be the New Wall

    So in this vision where the Neck becomes the new Wall, has the climate changed significantly? As in, does the North now resemble the land of Always Winter? Their physiology suggests that they can only exist where it's dark and very, very cold.
  9. TheThreeEyedCow

    Dany and child murder

    ...which is fair enough. But tbh, the first part of my reply was more to do with slaves in the U.S.A. And how I don't think it's something you can go like for like over. I wandered back to Dany at the end just to stay on topic. I don't doubt that Dany will erase the place from the map. Cleansed by fire, if you like. It's a whole different way to free the slaves but it also tears out the root of slavery. And it's fits her Targ identity to do it that way. And her story needs to fit into a book with a ton of other characters...
  10. TheThreeEyedCow

    Dany and child murder

    A guy flies through space with his telepathic cats looking for work. His ship is some kind of bio weapon that creates all manner of creatures, designed to fit the specifications of a planets needs. Or, I should say, the needs of it's human inhabitants. Definitely worth a read.
  11. TheThreeEyedCow

    Dany and child murder

    You know, I'm not so sure. If violence is the only course of action open to you then you re-create the rule of might is right. Turning slavers into slaves would only be bloody vengeance. You'd be saying "slavery is fine, so long as we're not the ones being enslaved." There must be examples of a better way to follow. How does a greater society develop into something more if it's focus is to turn tables instead of building new ones? What I see is an example of someone dead-set to change things in the here and now. Within their own lifetime. Which is natural. But I think it's one of the biggest flaws in mankind. If Dany actually had something tangible to offer freed men, instead of merely offering it as an empty token, she may of seen something different happening in Mereen. If she gradually emancipated the slaves through law and legislation she may of built a new city over time. Instead, she goes all Stannis Baratheon on them and just slams the door. And promptly gives them cause to fight her. Viable alternatives can be just as effective as threats of violence. If I want your money, I could wave my knife at you and demand it. Alternatively, I could whittle you a nice back-scratcher and earn your money that way. It'd be a harder path. It'd take longer. But it's better for everyone. Violence was necessary to conquer the city. She couldn't do a damn thing outside of it's walls. But the abolition of slavery is a much greater effort imo. Their entire culture was built around it. It was never just going to go away. Hence I don't think it's unlikely that she'll eventually return, see it's rotten core, and burn it to the ground. Everything she wants to do has to happen within her own lifetime. And she doesn't have the time to babysit them.
  12. TheThreeEyedCow

    Dany and child murder

    Very dark, I suspect. I don't blame Brynden B Fish for thinking that way. We need only look into her toolbox to see that it's all hammers - blunt instruments to wreak havoc. By land (Dothraki) by sea (IB) and by air (dragons). And then when we look at her objectives, what else can she do other than wage war on anyone who defies her? Her experience of 'playing the game' in Mereen is an overwhelmingly negative one. I think the fate of Mereen depends on what Dany see's when she returns to it. If the city goes to hell, she might just finish it off/ make an example of it. Dragons plant no trees. Strongly agree with that last part. For many, the ends justify the means. But I see it more as Dany embracing what she is instead of struggling with it. A conqueror. I had to google Timur. And I do see the potential for her to become a similar figure in the eyes of some. She wants to be Rhaegar (who doesn't?) but Timur may well be a more accurate comparison by the end of the story. It reminds me of Jaime when he thinks back on who he wanted to be and compares that to who he is now. It's annoying. Her mentors have all been pretty useless and have failed her to the point where she can only revert to type. The story needs to provide her with someone who isn't an utter creep. A someone who doesn't have ulterior motives.
  13. TheThreeEyedCow

    So who is The Harpy?

    Those are some good points and the parallels between Theon and the Unsullied seem to fit. I'm just having another read through. I'm getting to the end of GOT so I'll be keeping this in mind going forwards. I agree that Dany didn't think things all the way through re the freeing of slaves and the "liberation" of Mereen. And the idea that 'The Harpy' is actually Dany herself is very tantalising. As you said, with the whip, slave army, and pyramid... it's a question of perspective. Thanks for sharing.
  14. TheThreeEyedCow

    Dany and child murder

    Yes, every character is a shade of grey. But I think that these characters darken and lighten. Depending on what GRRM throws at them. I didn't watch The Abomination, but I understand they turned her into a moustache twirling villain. I don't think GRRM wants to turn Dany into a villain. No more than he wanted to kill Rob Stark and Grey Wind and Catelyn. But I do think that given the story so far, he will show us what he believes to be the true cost of power. Fire and Blood. Unless Dany is going to cook up some black pudding for her people, it can only mean that she will use what she has at her disposal to win. Dragons and potentially Dothraki and Iron Born. And if the best council she has is a telepathic witch and a vengeful dwarf, what hope has she of choosing another path? All signs point to her turning to a very dark shade of grey imo.
  15. TheThreeEyedCow

    Dany and child murder

    1st. Tokar's are worn by the wealthy. So it's not unfair to assume that any person wearing one has a big hand in slavery. 2nd. I don't think that there is a definitive answer to that. Slavery is a huge part of their culture. People are born into it. Dany had to smash them to get them to cease. In my opinion, 12 is young enough to of not actively purchased a human being at auction. Though they would of benefited from slavery they may not of had a chance to propagate it. 3rd. Yes and yes. You don't get to the top of the pyramid with all of your principles intact. 4th. Iirc, she's looking upon a sixteen year old and realising that this person is essentially a child. Not that much different to a 12 year old. It's never going to be an exact science. I have a thirteen year-old brother who hasn't been through puberty yet. I went through it at 12. 5th. Yep. Mirri rose up in defiance of Drogo and Dany and I suppose the Dothraki as a whole. Dany really is in the middle of all of this. And if it hadn't of cost Dany her love and her child, then I believe Dany would of supported her actions. As another poster said early on, killing a child isn't too different than killing an adult. I think that the North may be somewhat different considering they have harsh winters to weather and so rely on keeping children safe so as to re-emerge on the other side of winter with plenty of people to start again. It's a question of practicality - not ethics. Even so, it's a good way of having readers warm to certain characters. And despite the inevitable hypocrisy of starting a war and expecting children to go unharmed, it is preferable to those who kill indiscriminately such as Tywin and Gregor Clegane. It's a grey area and true to form, GRRM has given us varying shades of grey. I worry that Dany will turn darker and darker the more she's pushed. It's her potential that frightens me. If she flips, the whole world will too. Fire & blood.