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  1. The americans had me worried that they hadn't left enough time to wrap up in the final episode. I should have had more faith.
  2. red snow

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    Hopefully there will be a linear "WTF happened in season 2" primer, or perhaps even better we won't need to have a full understanding of season 2 to watch 3. Just reading some of the comments here today has me realising how little of season 2 i was able to follow/remember.
  3. They didn't though. There was at least a season of hints. Or do you mean the cop-out of only confirming in final scene. I think if "lost" had ended with season 5, I'd have no complaints. I'd probably encourage people who have never seen lost to stop there, or if they have to watch a fan edit of season 6 that doesn't include any sideways segments (i think they exist)
  4. Lost and battlestar galactica had endings that retroactively made the whole show worse which is what i count as a truly awful finale. Shows like Dexter had bad endings but it didn't affect the good seasons. I'm not even sure if the x-files did end it just seems to keep on going. Leftovers had a great finale. The wire did. Avatar the last airbender and legend of korra had string finales too. In general it's a lot easier for non SFF shows to have good conclusions because they usually haven't sold the story as a mystery where there's lots of weird and wonderful ways a show can end. In that sense GOT is fine for me. At least it has ended and while i do think it was rushed as a season i don't think the finale was. I don't think i'd have particularly wanted a season out of the last two episodes either. And i was really dreading I think the thread is interesting enough without having to include GOT in the discussion.
  5. red snow

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Getting Sneaky

    Didn't realise catch 22 was out. The trailer looks pretty good which is saying something as i really dislike the book (although i appreciate it was meant to be incredibly frustrating and annoying)
  6. red snow

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Getting Sneaky

    First man is great. One of those rare films that get better after seeing it and letting it sink in and in my top 5 of last year. Really good filmaking from top to bottom which is sadly quite rare today especially in the screenplay department.
  7. red snow

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    I don't think I'd have been returning if they were still in Westworld but this potential shift in focus is far more compelling. However, if it turns out this is just another park and that "jesse" may be a host then I'm most likely done. I want a season more interested in the world and characters than the intrigue and confusion about what's going on when/where and who that was pretty much all of season 2. So, yeah, the trailer did the job for me. Also looking foward to seeing the actor in a leading role again.
  8. Not really a surprise and i do blame the structure of the show. I still maintain it would have worked far better with a "lost" format following the "present" (what we saw) and the "future" (which was actually the majority of the book in terms if characters). Very strange to have a first season where you don't meet most of the cast. Anyone who enjoyed the shot but haven't read the books should definitely give it a go
  9. red snow

    His Dark Materials Series

    Option 2 would be ideal. Like you say, the actor would be the right age to bridge the gaps between young teen and young adult. As long as they don't rush through material, like some other fantasy shows have been guilty of, lately.
  10. red snow

    His Dark Materials Series

    You mentioned how they might be changing the 5 season format. I was wondering about this and there could be a few scenarios at play where it might still be a 5 season plan. 1) might be they think book 1 only needs one season but the others need more? (Seems unlikely to me as i always felt book 1 covered a lot more than book 2) 2) relsted to 1. Maybe it is one book per season and season 4 and 5 follow "the book of dust" (where it follows chronologically) 3) the show was greenlit for season 2 already. Maybe they filmed them back to back and the trailer has elements of season 2 in it.
  11. red snow

    His Dark Materials Series

    Looks promising. It also looks like lyra will probably be a little older. I was going to say she seems to have grown but that's a bit silly given it's been 3 years since Logen was made - what else was she going to do! The budget on this one must be pretty high/ cgi has come a long way in 12 years when a tv show can do equal/better effects than a film. I wonder if they will incorporate any elements from the new books? It looks like 'the belle sauvage" is out of the running but based on the synopsis of "secret commonwealth" it could be used down the road. I really want to see Will make his on screen debut. Might be a while/not happen depending on how they break down the books. Could easily be season 3 before we see him.
  12. That's quite a good point. As "nice" as the northmen seem to be, they are the worst crowd for logen to be amongst. His behaviour with Bethod and his quest gang were different in that i think he knew bethod was in charge (a father figure), that Jezal was inferior/a son and Ferro was essentially an equal/reminded him of his closed off/aggressive past. The problem is still substantially logen's though as people like Dogman, tul duru and threetimes don't wind up utter shits in the same crowd. Crummock being able to talk to spirits makes sense - it seems to be spirits of natural elements eg moon mountains etc. Maybe he's Joe's spin on bombadil? Which definitely blurs the line meaning his worst actions can't be blamed on b9 alone as he probably commits atrocities under the guise of b9. I guess he does achieve his quest by red country so there is some genuine wish to be better snd it did seem like he was very reluctant to get mixed up in situations that could lead to violence. It seemed his solution was simply to avoid powerful/violent people. Which maybe goes back to redeyedghost's comments
  13. It was pretty chilling before the fight when logen told bethod's man "I'll keep an eye out for your sons". Logen may be pretending to be terrifying to have an edge if you pretend long enough it simply becomes who you are. Makes me wonder how much of the B9 days were him simply playing the character in which case he's more culpable than i often credit him for. I'm usually a b9 made him do it person. I just read a scene with bremer meeting with jezal and he mentions how things didn't work out with lord brock? Was this explained in the heroes? Felt like it could have been hinting at his drinking or obsession with brock's daughter in law.
  14. red snow

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Getting Sneaky

    I liked some of the geeky humour eg will Wheaton and the uni/research parts but always really disliked the characters which are not just stereotypes but pretty lousy human beings. The "not sheldon" guy always struck me as someone portraying a geek with disdain/contempt. It's probably why i prefer Archer/sunny in/arrested development type shows where the characters are intentionally horrible people.
  15. red snow

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Getting Sneaky

    That makes perfect sense. They seemed "too real".