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  1. I'm absolutely fine with a black superman especially if Michael B Jordan gets the role (the guy is a comic/manga geek and he has the chops to carry it off). I still think the main problem with the character is his power levels in that it's always a bit of an issue coming up with tension and repetitive if it's someone with kryptonite. That said, they always miss out on interesting villains that could work eg parasite, Brainiac or Metallo. Or do Manchester Black and the elite which is still the best Superman story in 20 years as a statement of why the character is still relevant - it'd actually play well as a refutation of shows like "The boys". I think the problem is WB seems reluctant/embarrassed about an all american hero as if there's no audience for that. Which is a bit strange given that most of the MCU heroes fit that mould. You can have characters who are dark, you just don't need to make superman dark (which is why the elite story works so well). I guess Shazam was more the way they should probably approach the character.
  2. My criticisms aside, I felt season 3 was the best yet for Discovery. It finally felt more comfortable about being its own thing. It also helps that I (and presumably the creators) don't need to worry about the weird continuity issues the first two seasons presented. I was releived they didn't return to the status quo as I think this might help the show going forward not swinging so wildly from season to season and there's a hell of a lot still to be explored in the setting.
  3. Having finished Discovery and Lower Decks last week I have to be honest and say that it's a good thing they aren't making any more shows for a while. Lower decks is probably the best show of the bunch as it doesn't take it's self too seriously and is intentionally silly while the live action shows suffer from unintentional silliness. There's also a nice balance of the characters/crew in the sense I actually know who all the lower deck characters are - which I still can't say of Discovery. Not sure this is a spoiler thread so I'll play it safe but while I think the current setting/season of Discovery worked the reveal that the burn was . Discovery did suffer from JJ syndrome though with needless "flash" to distract from boring fights/transition sequences. WTF was with all the meccano appearing all the time? Why did a fight have to occur in an elevator moving through a vast open warehouse (I still don't know if this was inside the discovery or another ship). Worst of all the utterly pointless transformer stutter of spaceships changing shape because I guess someone thought it was too dull watching a fixed spaceship move.
  4. Have you watched "charlie Jade" and "counterpart"? They'd be up your street too. Counterpart is quite apt now given the alt world is one that had a pandemic. I still think that show was so unlucky timing wise - it'd probably quite popular if season one had aired in 2020.
  5. If Wanda's powers get really out of control it should make it relatively easy to bring mutants, fantastic four and arguably any of the Netflix and other marvel shows into the MCU as they wish. Essentially a reverse "no more mutants" to the comic event
  6. I'm pleased quicksilver got a mention after I queried it was odd he wouldn't appear in her Dreamworld. Well in the comics, vision's personality was based on another character called wonder man. I think in this case though it's going to have something to do with the infinity gem embedded in him and more accurately the process where Wanda was trying to destroy the stone safely. I think when she was pulling all that energy out of him she actually removed a template of his soul.
  7. I really enjoyed "Alice in borderland". It stalled a bit in the last half but those first four episodes, especially 3, were great. I'm also enjoying "barbarians" it definitely falls between "Vikings" and "last kingdom" in quality but has yet to hit the OTT of "Spartacus" or class of "Rome"
  8. Episode 3 thankfully has more hints as to what's really going on and was about 75% sitcom and 25% sinister. Hopefully the show will continue to become more sinister as it progresses. Won't say anything else as I can't be bothered starting a confusing "reply to spoiler text" thread. Will wait until more people have watched
  9. I guess if the multiverse is potentially a part of the next phase of films and shows we might get a kind of "crisis" scenario where all these different franchises/spins on characters are given validity and possibly some cherry picking and merging of best bits.
  10. ah, ok guess i sort of recognised from the MCU previously Well, she was pregnant by the end of the episode. Maybe it's not (just) about Vision's resurrection but more about creating a family/legacy for him? It would help if there had been more signs of Wanda's instability in the films but I guess the show could highlight some of that for us as it progresses. If this world is all Wanda's making and partly wish-fulfillment, you'd kind of expect Quicksilver to appear in some form too. As an aside I don't think I've noticed anywhere in the credits that the show is inspired by Tom King and Gabriel Walter's "vision" series. It's sufficiently different for them not to but I think most would agree the DNA of the show is very similar (60s suburban era life). Although I guess they could also say it takes from several Wanda stories over the decades as well. Yeah, you know what I mean this is the launch show for the Disney+ platform and features main characters from the films as main characters in the shows. I gave up on all the previous TV shows (or they were cancelled) but it was pretty clear that all of them were shunned by the films. Wandavision is apparently setting up the Dr Strange sequel and Loki, Falcon and winter soldier are direct continuations from Endgame.
  11. What a brave show to launch the MCU on TV. I think they may have alienated their core younger audience but have laid down a bold claim that the TV shows are going to deliver a lot more in terms of style and substance and essentially make use of the format. My only criticism is this should probably have been a binge release - I don't think a lot of casual viewers will have the patience for this. Paul Bettany is ridiculously good in this - if it continues at this pace through sitcom eras he should be looking at awards. The attention to detail is high too, each episode has worked as a genuinely funny homage (sometimes parody) of the era they are emulating. I tend to side with an earlier post about the other characters being real people potentially trapped in Wanda's warped world. Some of them seem openly hostile towards her as if they subconsciously know they are trapped eg Emma caulfield's "popular housewife". The Hydra/Baron strucker advert was on the nose and wasn't he Wanda and her brother's captor in Age of ultron? I think there's certainly something to do with her past life. Also was the beekeeper a reference to HIVE? (EDIT wrong comic universe meant AIM) Was it Mark Ruffalo's/hulk's voice on the radio? And why (without any evidence at all) do I think that the helpful next door neighbour, Agnes, is loki? Beyond the hair and general mischeviousness of the character? I really wasn't expecting the show to be this interesting and odd but I'm kind of glad it isn't
  12. I'd initially agree but then realised the 90s animated wolverine was what got me into the character and that was bizarrely when we only saw him use his claws if he was fighting a sentinel/cyborg, door or cutting guns in half. The version of him in "Wolverine and the X-men" was ok too - although they rather brilliantly made Cyclops into the rebellious loner in that show. So, I think it's perfectly reasonable for them to be able to create a family friendly wolverine for the MCU. With the right casting and stories to feature him in. He tends to be a better "team" character when violence neutered though - probably because they lean in on his character more when he's not all amount being injured and causing injury.
  13. "soul" actually lived up to the hype and I really wish I'd been able to watch it on the big screen (or even something bigger than my laptop while stuck in Germany). The trailer maybe did too good a job at hiding the bulk of the film in the sense I thought it looked fairly generic Pixar (I know, how is pixar generic?) but i trusted some strong reviews from friends. Great central story with lots of nice twists and turns and a moving message/lesson. Jamie Foxx should do more voice-work as he's more energetic here than I've seen him on screen live. I also love that Trent Reznor has found a new phase in his career doing film and TV scores (aided by atticus ross). Who'd have thought his approach to music would be a perfect fit for a Disney film while still obviously sharing the DNA of peak NIN music?
  14. To be fair none of the characters were as stupid as some of the ones in interstellar but interstellar felt more epic possibly thanks to the soundtrack. I'm guessing the tenet soundtrack was the same forwards as it was backwards which was thematically clever but not that memorable. I agree it's more adventurous than insomnia so I possibly rate it higher for trying.
  15. They got me hook, line and sinker with how I thought the season was going to end which made the final reveal all the more satisfying. I'll probably wind up rewatching before season 3 lands as I'm curious to see how the characters play out knowing them better
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