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  1. Disenchantment is a bit slow with characters that aren't instantly likeable (but at least not irritating) beyond Matt Berry and John DiMaggio's characters (as much their voices as anything). There are a couple of clever moments each episode (the trick turning fairy) and a fair amount of background gags but it seems to be tiptoeing around rather than diving straight in. Harmonquest does a better job in terms of fantasy and it has a ways to go to hit Futurama. Good news is it seems to get better with each episode
  2. red snow

    More Things Star Wars

    I thought the animation style was pretty good and while it's a departure from clone wars the way the characters moved was still similar eg that kid ran a lot like ezra did in rebels. Hard to get much of the story and characters in 1 minute.
  3. The character doesn't have to be powerful in order to lead a team otherwise Hulk and Thor would lead the avengers as opposed to iron man and cap America. To be honest superman wasn't leading the justice league it was more Batman's show who is the weakest of them and even he needed a pep talk from wonder woman. I saw wonder woman as the kind of person who leads from the sidelines eg she knew the team would work better if everyone assumed batman was in charge. She didn't feel the need. I think it's more likely that her military training and I assume knowledge of thanos and intergalactic threats that will make her a reader rather than her dominant power level.
  4. red snow

    Comics XIII

    It does make you wonder what marketing skills are present. I suspect part of the reason why image does well with new readers is that they are pretty straight forward in sense you pick up one title and then read the one with a higher number afterwards. I'm mildly curious about these. It would be nice to have a selection of books within a contained universe. 5 titles isn't so bad if they are all good and it looks like they are independent stories. I'm weirdly enjoying the hawkman book. Largely because of the art and the fact Hitch has actually though about how the character would fly and how it would affect his fighting eg he's into kicks using his wings for lift/speed
  5. I think you might enjoy it when binged as the show becomes more arc based mid season one instead of mission of the week. I also need to get back onto mad men. I was mid season 2 and then it left one streaming service and while waiting for it to return on Netflix lost the impetus to keep watching. Really well made show but maybe lacks that one more episode feel. At least where I left it
  6. red snow

    Formula One 2018

    Carlos sainz appears to be favourite to move to McLaren. Question is whether vandoorne is staying as McLaren might want to try out lando Norris.
  7. Is the formula not to make a 4th film? None of their franchises have gone beyond that and instead have merged franchises or had iron man guest starring everywhere. Avengers 4 will be the first to break this pattern. I'm definitely warming to the idea of gotg 3 being cancelled and us getting some Thor/as guardians of the galaxy mash-up. That way we get more Thor and the director won't have to constantly deal with the "you are directing Gunn's movie" accusation/comparison.
  8. I think this would be plausible if her English was limited before we met her. I have friends who mastered English via their partners and the new words/phrases they picked up often mirror their partners accent. I got the impression that Wanda didn't have broken English when she first appeared just heavily accented fluent English. It's a stretch but better than the excuse the Russo's provided
  9. red snow

    Formula One 2018

    I agree with the BBC assessment of him. It's a shame we never got a true rematch between Hamilton and alonso. I think he's the best driver on the grid still although it does seem his off the track decisions are his Achilles heel. Hamilton and Vettel are much more canny with off track decisions. I think if McLaren suddenly improved next year there'd be a chance Alonso would return the following year. His ability to switch formulas and still be competitive makes me think a year away wouldn't harm him. Realistically I think he will be doing a season in Indy racing to try and get the triple crown. It'd get me to watch races assuming there's a way of watching in UK
  10. red snow

    Upcoming TV Series of 2018 - Your most anticipated shows

    I'm wondering if this common response might result in someone making the show many of us would like to see.
  11. There's probably only so much an actor can do with a made up accent. I think there's more issues with the character than the acting itself. I didn't mind the transition as the less I remember about age of Ultron the better. Was the accent there in civil war? It could be that the Russo's just didn't like it while Whedon was fine with it.
  12. red snow

    Upcoming TV Series of 2018 - Your most anticipated shows

    It's an intriguing concept even if I'd have preferred it being about pre existing romanoffs. I guess it being by the mad men creator and involving many of that show's cast means it's worth checking out.
  13. I thought the premier was a quiet assured start but this second episode was a barn Stormer. So many excellent scenes and so many damn fine performances across the board. Kim's attack on Howard was great and some mention has to go to the actor playing Howard in terms of his response to Kim's tirade. I really thought the guy was going to burst into tears and it's clear Howard is taking the loss bad. I also liked how Kim flipped my take on the previous episode's closing scene where I thought Jimmy was being harsh with his "your cross to bear" line. I liked the line about the photocopier being too good at copying 5 dollar bills and just knowing that's how Jimmy was so familiar with it. It was odd how he went the extra mile for the job only to throw it away. I guess he wants the fight and isn't actually wanting any of the jobs? I got the impression the ornament was random rather than the purpose of the interview. This is a show where everyone involved is at the top of their game. I think the could make a show about painters watching paint try visually stunning and engaging.
  14. red snow

    Upcoming TV Series of 2018 - Your most anticipated shows

    It's great to hear blick has a new show out. I knew it was in the works but further along than I thought. Loved both his previous shows, shadow line was masterful. John Goodman too. This will be watched live!
  15. red snow

    Rain- Netflix apocalyptic series

    I've heard from some boarders, either on the watched/watching thread or in person that it is average. Others have said it's a bit silly. Eg you have to accept that umbrellas don't seem to exist and other conceits to make the premise workable. I thought the first 15 minutes were interesting but it was hard to take it as seriously as they were. But I can't judge solely on that as the apocalyptic side is the shows focus and that's usually where the "fun" starts irrespective of how they get there. It keeps getting bumped down my to watch list but I plan on trying to get around to it. Subtitles just require particular attention on my part meaning i need to be in the right mode.