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  1. Hopefully the same music or at least as inspired a choice. I'm pretty sure Weidt was on a moon of Jupiter although given the prevalence of the teleporting door in the episode I'm wondering whether his prison is somewhere else still and that the only gate out of his prison is the one to the moon. Also wondering whether the "meteor" we saw in the previous episode (the one that had a superman/kent farm vibe) is Veidt returning from his exile.
  2. red snow

    War of the Worlds: the BBC adaptation

    it was ok. Looked great but a bit slow and didn't really capture the dread of what was happening. The glimpses of the future were fairly obvious and suggest it's not going to be as close to the book as build-up claimed. Curious as to whether Rafe Spall is out of the show already.
  3. Just noticed all the cars are electric in the show. The attention to detail in this show is something else. Another strong episode and like how veidt's story is another remix of the castaway from the comic. His "raft" being built from dead bodies too. Looking forward to seeing how the nostalgia memories play out.
  4. red snow

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Those aren't pillows!

    I finished watching "world on Fire" and it really grew on me by the end. Quite a large cast and a variety of stories but I think it did a good job of capturing the scope of the european aspect of war at least. I guess some might not like the time spent on relationship drama and others might not like the action but I felt the balance was good. I also liked how they dealt with romance. The younger characters had more flawed, naive relationships while the real chemistry lay with a gay couple and two older characters who weren't even in a physical relationship. It was interesting to see how Paris was a bohemian mecca at the time which obviously made it very dangerous once the Nazis occupied it. Also nice to see how people living at the time were rending to think "it won't get that bad" - something which is easier to see as wrong with hindsight but is probably the more common reaction in reality. It seems to be getting a second series and I'd hope we'd see the scope expand into theatres outside of Europe as the war spreads.
  5. red snow

    Jack Ryan - Amazon Prime Series

    The setting of the story is what i meant but from your above post it does seem to be very insensitive to essentially gloss over what's a much more serious problem in reality.
  6. red snow

    Comics Phase Fourteen

    Chances are he had similar ideas for both of them. A bit like his obsession with black and white character designs. I wasn't that impressed with X-men 2. Krakoa mating was the main thing the issue had going for it and suggests the overall story will keep moving forward. The art was very sketchy and rushed in places too - I've never been sure why Yu gets so many high profile gigs. Fallen Angels was very focused on Psylocke which was ok. Kid Cable is popping up everywhere unfortunately - it's not that I hate his characterisation it's just I find it pointless to have a character we've known as an adult for so long. There's also the original 5 problem of Kid cable has his mind wiped and forgets everything at some point rendering Kid Cable pointless or there's a massive plot hole in Cable never telling anyone to watch out for all the things from his past that would be in the X-men's future. Out of all the Dawn of X books, New mutants has easily been my favourite. It could change with additional issues New Mutants X-men Marauders Fallen Angels X-force Excalibur Only New Mutants has really impressed me. I think HOXPOX maybe set too high a standard moving forward but none of the ongoings have come close to capturing the intrigue and excitement of those books. The majority of the books feel like fairly average X-books but with the new dressing of HOXPOX. Probably a lot better than the X-men books have been for a while though.
  7. Guess the planet isn't the kind of thing you can beat into submission either.
  8. I think the way we are dealing with climate change shows that some universal threat is unlikely to generate world peace. Good thing about the show is that it seems the world is still pretty messed up.
  9. Which was one of the better ideas in the film. The fact the cavalry seem to think the squid attack was a false flag is probably important too as it means they are correct about that even if their other ideas are wrong
  10. red snow

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    The reveal at the end was a genuine surprise and the show definitely has its own feel. I think it may have benefited from episode 2 introducing more characters (I'm guessing we'll see some then). My main issue was the plot feeling like "star wars: red dead redemption" which isn't a bad thing but left me wanting to play it as a game more than watch it.
  11. red snow

    Jack Ryan - Amazon Prime Series

    I've seen four episodes and it's weaker than season one but still watchable. The villain is weaker and there's less of a "threat". Venezuela makes a different setting though.
  12. red snow

    Comics Phase Fourteen

    I best get a bottle before reading tomorrow
  13. red snow

    Comics Phase Fourteen

    What happens when one of them decides they want to be referred to as "dad" rather than "father" though? Wasn't there a fairly solid rumour that Hickman was going to develop LOSH for DC a few years back? It's easy to see how X-men could easily have used his "unused" legion ideas. From the LOSH lead in it looked like there were quite a few similarities with HOXPOX. Not the first time marvel and DC have had very similar stories at same time
  14. If you combine all formats it's a very healthy launch for him. Considering Lawrence's "broken empire" has been optioned for TV, I'm becoming even more surprised no one has optioned Joe's books. Maybe they have but he doesn't want to announce anything until it's more solid.
  15. This show is really sinking its teeth into me now. Each episode I'm becoming more drawn in and it looks like lindelof has learned from "lost" regarding playing mystery with no answers. So far the mysteries are intriguing and seem like they have answers that will be revealed when the story requires. The scene fishing for clone babies was one of the weirdest things I've seen this year. It reminds me a lot of noah Hawley's "legion" but without the style ever overwhelming the drama/story. Looking forward to doing a binge rewatch when finished. The superhero genre is looking particularly healthy on TV with this, the boys and Doom patrol all taking the genre in different "mature" directions.