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  1. red snow

    All things Star Wars

    I guess there's hiding in plain sight? Maybe Vader wasn't exactly gunning for a rematch given how badly the first duel went. The issue is if they do a film with Kenobi getting up to all kinds of mischief during the hermit years it will make it harder to stretch disbelief that the emperor or Vader didn't do more to find and stop him
  2. If they are getting Stewart back could it not just be another mission with him on the enterprise? It's not implausible he'd still be working although you'd think at this point he'd be far higher ranked. Could still stuck him on a ship with a mission only he can handle? Or he's being transported and the captain dies and Pickard has to step up. I'd love it if they could concoct something involving Janeway and sisko too (although sisko would be trickier given how ds9 ended). Maybe Q could be involved?
  3. red snow

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    It would explain his never dying if he was a host but I feel the character is more interesting as a human who thinks he is a host. Particularly if all the research revealed was that he was a monster. Although I get the impression that's the result most guests would get based on their behaviour. I also get the impression that Ford has messed with William more than we've seen for him to be so paranoid that everything is a trick.
  4. Think I saw an advertisement saying new season begins filming next week. Although it could mean beginning of 2019 for it to air I guess
  5. red snow

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    A 7 on the SENP scale for Solo. Although I wouldn't know whether to give last jedi a 6 or 8 on your scale. It's not a 7 but better and worse.
  6. The last of those options gets the biggest thumbs up for me as it will actually chart new ground. Starfleet academy will probably feature young versions of existing show crews (although having an old next gen era teacher with new students could be fun). Animated series I'm indifferent unless it makes use of the medium and is heavy on action and weird aliens. Chronicles of khan could work if they stick to mini series format but it won't feel very trek given the focus and pre Starfleet setting. But there's only really the Patrick Stewart one I'm excited about.
  7. red snow

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    Yeah, I don't see that Obi wan guest appearance happening unless it's a live action remake. I guess there's still some potential for Maul in the time between solo and rebels. If (probably a big if) they continue to mine movies in the pre new hope era then Maul as a criminal overlord seems worth expanding upon. Particularly given where he is in rebels. And yes, rebels is easily as canon as clone wars thanks to rogue one. Probably the larger force mythology in rebels will make it even more so down the line
  8. I agree. Many careers actively select for such behaviours which I guess is what the other person maybe meant? I'm more interested in people who didn't already hate him's response to this. They largely determine whether the celwbrity continues or not. Although I guess a lot of people may retrospectively realise they hated him all along with these allegations
  9. red snow

    Upcoming TV Series of 2018 - Your most anticipated shows

    Caught this announcement yesterday with the Luther tease. Guess this is why there's a gap in line of duty production? Worth a watch based in the creators and Hawed is usually good (particularly when working with them on line of duty)
  10. red snow

    Hereditary - how scary is it? (spoilers)

    Guardian lists would fill the top ten of "list of utterly random lists that don't make much sense" I used to like horrors but at some point decided it wasn't worth the angst it causes me afterwards. I can handle adaptations if I've read the source material but new films I'm very wary of and certainly don't watch until I have the option to bail out when viewing at home
  11. Interesting article. At some point they may notice the common factor is the writers room regarding issues but maybe best to see if the changes sort things out. Budget wise it sounds like they need some classic trek bottle episodes in season 2. Do they have turbo lifts to break down in this timeline? Otherwise it's going to have to be a cave or stuck on a transport ship.
  12. red snow

    All things Star Wars

    Definitely but we were talking if how to keep the episodes as special events. Distant past is a great venue for the various spin offs though and certainly filled with more potential than the films about solo etc
  13. red snow

    All things Star Wars

    The cartoons and comics certainly like those gaps to operate within so can see them continuing that aspect. I guess a lot of this depends on whether Kathleen Kennedy leaves and who replaces her
  14. red snow

    All things Star Wars

    I agree they don't have to be the focus but I feel they need to feature or have a very clear passing of the torch. Otherwise my point remains of how we ever distinguish the episodes from all the other films besides name. I guess one option is to only have events set in the "future" timeline in the episodes? Eg we only know where the star wars galaxy is heading via the episodes?
  15. red snow

    F1 2016

    I wonder what Alonso did to obtain this curse where teams/engines start to work immediately after he ditches them after wasting several seasons with them underperforming? Given the red bull chassis seems to add another second a lap the Honda engine could look competitive in the red bull next year. It'd be nice for Honda to get some reward before this era of engine closes out