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  1. Season 2 was a bit of an anticlimax given the wait - so much so it's taken me a week to bother commenting. It just felt a lot safer on all fronts regarding tone and animation. Season 1 maybe felt like it was aimed at young male gamers but that remit seemed to let them try more things. What frustrated me was that out of the shortened number of episodes they had two episodes covering the same plot (drone trying to kill person in a room) and the cartoony one was much more fun making the second attempt really dull beyond the "is that the real Michael B Jordan" quality of CG. I didn't like the drowned giant because I couldn't buy into the blase reaction of the world to what transpired. That and the narration/landscape reminded me far too much of the dreary walking-sim "dear Esther" I think "Ice" may have been my favourite overall as it had the most distinct animation and I felt they did a lot of world building in a short space. "pop squad" was probably my favourite story in terms of the implications and dark nature. Sort of "blade runner" with population control. "snow in the desert" reminded me most of season 1 in style but it whizzed through things quite fast and felt like a pitch for a longer show. Thinking back on it, it's interesting how my favourite episodes are thematically linked in the sense it revolves around enhanced humans and the effect it would have on society in creating huge divides. There is a season 3 next year and I', guessing Covid screwed up the production resulting in two truncated seasons. It'll be interesting to see if the second batch are a bit more adventurous/diverse.
  2. It's going to be very hard not to think of that new show as a sequel of sorts to "the wire"
  3. I agree - it's why I wound up having to rewatch AOT thanks to the huge gaps between seasons
  4. No problem. As others have mentioned I think the show finishes at the end of the month so you may as well time it so you can finish the whole thing.
  5. I thought season 3 was a lot stronger than season 2. There's two distinct arcs - one is centred around a coup d'etat and has some cool variations on ODM gear and a fair amount of backstory. The second arc is more akin to the battle for trost with big epic confrontation with Titans. I haven't started the final season yet but I'm a bit confused as it seems the manga goes further than the anime so I'm guessing the story must diverge. That said, the orginal creator seems to have a fair amount of say in the show - he apparently asked for specific changes in season 3 to address what he felt were pacing issues in the manga.
  6. I'm working my way through Attack on Titan rewatching the first two seasons. I don't know how but my memory of season 2 was incredibly patchy as if I missed the entire middle third of the season so I'm pleased I went back.
  7. I'd initially agree but then realised the 90s animated wolverine was what got me into the character and that was bizarrely when we only saw him use his claws if he was fighting a sentinel/cyborg, door or cutting guns in half. The version of him in "Wolverine and the X-men" was ok too - although they rather brilliantly made Cyclops into the rebellious loner in that show. So, I think it's perfectly reasonable for them to be able to create a family friendly wolverine for the MCU. With the right casting and stories to feature him in. He tends to be a better "team" character when violence neutered though - probably because they lean in on his character more when he's not all amount being injured and causing injury.
  8. Weird. Especially when they seem to be saving all the DC shows. Guess that's a franchise thing. Maybe cinemax had atrocious ratings and non merchandise friendly programs? It's a shame as the setting in warrior is really interesting and covers an aspect of America that's usually ignored in tv
  9. That would be a shame but wouldn't this be a good fit for hbo max which seems to be consolidating all the WB cable/stream channels? I'm glad it's getting a second season as i was starting to think it had been stealth cancelled
  10. Well they can always make up their own ending... It must be a thing with actors whose names resemble katey sagal? Makes sense with tv shows if you are spending most of your life on set having your family around.
  11. Ha RE Rian Johnson. Is this book series at least finished? Yeah I'm hoping he can capture the atmosphere of the first season again without it being too much of a retread. Pleased they brought some of the cast back for new roles although i guess Flanagan's wife was always likely
  12. There's already been a remake? I thought there was only the channel 4 show and a cancelled before made HBO remake. I just noticed that "the third day" starring Jude Law and Naomie Harris is by Utopia creator Dennis Kelly which has me interested in that show coming out roughly the same time as the utopia remake.
  13. I'm willing to let it slide solely because of Flynn's work on the tv adaptation of "sharp objects" but it does appear to have lost the tone and style of the original which to be fair was very stylish. I hope they have the person who made the original soundtrack as it was really distinct. The timing of the show is impeccable given coro navirus. Although some will object that it's bad taste and won't help with real world conspiracy theories
  14. It's always dicey introducing new lore as it has the potential to diminish rather than enrich previous material. I think korra tread a fine line with some of the spirit stuff but overall felt it added. I'd never thought about korra as live action but now you mention it i agree it would have been the better option. All the characters are older to begin with making it easier to use older cast. It fits that CW demographic (although i guess Netflix may be going for stranger things dynamic with a younger cast). It's also easier to see how story elements could be expanded for tv. The anti bending movement for example would work well in TV. It would have cost more to make though unless they dialed back the steam punk and has it more resemble the 1920-30s
  15. It gets worse when studios remake things and force their original ideas into it so it barely resembles the source. Evil avatar has legs although not sure how protagonists defeat an evil avatar unless it is through tech. I vaguely recall their being avatar twins (or I'm maybe getting mixed up with another legacy superperson) that gives you a light and dark aspect.
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