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  1. red snow

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    Good point regarding R2 and Han. That video does not paint the Jedi in a good light when the expel a member for suggesting droids can be sentient. The sentient silicon shards is a bit of a get out as it doesn't really prove/disprove the droid question.
  2. red snow

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    My phone typos are terrible at the moment. (Dead laptop). Should have been "if the droid was male in any way". It doesn't matter too much if L3 wasn't the first female droid (although I don't recall one ever having such a prominent role) but more the possibility more people would have been upset at the notion of lando being attracted to a male droid. They should have gone with him being attracted to a genderless droid. I suspect such notions as gender probably go out the window anyhow when dealing with some of the less humanoid star wars species. I agree it was strange how the scene with L3 and Kira was played as a joke. I still think the more evidence we get of droids bring sentient (and bring capable of love is as much an indicator as demanding freedom) the more unsettling I find the treatment of droids in the star wars universe. Like I've said before, if they are sentient then even the good guys use droids as slaves and think very little of droids beyond being useful tools or at best pets (or more like working dogs) Did the EU ever have any force wielding droids? That would be even more damning.
  3. red snow

    The Darkwater Legacy by Chris Wooding

    Cool. Traditional to the max. I really need to read the fade and braided path. I have the braided path omnibus but it's a bit of a monster to carry around for reading. The series title reminds me of "the pirates of dark water" cartoon. I'd be all for monkey birds and fantasy pirates turning up
  4. red snow

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    It's on nowtv at the moment in box sets. It didn't used to be so im making the most of it while subscribed for Westworld.
  5. red snow

    All things Star Wars

    Well they are on hold not officially dead. Maybe Lucas's I'm will use the time to put some more effort into the concept rather than a "they'll keep it up" stance? Some time to maybe make future spun offs more appealing will be time well spent. On the whole the focus should be on getting the TV show and the Johnson/D&B projects firing on all cylinders. I doubt any of the anthologies would be out until after episode xi and if they land the Ending of that film it would be healthy to have a 1-2 year gap before any more films appear.
  6. red snow

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    The lyrics do fit but I'm a huge max Richter fan and liked the moving church figures from season 1. Thematically the season 2 titles work and who knows I may grow to love it. Not sure I can think of a show with such a dramatic change in title sequences beyond anime which does so on a regular basis.
  7. red snow

    2018 Reading Self-Challenge

    1 book left of my "not restricting what I choose to read based on the time it will take to read" easy challenge. Managed to keep a nice mix of fiction and nonfiction as well as try more booker winner/nominees. I should probably up my graphic novel intake as they've largely been ignored this year and I have a stockpile that should be easy to clear
  8. red snow

    June '18 Reading - Something something witty.

    I honestly don't know where Tchaikovsky finds the time. He seems to have 2-3 series running concurrently with the odd stand alones too. I'm guessing/hoping at this point it's a full time gig for him. Shadows of the apt is really good. One of the best ideas for a fantasy setting in a long while and the technology aspect is great too. Although you may find his writing a little jarring as it took him a couple of books to hit his stride and your previous exposure will be after that. Stick with it though.
  9. red snow

    June '18 Reading - Something something witty.

    Enjoying butcher's "death masks". The Dresden books are like comfort foods and easy to digest. However it's a shame his writing has "matured" into writing fairly detailed sex scenes now. I preferred it when he shied away from too many details because I had a suspicion of how they'd play out given every woman in the series is gorgeous and "curvy". No surprises here in the sense Dresden/butcher is a man's idea of god's gift to women. The rest of the book is fine though I just hope sex scenes don't become a regular installment from now on if this is how they pan out. Poor James Marsters has to narrate this!
  10. red snow

    The Darkwater Legacy by Chris Wooding

    You lucky beggar getting to read this so far in advance. It's probably my most eagerly awaited fantasy of the year. I loved the ketty jay books and if the same fun pacing is to be found I'll be happy. It sounds like the intro is deliberately by the numbers classic fantasy so that he can pull the rug out from under us later in the book/series. Any idea how long a series this is anticipated to be?
  11. red snow

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    Continuing my leftovers binge. It's a shame the threads for it appear locked as I'd post there. Season 2 opened with the biggest WTF I can recall for a long time with the totally different opening (and inferior to S1) and what until the half way mark felt like I may accidentally be watching a new show. What I loved was how intentional all of this was especially with episode 2's brilliant line of "you're wondering whether you're a guest in their story rather than them being guests in yours" Excellent stuff and brave TV
  12. Damn it. That is a possibility. Although Stewart has said he'd only do if the story was good and that he thought something with everyone in would appeal to him. That can be countered by the fact he said he may need to watch discovery but again it seemed he had no idea when that show was set
  13. red snow

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    There is that "convenient" element of the first female droid happens to turn up when they decide to have a pansexual character present too. Because sadly it would be more "offensive" to some of the robot was make in any way.
  14. red snow

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    I'm with you on the curiosity side of things. Would make a great learning tool for the craft of directing. Let's add antman to the list too (although no footage was ever directed in that one). It's just a shame it costs too much to do post production on what was shot of the other films although for rogue one the trailer suggests a lot had even made it that far.
  15. red snow

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    Yeah, this issue made it really hard to give a shit about any of them at the end and the film hinges on this. The characters had the potential to be good but the screenplay left them as sketches leaving the actors performances to do the heavy lifting. The robot was the only one I felt bad for when he croaked. TFA made me care about all the new characters so the runtime can't be blamed. The structure of rogue one was sound though as well as the action. While I do think filloni should be allowed a larger role in the making of the films I'm not sure his directing a film would fill seats. The general WTF to the solo villain reveal shows the crossover from filonis TV show audience and general star wars film audience is low.