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  1. Weird. Especially when they seem to be saving all the DC shows. Guess that's a franchise thing. Maybe cinemax had atrocious ratings and non merchandise friendly programs? It's a shame as the setting in warrior is really interesting and covers an aspect of America that's usually ignored in tv
  2. That would be a shame but wouldn't this be a good fit for hbo max which seems to be consolidating all the WB cable/stream channels? I'm glad it's getting a second season as i was starting to think it had been stealth cancelled
  3. Unsurprisingly the trailer looks gorgeous. The lead looks really young/frail (in a Hollywood where even teenage kids look ripped) but I'm only comparing to previous live action versions. It looks epic which is good but also comes with the concern of how they squeeze this into one film. Also still think it's a worry this is only half the book without the second half being filmed. I hope it works as a single film. They need to change their logo/poster. No one wants to be reminded/associated with "heroes" tv show
  4. Perry Mason was good but half of it was PI and the second half courtroom drama. Both were good but felt like two different shows. Hopefully the next season blends the two things better. I still need to watch "the plot against America" and "raised by wolves"
  5. I'm done. Three attempts at watching episode 4 so far. I really like the two leads but I have no idea at all what the show is supposed to be about. It feels as if they are trying to make an anthology fit into a series where the characters are forced into random situations. That or we're getting a book for every 1-2 episodes. The show is strongest when dealing with racial tensions in that era which suggests to me I could do with a non fantasy version of that. Also having Michael K williams in the show and me not love the character seems an impossible achievement. Does anyone have any idea how faithful this is to the book?
  6. I almost thought the accent was supposed to be fake/made up - it's so outlandish. Enjoyed the first three episodes. I thought Translucent's Funeral and pop song fit really well with their cynical take on celebrity culture and the gills talking was surreal. It reminds me of preacher in terms of weird/wackiness but with it dialed back just enough so as to not to be an outright comedy/parody. I felt the resolution of last season's cliffhanger was a bit weak and would have preferred it if I also never thought I'd say this but I'm getting tired of Gincarlo esposito playing an antagonist in EVERYTHING. I don't know how he is able to schedule all these appearances in TV shows, it's almost a super power. I'm interested to see how the show works being released in this fashion. I feel like they need to end episodes with cliffhangers or at least have things occur that have people talking about it for the rest of the week. I fear that won't be the case in which I'd rather they'd binge release.
  7. It was a noble sacrifice on the part of Disney and those involved in making the movie. Weirdly despite thinking TLJ was the worst of the three, tRoS is the only Star Wars film I haven't seen more than once. It's one that doesn't sit well with time. I agree with the sentiment that it should be irrelevant what the skin colour is in the star wars universe - especially if they are carrying over our constructed prejudices which have no basis. Although they do have to ensure that they don't accidentally carry any of that baggage over eg white folk/men having all the key roles. I think, on the whole it's simply bad writing like you say. The sad thing is that Finn's character was woefully mistreated which is crazy as he was by far the most charismatic of the new leads. Arguably more so when JJ Abrams did a great job of introducing him then discarded him in the last film. There was also a load of interesting backstory there regarding a child soldier who'd been brainwashed. Maybe better explored in TV. I sort of hope they will follow some of the sequel trilogy characters further at some point but it's probably unlikely at the moment with the sour taste in everyone's mouths. Then again we are getting a Ewan kenobi show so never say never.
  8. I'd usually agree but i enjoyed what flynn did with sharp objects. Also, this may well outlive the original show so we might get a sort of continuation.
  9. I can understand the cold feet over advertising given the situation. Why waste a load of money if there's another outreak/lockdown prior to the release? I think it'll be more a hard and fast deal. James Bond will have to spend it's promotional money all over again for instance. It'll be interesting to see how Tenet fares in the US and china as I think that will determine how much they'll push Dune.
  10. Well they can always make up their own ending... It must be a thing with actors whose names resemble katey sagal? Makes sense with tv shows if you are spending most of your life on set having your family around.
  11. Ha RE Rian Johnson. Is this book series at least finished? Yeah I'm hoping he can capture the atmosphere of the first season again without it being too much of a retread. Pleased they brought some of the cast back for new roles although i guess Flanagan's wife was always likely
  12. I think others have sort of nailed the difference/blinkered memory of TNG era and Kurtzman era. The older shows had a lot of different stories so there were usually 5+ strong episodes and several decent ones in amongst the rubbish. Discovery and Picard essentially have one story for the entire season so if it's mediocre/rubbish the entireity of the season is rubbish with no highlights to enjoy. For me the premier of Picard was great then it went downhill and failed to live up to the promise. Same with Discovery there were some good episodes (the groundhog day one and a planet of the week one) but everything was part of one big story and both ended in lacklustre ways. So even though I'd agree that Discovery and to a lesser extent, Picard had better first seasons than the other trek shows I think all the of them had single episodes that I enjoyed more than any single episode of Discovery. But I guess that's a pro/con of different storytelling formats. I suspect one of the reasons the short treks are popular is because they are largely stand-alone. Any word on where the short treks from season 2 will appear in UK yet?
  13. There were are few tabloid like speculative "why is he so thin/frail" articles but no one ever went so far as to suggest it was cancer. He was very thin in the last 12 months but personally i thought that was more a case of him not being on superhero training regime/diet. Hugh Jackman looks 5 stone lighter since he stopped playing wolverine. The fact he was able to carry on spoke volumes of his dedication and arguably acting. The other interesting thing was how all of his roles were about iconic black heroes be they real or fictional. I guess 21 bridges was the exception but there's a clear pattern with his other roles. He's left an impressive legacy for such a small portfolio and i imagine he's inspired many young people. I think he'll be remembered as a great and suspect people will have black panther posters/prints for decades to come
  14. It depends in whether he told them (i can see how it could cost an actor work). Although you are probably right in the sense they often do medicals before embarking on big productions and respected his privacy.
  15. I'd noticed he was looking way less bulky in recent films but was hoping it was more his natural size. But the poor soul was fighting cancer all that time. I suspect Marvel will at least put the sequel on hiatus and have a rethink on how to go forward. Maybe they'll do some in story explanation/tribute.
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