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  1. It would work on a regular human but so does a stake through the heart of a human as well as a vampire. My point was it might be a specific weakness in the way that a vampire is prone to a stake through the heart. Also that maybe if he had switched the element for each victim it may have no longer killed them. Just wild speculation - i suspect yulwei was just being flashy So the consensus does seem to be that the price for having matrix style powers doesn't seem that bad. So it must only be a rare few who get powers or the fact no one beleives it will give them powers that stops everyone from trying. It does feel to me that it's more a law the magi, euz and co created to stop humans gaining power. So the shanka are cyborg/golem entities as kanedias built them (according to bayaz at least)? That's probably why i have the Frankenstein/gargoyle image. I guess it could also just be that the maker was a geneticist and Even bayaz doesn't comprehend such "magic"
  2. That or the potential elemental weakness. Yulwei seemed to make short work of the eaters by killing one with flame and the other water?
  3. Spirit talker is special. Plus it's an odd law if it only applies to select few. Unless most who break the second law just die or go straight to hell and only rare individuals get kick ass powers? Could be that. Do we ever get to see what the punishment/consequences of breaking the laws are? So far it just seems to result in magi killing you but if that's all it is then it could simply be magic users trying to stop adversaries appearing. Maybe that's why khalul has a lot and why bayaz bends the rule when it suits him?
  4. It might become more concentrated into the magi? Breaking the first and second law isn't magic right? If so we could still have a lot of fantastical elements maybe more? I'm hoping there will be a industrialization vs magic war eg union vs empire. What's stronger an eater or 100 men with muskets or a cannon? I think I've crossed the chapters you mentioned regarding a lot of mentions of logen butchering people and licking blood off his fingers. I don't think it makes him an eater unless he eats flesh but he's on the edge of it especially if he had a nibble somewhere. The strong evidence against seems to be his ageing. I got the impression eaters don't age unless they need to replenish their human intake to top up
  5. red snow

    Star Wars Thread: I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In the films it's more lip service given the sith have several apprentices in the wings at most times. It's like yoda semantics.
  6. So basically Bayaz weaves a complicated web where no one really knows the truth except him. Cool. I actually like someone playing with the bastard prince concept as one of the things ive always wondered in the past was how no one questioned these scenarios. I guess if said person turns up with a big enough army and powerful allies people accept the "truth" as a matter of self preservation.
  7. I can't remember exactly. I thought he was one of many royal bastards so isn't exactly unique. Or was it simply Bayaz taking for granted people would assume he was a royal bastard? Either way there's still a hint or sense of play that we're getting a hint at Jezal's future.
  8. She might catch it off West. If he didn't he at least makes him go on a quest just so he'll get disfigured. One thing i did enjoy about the fencing final was Gorst and how it has me looking forward to his role in "the heroes". He actually comes off quite well in the duel and to some extent Jezal has been involved in Gorst's disgrace on several occasions. But it also reminded me of how deadly he was in future when fighting with real swords. What's really stood out in the reread is how there's enough spark in these minor characters for their future development to feel organic. Even black dow raises a smile when you know where he's growing. I also think joe does a great job with bayaz in that all the signs are there for him being a prick but always hidden by something that seems more obvious eg Bayaz obviously rigs the fight because of his scheme for Jezal but on first read it could easily just be Bayaz wanting to win a bet to have fun with Logen. The king mistaking Jezal as his son is also expertly done so that it seems the king is just a senile old fool.
  9. Hopefully we'll get some idea of how happy her ending was in the new trilogy. I expect she could have grown quite bitter over time irrespective of how well glokta treats her. Could also become mucdier if Jezal made any attempts to turn her into a mistress (although I vaguely recall bayaz/glokta warned him off the idea). Reading the fencing final, I'm struck by how Jezal has that harry potter factor of things working out for him at this stage in the story. Obviously the rug gets pulled out from beneath him in books 2 and 3.
  10. red snow

    True Detective Season 3 (SPOILERS)

    Yeah the music for thst scene and some earlier in the series hsve been Excellent generating s real sense of foreboding and horror. The composer needs to Score a psychological horror film. I feel like the torture scene would have been much more powerful if they had killed him via a punctured lung/internal bleeding as the scene was really raw snd disturbing up until that point. It was something of a get out to have the kill him in "self defense". How do they get to West? Maybe something to do with how he broke things off with his fiancé and/or threatening to out him. I half ecpected Hays to say the "F" word at West in retaliation for him thinking the "N" word. The acting was good enough in that scene that i felt all those accusations were floating around. The "guest appearance" by rust and cohle i suspect is a red herring (it's looking like crazy bereaved mum kidnapped a replacement daughter) but if they were thinking of ways to get people interested in a fourth season having the detectives team up to finally expose the ring is one option. I'd only have Hays cameo or have him die off screen though as it's a stretch to have him active still. But west and cohle would be fun. Throw in a new younger detective for fun (maybe Hay's son?). I can't even remember if anyone survived season 2 but i doubt anyone wants to be reminded.
  11. red snow


    second season of Dragon Prince builds on everything set up in season 1. It feels more like anime than any other non-anime cartoon in the sense it's not just a show for kids with complex characters so none of them seem particularly bad or good and the ones that act badly seem really justified in doing so. But it's also funny and cute when it needs to be eg the narcoleptic pirate and elf pretending to be human. It's genuinely one of my favourite Netflix shows.
  12. red snow

    THE PUNISHER now a Netflix series

    Characters like Deadpool and Punisher is where it makes sense. Arguably the blade film worked because it went for a more adult approach than the comics were able to. I'm also thinking Disney must have a branch that allows them to do more adult projects? I'm guessing the problem is the shared universe - it's tricky having adult segments of a family friendly franchise eg a kid might want to watch punisher because it's Marvel. I'm guessing that's the only real worry and while characters like Punisher are probably never going to be family friendly projects there's always the possibility that Luke Cage, Iron Fist or Daredevil could work that way. And it's going to be hard to market Daredevil hanging out in the Avengers if a chunk of the target audience aren't supposed to have been able to watch Daredevil in his own show. Otherwise I'd just say that the more adult franchises should be pointedly not in the MCU and problem solved. For all intents and purposes this is what the Netflix shows have done (or the films have done) insulating the two sufficiently that the MCU could introduce the characters into their MCU and it wouldn't cause too much of an issue. Some of us would say "I'm never watching a non Charlie Cox Daredevil" but we probably would with the right people involved and an awesome trailer. While they've clarified that "legion" is choosing to end with season 3 (which I believe as Noah Hawley seems to have enough sway at FX to end things when he wants) it does conveniently mean the only marvel shows that will remain are those on Hulu. Although isn't FX part of Fox which in turn will wind up part of Disney? I'd have thought FX would be an ideal place to do more adult shows.
  13. red snow

    THE PUNISHER now a Netflix series

    At least they are being upfront now and admitting it's a souring of the relationship and not really anything else at play. Interesting how the marvel statement made a point of saying it was Netflix not wanting to work with marvel any more. Also interesting how hulu has been strongly putting it out there that they'd be more than happy to have these shows. I don't think it will happen unless we get a much more sanitized version of the shows.
  14. I think that's what made the chapter work that sense of having nothing but least bad options
  15. God, I'd forgotten how intentionally annoying longfoot is. Joe establishes that within a couple of pages. I'd totally forgotten about glokta's visit to the university. I suspect some of those characters may have played a role in making the cannons etc in heroes. The info dump on bayaz's background was a little bit clunky but at least the librarian pointed out surprise at glokta not knowing the union's history/legends. I enjoyed the dogman chapter with the killing of the two northern soldiers. It was pretty good at establishing how practical and cold they have to be and how "decent" people can get trapped in events. A kid was killed for killing kids and dogman and his group knew it wasn't right but it was practical and arguably fair. Basically anyone caught up in these events is fair game. It actually made the logen and blackfoot/toes encounter resonate more strongly. They both knew they were trapped in their roles.