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  1. Lya's Winter Rose

    Best/Worst POV Storylines in Each Book

    A Game of Thrones Best: Daenerys - Love her character development and the introduction to Essos. Worst: Sansa - Most of her storyline is buildup that doesn't receive any payoff until ASOS. Great, but frustrating to read. A Clash of Kings Best: Davos - Stannis' storyline is godly. Worst: Sansa - See AGOT. A Storm of Swords Best: Sansa - My god. I went from dreading Sansa chapters to dreading when they ended. Beautifully depicting the death of innocence. Worst: Samwell - It was good, but quite evidently the weakest in the novel. Aside from the White Walker clash, nothing really of interest. A Feast for Crows Best: Jaime - Everything about Jaime's Riverlands arc was fantastic. Almost as good as his time with Brienne. Worst: Samwell - Again, one or two highlights (Aemon's death, his last chapter), but nothing of great significance. A Dance With Dragons Best: Theon - Out of all the superb northern arcs, GRRM's depiction of a broken man attempting to heal is his most poignant arc ever. Worst: Quentyn - For someone who enjoys Arianne's POV, her brother is an absolute bore. Despite not being on this list, Jon and Arya are probably the most consistently enjoyable POVs for me overall.
  2. Lya's Winter Rose

    Least favourite POV character per book

    A Game of Thrones - Sansa. She's by far the least interesting character and a very unreliable narrator. A Clash of Kings - Bran. He has some great chapters after Jojen and Meera come along, but the northern politics were usually bland. A Storm of Swords - Sam. Very difficult, because the book is near perfect all-around. But Sam accomplishes the least and is not too interesting. A Feast for Crows - Cersei. Which pains me because I loved her chapters, but Sam had Aemon's death and Brienne had Septon Meribald. A Dance with Dragons - Dany. Meereen politics are twice as boring as Northern politics. However, her last two chapters were pure masterpieces.
  3. Lya's Winter Rose

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    7/10 + Fantastic use of suspense and action + Great acting from Kit and Emilia + Jon and Dany's relationship and romance, albeit slightly rushed, has been almost perfect so far + Viserion's death + Finally addresses Daenerys' succession problem - Teleportation and time made no sense - Worst writing since "foreign invasion" - Saved by the bell trope is too cliche and Hollywood-esque - The continuous butchering of Petyr Baelish, Arya, and Sansa