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  1. He would likely be remenbered to something close to Daeron I. A young and very skilled warrior-king that ultimatly dies and not succed. But if one thing will be remenbered about him, it would be is death as is death marks the end of guest rigth south of the Neck. He will be this tragical figure with flawes.(sorry for the bad english)
  2. Vaegon the dragonless

    Favorite Bannermen by region and why

    I would say North: the Dustins, great house one of the oldest and most likely one of the more powerfull vassals to Winterfell. Great history with men like Rodric the Ruin and a badass coat of arms. Iron Island: the Harlaws or Goodbrothers. Mainly because they seem less incline to the old way but are still badass Riverlands: Nesbrocs or Brackens. Both great history both have theyre heros and vilains and great coat of arms. Vale: Royces. They are ancient and of first men descent. And they are the second most powerfull house of what was the place of arrival of the andals. Crownlands: Velaryons. Best house of Valyrian descent with both badass word and coat of arms and the sea snake Reach: Rowans. I find their mythological founding to be one of the more beautiful story's of Westeros. And they are one of the more powerfull houses of the reach. Stormlands: Carons/Swanns or Tarth. All of them have either good history or good coat of arms. Westerlands: Lydden. The fact that one of them manage to become King of the Rock is quite a achievement even if he took the Lannister name. I also like the Reynes or the Marbrands both quite Badass. Dorne: Daynes or Folwers. Both have rich history and badass kings and I like their coat of arms.
  3. I think theyre is another problem with slavers bay. All of the wealth of the region comes only from slavery, we now absolutly no other good (other than olives) the region has. So once you abolish slavery theyre is no wealth left in the region. Slavers bay is not even really fertile, the only reason we see for these cities to exist is slavery but once slavery is gone for good this makes slavers bay (or dragons bay) well good for nothing. It will slowly be put out of the trade route and empoverish it self. Im not saying that slavery is good but I dont see any other way the region could prosper and not be another red waste.
  4. Vaegon the dragonless

    Ranks of nobility in Westeros - Dukes, counts and barons in all but name

    The way I see it would be the following: The Targaryen would be king then the former kings Stark, Arryn ,Lannister should be Dukes but I think it should also be the title of the newer lords paramount so the Tyrells, Tully's and Greyjoy should also be Dukes. Then would come the other big house like the Manderly, Bolton, Harlaw, Rowan, Royce, Hightower, Yronwood.... they should be Marquess to show theyre old royal blood and big power. Then other main bannermen should be Earls to show that they are still under the ancient lines. The Earls should be like the Frey's, the Mooton, Velaryon, Connington of old, Corbray, most marcher lords. Then Barons, they should be the lowest of lords with no alot of power like the Mormont, Webber maybe the Master's like the Glovers. And then finaly at the very bottom the landed knigth wich dont have any real legal power but can be quite powerfull like the Templeton's. Like that they would be alot more depth in the titles and problems with old royal house would be less likely to happen because they would have a higher title than younger house like the Frey's.
  5. Vaegon the dragonless

    If Robert Arryn Died of a Fever -

    But the fact his that Harry is the heir to Robert Arryn. So when he dies Harrold takes over and change is name to Arryn. That would happen if Robert dies in the current timeline, why would it be different before this ?