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    How could Edmure prepare riverlands

    The biggest problem with a attack from the Westerlands is until you arrive to the blue fork there is no way to really stop a army. Edmure's best chance was a mass battle in the open, then again Tywin could have had is two army's encircle the Riverlands army. And abandonning the lands west of the blue fork is just not possible, that would be the richer half of the Riverlands. So really with out really good leadership or outnumbering the Westerlands army with perhaps ally's. The Riverlands is just not a place were you want to have a war without preparation and ally's. When you look at the history of the world, they always get smashed and before somebody else comes and wins the day for them. So in summary, Edmure really dint have the capacity and time to actually mount a defense without immediate help from ally's. ps: sorry for the spelling not a native speaker.