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  1. I always imagined Dragonstone as very mountainous and rocky, with a thin layer of soil. This migth be just my head-canon but such a place would not be great for farming even if the soil was fertile. It would also help with Dragonstone defence, since it is a forteress first, the lack of wood and fertile soil means besieging army's would have a hard time. It would also explain why the island seem to not have a important family before the Targaryen, because people would go to the fertile Driftmark rather then Dragonstone.
  2. Is it confirmed ? I havent got to that passage again so my memory is not clear but to me it is a possibility but absolutly not sure.
  3. Well when a power bloc forms and you are not in it, the best political action you can take is to join or create a power bloc of your own. So they're is a chance that the STAB bloc came to begin with when the LMT bloc started becoming a thing. Sure it is not perfect (look at WWI IRL) but it is natural, especially for the Tully's who hold the lands where the figthing always takes place.
  4. For sure, I just find it weird that with the amount of sex Tyrion is supposed to have had not one accident happend and the mother tried to get something out of it.
  5. As I was re-reading the books a came upon a passage a never paid attention before. When Tywin informs Tyrion he is supposed to wed Sansa and consumate the mariage Tywin question him on if he can have children. Tyrion say's that he does not believe so even if he cannot prove is fertility, that he has no bastard he knows of. And it migth be nothing but it made me wonder, with all the unprotected sex that Tyrion is supposed to have had, should he have at least a few bastard ? Robert has quite a few and other whoring inclined lord seem to have some too. So the hebonist Tyrion should have eventualy made a baby. And a blonde dwarf from a whore who sleeped with Tyrion would let little doudt on the question of the father. Such a child migth be sold, abandon or dispoced of, in opposition to the child of Robert or is like but that child would still be the natural child of the heir to the richest lordship in the land so the chance of it being kept would be high. But Tyrion does not know of any and his father either, so no whore went directly to Tywin with a bastard of Tyrion. Tyrion is quite grotesque and difformed, and to had to that we know Cercei most likely abused him, including is genitals. So for me the chances that Tyrion cannot have children migth actually be quite high. What do you think ?
  6. And that Aerys asked for Robert Head only because he was Lyanna futur husband, how much time until he ask the head of Brandon's promised or her families ?
  7. Like many said before me, I dont think that the Crownlands suck, but that we never really see they're full strength. We know that during the conquest the Mooton and Darklyn faced Aegon with 5,000 men but we dont know if they brougth all they're strength espiacially if the hated the Hoares like the rest of the Riverlands. Later the Crownlands are split but they could still make a important part of the Criston Cole's army when he goes to the Riverlands. But for me it is during Roberts rebellion where most people underestimate the Crownlands, we know of 2 royal armies, the first under Jon Connington at the Battle of the Bells , since it is a royal army and its in the Riverlands I think we can assume that its would be comprised of Crownlanders and the Loyalist of the Riverlands. We don't have numbers for that army but since they managed to face and retreat the combined army of the Vale, North, rebllious Stormlands and rebellious Riverlands, I would assume they would count in the low 10,000 wich would outnumber Robert alone but would be dwarfed by the close to 40,000 of the rebels. I would further assume that half of this first army where from the Crownlands, so that would be 5,000 men. The Crown then has a second army of 40,000 of this army 10,000 were from Dorne and the rest a mix of Stormlands, Riverlands, Vale, Reach and Crownlands. But I would assume that most of those 30,000 where from the Crownlands. My reasonning is that for the Vale and Stormlands loyalist were defeated early and would most likely not amount to big numbers, maybe a couple thousand each. The Riverland loyalist would have contributed for the battle of the bells, and since the know loyalist riverlanders are not cited in the important riverlords, exept the Darry's they most likely dont have that huge a manpower. Lets say those three amount in the end to 10,000 men and i would consider that generous, that leaves 20,000 men of the royal army. I dont believe the reach amount to that many men because we do not here of a single important Reach lord present at the Trident, no Rowan or Tarly or Hightower or even Fossoway or Crane. It would seem that not one of Mace main bannermen conducted the Reach force at the Trident, wich makes me believe it was not that important and most of them stayed at Storms End. That could change if Georges later names a important Reach Lord present but until then I will believe that the forces of the Reach present at the Trident dint amount to alot more then 10,000 men and I migth be overestimating them. That would leave around 10,000 men from the Crownlands at the Trident, and they would most likely be heavely present since the Rykker's were put in place by Aery's, and the rest of the Crownlands would most likely be very loyal to the Targ's wich is what Dick Crabb points to. That would be putting the Crownlands contribution in Roberts Rebellion at around 15,000 men in addition to the Royal Fleet. I would not consider that weak since it would be around the same strength has Dorne plus a navy. Wich is a respectable force. After the Targaryen's collapse the Crownlands would most likely not be inclined to support Robert or the Lannister regime but would still be Targaryen loyalist at heart, in addition to the losses they suffered. And for the fact that the Crownlands cant feed King's Landing, I would say that the City is just huge with half a million people and only the lands between the Blackwater and the Trident really fertile, since the south bank being a huge forrest and Crackclaw point not very fertile. And in addition to King's Landing the area would have to feed Duskendale and Maidenpool both important urban center's in they're own rigth. And with Winter approching and a few army's on the march most lords of the area would most likely prefer to fill they're own stocks before Winter or a army show's up.
  8. But that is pure speculation, we have absolutly no indication that the weirwood needs blood, none. That "sacrifice" (Im not convinced it is) does not indicate that the weirwood needs blood, if it is in deed a sacrifice than the hearttree represent the gods, the same way that a statue would so you would make a sacrifice infront of it either way.
  9. I dont think she will have those people with her, they will most likely revolt and break they're chains but I dont believe that they will joins her. Mainly because if that is the case then she would virtually control Volantis and its lands, adding to Slaver's bay. And I dont thinl that giving Daenerys a Empire so she can conquer Westeros is really that good a idea, she would just be completely over powered, having the only Dragons in the world in addition to almost half of Essos behind her is a bit much. But if she ends up having access to those troops then she migth have a chance to take the Iron Throne, because neither the Unsullied or Dothraki's will be good enougth.
  10. I strongly disagree with you, calling Cat good but saying that Robb, Arya and Jon are "awful" just seem to me that we dint read the same books. Robb is far from great but he try's to do the good thing and fail that is not somebody that is awful, is two worst acts are is mariage to Jeyne and betrayal of the Frey's, wich he did because he was a depressed and horny 16 year old but even then he chose to take the consequence straigth on and protecting Jeyne's honor (wich is something that he would have from Ned). The second one would be pardonning Cat but executing Karstark, sure he cant just execute is mother but she needed to be punished in someway at least wich migth have not pushed Karstark over the edge. Jon is a naive 15 years old who goes to a order that is suppose to figth against a actual existential threat to humanity but as been for 100 years a penal colony made to make sure a group of human with different culture does not come over the wall. He than sees the actual threat and try's to save the wildlings to face that threat, but in the same time he try's to uphold is oath, and he does when is father is imprisonned, he continues to serve is duty if that means he betray's is first love and only finally go fuck it, when is favorite sister is in the hands of a literal psychopathe. Arya is a literal 9 years old that went thrue so much trauma that it is a miracle she only has a ease for murder, she is arguably bad but she has been thrue quite somethings. In general the current generation of Starks are all quite decent people, they have many flaws but are not awful. In contrast it does seem that the Starks of old where not like that, and that the Winter Kings in particular where atleast has brutal as the North, and that is how GRRM shows that the Starks are not just a perfect family from a perfect line. But to go back to the original subject it is the lack bad characters on the Blackwood side, only Bloodraven could really be said to be a villain on there side, when compared to the Brackens wich seem to always be on the wrong side and never really good.
  11. For me that question depends on 2 thing, status and geography. If Im anything other then a Lord I would simply follow my liege, but Im assuming that question is asked has if we were lords. And that is where geography comes into play, no sense of being a greens supporter if your are a Northern or Valemen lord since those region were united behind the blacks and being the one outlier is never a good idea. Kind of the same for the Westerlands but for the greens, a bit more wiggle room if you're lands are on the edge of the region but not exactly easy to pull off. In the end it would depend on family, friends and neighbours choises since for me both claim are equal, Rhaenyra is the chosen heir and groomed to be, her first 3 sons are most likely bastards but her last 2 have Targaryen blood on both sides. Aegon has tradition and the great council for him. Both are not great or horrible (at least before the music started and Dragon danced). Not joining side or adopting the the Swann tactic of sending sons to both side would be the best choice for me but both are also dangerous.
  12. It seems to me either a bad idea or a impossible one to me. Firstly, it would be on the western face of Westeros with not really alot of traffic or places to trade with. Not exactly a future metropol until someone can find western see routes to Asshai or a new continent. Sure it could be a fishing hub but that would not be enougth for a city, maybe for a small town. And for it being a bad idea it would divert the trade that Barrowton has, and would be a rival for being the economic center of the South West of the North. Barrowton seems to place the Dustins in being one of the major's bannermen of the Stark's, if it is weaken than the Dustin would be weaken and I doubt that they would like that and push against it. And like I said a town or city here would most likely not be worth alienating the Dustins.
  13. Two instances is anecdotal, because this is the only two time that were are told of possible sacrifice. Bran vision does point in that direction but since we dont know when that vision take place and what is exactly happening we cant take it for sure as a sacrifice. The Wolfs Den incident could just be mob violence, since we are told that the slavers were given to they're slaves, them going over the top and displaying the inside of said slaver's is not completely out side mob violence, the Dutch ate they're bloody minister in the 17th century during a riot, that does not make them cannibals. But its clear from what you responded that you are mainly prejudist against the First Men and everything associated with them, so what ever argument I could come up with you would just dismiss. You see the First Men as just a bunch of savages, I see them as a complexe and old culture so we will never agree most likely. But to go back to what we were talking, the Weirwood, it is older then man on Westeros so the chances that man as something to do with how they grow are minimal at best. A tree that needs human blood to grow but is from a continent where man does not exist is a really stupid evolutionary dead end, so that is most likely not the reason people dont grow more Weirwood Trees.
  14. Yes they are equally match with the Brackens and you would have them on your side, but the rest of the riverlands ? Destroying and usurping a vassal is not really something that happens alot in Westeros and any attemp of it would scare many other lords especially of the Tully's already made a play for Harrenhal. The rest of the lords of the Trident would be in a position to think "Will my lands and house be next ?" And more then a couple of them would most likely think yes and to not risk it oppose that move with arms. And lets not talk about breaking the kings peace, something Robert would not take kindly and since both the Tully's and Blackwood fougth for him who knows what he would decide. They're is no real indication that religion is that much of a issue in Westeros, all points to peacefull co-habitation between the Old and news Gods for quite some time now, only Baelor (not sure) and Humphrey Teague tried it and both were opposed by large coalition (the brackens even opposed Teague) or murdered for it. So the Blackwoods are not seen has heathens outside the extremelly devout and since Hoster is lot particularly pious everyone will see that it is just a ploy to gain more power and make it more likely that it would be opposed. Calling them recent migrants is just not serious, Yes they arrived in the Riverlands after being pushed out by the Starks but that was long before the arrival of the Andals and most likely at the very begining of the Stark unification of the North so we are talking a thousand of years. Infact they were in the Riverlands before the Vance's, the Frey's and perhaps the Piper and Ryger along others. The Blackwoods are absolutly ancient in the Riverlands and were kings in the Riverlands (something the Tully's never were.) Also from what I could gather the Tully's and Blackwood seem to figth more often then not on the same side, againt the Teagues, the Ironborn, the Greens and the Targaryen. It would be weird for them to turn on each other, not unheard of but weird. And tho the Blackwoods dont have any allies that we know of does not mean they dont have any, some of the Frey's are related to them and other house could be, and if threaten im sure Tytos would find rather quickly a few match's for is son's and make good alliances. Something Hoster could not count on since his daugther's would be married to the Hands in charge of keeping the kings peace and to the Ruler of the only region that follows the same gods as the Blackwoods, so even if the religion question would be a point of dispute then the North would more likely side with the the Blackwoods or stay neutral. The problem is that Edmure would already inherit Riverrun and Harrenhal, that alone would make him the most powerfull Riverlord since the conquest, ruling personnaly so much land, would the Blackwoods land be added and he would most likely command more men directly than any other Lord Paramount making him a threath not only to is other vassals but to other Lords Paramount. And with the geographical position of the Riverlands it is a very bad idea to make others feel threaten. In the end trying to usurp one of your more powerful vassals would plunge the Riverlands into civil war that could even be lost by the Tully's and with they're lack of legitimacy it could spell the end of they're control of the Riverlands and a new lord Paramount put in place. It is a uncertain and dangerous gamble when you could just concentrate on making sure that Edmure inherits Harrenhall as well has Riverrun wich would already make im one of the most powerfull riverlirds in history.
  15. Well I still dont get how that would indicate the need for blood... Its just show that the tree's are old and that would be the main reason to why they are not easely cultivated. And sure Bran migth have seen the birth of the tree but since Brans sees the man "forced down on is knees before the Heart-tree" that to me indicates that the veart tree is already somewhat grown and they're for the sacrifice (if it is a sacrifice) does not seem to be involved with the "birth of the tree".
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