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  1. Shave his head. Put wheels on the back of his head and pretend he's a skateboard. Eddard could send him off to live with the mountain clans. Nobody would look for a Targaryen there.
  2. I don't think sacrifice will bother Jon unless it is one of his siblings. He didn't have much trouble sacrificing Q Halfhand. He is not the tender heart that many of his fans think of him. I don't mind if Jon were to sacrifice any of the Starks. I just don't want him to sacrifice any of the characters which I like. Correct.
  3. fAegon matters a lot. He was written out of the show to give his story to Jon Snow. Aegon may not be fake at all and Jon is really not even Rhaegar's.
  4. Now that would be so awesome. Ramsay and his Girls hunting Arya and her direwolf.
  5. The protagonists of the novel, Fevre Dream is also named Marsh. He is the protagonists of the NW. Do you think there is a deeper meaning to Bowen's name? He is a crannogman and marsh is a fitting surname for his people.
  6. The return to Vaes Dothrak counts as going east. Quaithe is right because the slave trade will not stop unless the Dothraki are stopped. The op piqued my curiosity about Yin. I don't think Dany will be going there but I can wish. It will be preferable to me to do that instead getting more chapters in the eyrie and the north.
  7. The story will pick up where we left off. Queen Daenerys and Drogon will go to Vaes Dothrak and meet with the crones. Most of the Dothraki will follow her but some will not. A million people are not all going to have the same opinions. She will become the Khal of khals and remake the Dothraki into one khalasar. Victarion was sent on a suicide mission. His fleet will burn and be destroyed. This was Euron's plan to remove any competition for his control of the IB. They will initially do well in battle against the fleet from Volantis but something will happen, maybe the dusky woman will set fire, to cause fire to break out in the middle of the fleet. Some of the ships will be saved but it will not be enough for the return to Westeros. Barristan will barely pull off a victory but it will be enough to cause the slaves to revolt in Volantis. A free Meereen is a beacon of hope. There will be a lot of politics going on after the battle. Barristan will have to face the Green Grace. I'm thinking Skahaz is loyal to the Queen. I don't know about Reznak. The Daenerys chapters will have a lot of magic elements. I'm thinking she stays put in Vaes Dothrak for most of the book. Quaithe will appear and again give her riddles. Meanwhile, Marwyn will arrive. He will introduce himself to the other men from Westeros. There will be an uneasy alliance among the ironborn, Barristan, Tyrion, Ben Plumm, and Marwyn. I am hoping Gilly and her child will make the journey as well. Drogon will grow very fast. He will be many times his size at Daznak's Pit by the end of the book. Viserion and Rhaegal will have grown very large as well. Khaleesi will return to Meereen at the end of the book. The process for rebuilding will begin. War criminals will be tried. The Pale Mare will have run its course and thousands will have died. The long night will cause the land to come under darkness. Tyrion will tell Daenerys about Aegon. Marwyn will introduce himself and offer his services. Victarion, if he lives, will offer his hand in marriage. Quaithe and Marwyn will meet.
  8. The slaves in Volantis will revolt on their own. Benerro will lead the way. Rhaegar's spirit is lost. Rhaego's is the one who gave life to Rhaegal. Viserys' to Viserion. Drogo's to Drogon. Robert Strong is a mixture of Gregor's and Robb's body parts. Rickard was supposed to pass the ritual of human sacrifice to Brandon but they both died before the knowledge got passed. The Starks have been sacrificing to the trees for thousands of years. Samwell, Jon, and Jaime will be required to sacrifice the women they love for each to build a weapon against the white walkers. Samwell has to kill Gilly, Jon has to kill Arya, and Jaime has to kill Cersei. Dany's red sword is the comet. She woke dragons from stone and became Azor Ahai on that day. She will have to sacrifice three husbands in total, burn traitors three times, and three times the comet will appear. The first set has happened. Two more husbands, two more traitors to go. Jon's betrayal will be the cause of the wall's failure to stop the white walkers. The wildlings will be in charge at the wall following his death and they will not be up to the task. Victarion will not make it back home. He will die in Slaver's Bay. Civil War will break out in all of the kingdoms in Westeros. The ruling families will be split. The Hightowers will oppose the Tyrells, many in the north will support the Boltons, and war will break out in the vale. All of the fan favorite characters will die because George R. R. Martin wants a heart breaking story. It will be seconds who will survive: Samwell, Greyworm, Brienne, Meera, Jorah, Missandei, Big Walder, Robin, and Varys.
  9. Bran is paralyzed in the lower half of his body. It is safer to bet that he's not able to have children.
  10. You don't know that. House Frey will not fare any better nor worse when the white walkers arrive.
  11. The Liberation of The Unsullied was a successful rescue mission. The Sack of King's Landing is another matter entirely. The first is a precise operation to rescue 8,000 trained slaves and many more in training.
  12. So say he kept his word to Frey. He could still die in battle. I don't feel as bad for him. It's the people who had no choice but to follow him to war. Lady Dustin's farmers and workers who had to go to war because the Starks said they had to. It's those who deserve our sympathy.
  13. Well, you know, all of these high born people put their loved ones in harm's way. It's just their way. Aegon Frey died because his family was at war. A war they did not choose but was brought upon them by the decisions of Hoster Tully's daughter. Catelyn killed Aegon. We cannot remove that guilt from her.
  14. Bad decisions made because they were emotional. Robb's broken oath to Walder was the nail on the coffin. Jon's poor conduct at the Wall has the possibility to cause the most damage for the kingdom. Not just the Starks. I can see your point. The topic is about the Starks and their downfall. So yes, the Starks as a family are generally not as disgusting as the Lannisters and the Boltons. I would not put the Freys in the same level as the Lannisters and the Boltons. The Freys are better people than the Lannisters. The Targaryens as a whole are a little bit better than these other families, including the Starks.
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