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  1. Aerys could. Rhaegar could not.
  2. Unit A2

    Yi Ti empire potential

    Is it Lo Bu who divided his army and thus became vulnerable to the Jhogo Nai? An intact army would have survived. I don't think they could eradicate the JN but they had enough soldiers to protect their borders. Essos as they say is a different dog. The Yi Ti would have to deal with other powerful people like Ghis and its famed legions.
  3. Unit A2

    Is death good? Why fight the Others?

    Ice and Fire take turns calibrating the world. Fire destroyed Valyria. Ice will destroy Westeros. These disasters keep humans from becoming too powerful and further upsetting the planet's resources. It culls the weak and the unlucky to force evolution. The female part of this equation during the time of the story is Life. We only need to go to the first book to see the examples. What did the white walkers do in the prologue? They killed Will and Waymar. Ned killed the wandering crow in the following chapter. Ice is the bringer of death. Robb rebelled. Ned killed Lady. Arya has become mentally bent on killing. Jon was set to lead his small army into a very avoidable war before Bowen Marsh killed him. They recycle bodies and put them to good use from the way they see it.
  4. Unit A2

    Prediction: Jon will become a direwolf

    Only if Aerys was his father. Which I don't think is true.
  5. Martin carefully laid out the rules of skin changing in order to prepare the readers for what will happen. Varamyr's purpose was that preparation. Jon will die from his wounds but his mind will continue to live in his direwolf. A Time for Wolves is too obvious a title and it needed to change. But the story doesn't have to. Jojen tells Bran "the wolves will come again" and it can easily mean the Starks have turned to direwolves when the pack gets together again.
  6. Unit A2

    Is death good? Why fight the Others?

    yes they are
  7. Unit A2

    Is death good? Why fight the Others?

    I wish I can convince all of you to play Nier Automata. The game was created for people who think such as you. It's deeper than ice and fire and you get more involvement because it's a game.
  8. The Lannisters will kill Nymeria. She won't get to Tommen because she has her father's temperament. Cersei won't trust her to go near her son.
  9. Unit A2

    Bran, time travelling body snatcher?

    Bran can see the past but he can't go there physically. He does this maybe through the weirwood trees. The trees have long lives and the faces carved on the trunks can see. What they saw stays in their memory. Bran is one with the trees and can decipher the memory. Reincarnation can make it possible for Bran to be the Brandon the Builder. His soul gets reincarnated again and again. Jon was the Nightsking and Arya was his corpse bride.
  10. Unit A2

    Poll: Has Brienne Become a Wight?

    She's a wight on a mission to track Sansa. Beric and Cat are slowly losing themselves until only their obsession remain. They're ghost like. Brienne has become a wight from fire magic.
  11. Unit A2

    My Cold Hands Theory: Jon Snow

    The Night's King was a Stark.
  12. Unit A2

    Citadel's Role

    George Martin flipped the idea of the relationship between magic and science. The maesters in our magicless world will be considered the intellectual elite and the magicians will get no more credibility than quack alchemists. Martin's world has magic and it trumps science. Therefore, it is the Citadel and it's maesters who play the part of quack alchemists in his world. It's the scientists who are ignorant there. The open minded practitioners of magic are the intellectuals. Practical knowledge has its uses though and the maesters are the librarians of Earthos. But their catalog is woefully incomplete. Martin is not about to make one side completely right and the opposite completely wrong. Magic and science have value and it is the person who accepts both who is the truly educated. What should be coming obvious is that the classical, maester driven education of the Westeros nobles is woefully inadequate. It's the people like Jorah, Tyrion, Daenerys, Arya, Bran, and Marwyn who are getting the best education because of their abilities to read, acquire new languages, exposure to diverse cultures, and travel widely.
  13. Honestly, I don't find those two alike. Take a closer look at two random characters in this ginormous tale and you can find parallels. Just look at the examples. Daenerys and Bran. Visions, prophecies, and dreams. One can't walk and the other can't have a baby. Jorah and Jaime. Both got the same punishment they gave. Jorah got sold to slavers. Jaime got crippled. Brienne and Arya. Out of touch women who doesn't fit in socially. Awkward. So on and so on. I fail to see any significance between Stannis and Rhaegar besides their fathering something strange. Stannis fathered a shadowspawn. Maybe Rhaegar fathered an ice spawn if he got Lyanna preggers. Both children of the dark who brought disaster.
  14. Unit A2

    Pole did Ramsay remove theon's junk?

    Did Ramsay castrate Theon. He did.