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  1. Arya and Jon are the most violent of the Starks. A wightified Jon Snow and his direwolf will cause a lot of deaths and destruction in the north. His mistaken belief that the Boltons have killed Arya will drive Jon insane. There will be a confrontation between the two bastards and their 4 legged friends.
  2. A pact was sealed a long time ago between the Starks and the White Walkers. The Starks would give male children occasionally in exchange for power over the north. Craster is doing the same thing. He gets to live beyond the wall and pays for this freedom with his sons. The Starks of the past would have given their bastards to the White Walkers.
  3. The Targaryens are the descendants of the ruling family of The Great Empire of the Dawn. Many of the families today were descendants of those who lived within the Empire. However, there must surely be people who lived outside the Empire. The Empire did not encompass the world. I dare say most people of the time were not citizens of the Empire but rather savages living like the Free Folk of the north.
  4. The hyperlink is not opening on my browser. Could possible blocked by corporate's group policy on the desktop. I too believe Jon is the Nights King and Arya is his future corpse bride. There will be enough nuance so that it isn't purely evil. Jon we already know is motivated by love for Arya and the Starks. All of the despicable things he perpetrated at the wall was because of his over devotion to the family. Jon will discard all sense of duty and let the wights in to get even with the Boltons and the Freys.
  5. I enjoy talking about Daenerys, the dragons, as well as her people. She is the Moses of A Song of Ice and Fire. Mereen is the biblical Egypt. She will lead the slaves out of Mereen into a new land, Westeros. They will build new homes and settle. Westeros will need rebuilding after all.
  6. Theon and Jon will rank above Duncan in terms of intelligence. Jon is ok at least three days out of the week. But Duncan has something which they lack. Character. Duncan has heart. Duncan has a morality which they are lacking.
  7. Daenerys can set things like that aside. This girl chose to stay in Meereen and help the slaves. She could have turned around and made her way to Westeros already. She can put aside the desire for revenge for something more constructive. That's why she deserves have the Iron throne. Cersei is smarter than Sansa. It's just her Lioness temper and her bitterness which trips her up each time.
  8. The Game of Thrones is being played at multiple levels. There is the battle for control within each kingdom. The lord paramounts will do what they can to keep their houses on top while other houses try to knock them from their perch. The battle between kingdoms will follow with the winners from each kingdom leading theirs against their neighbors for access to the dwindling resources and food supplies.
  9. Cruel Irony. Mellissandre will burn Gilly's baby and his Stark blood (because Craster has Stark blood) will produce a miracle. His death will birth another shadowbaby. Jon's soul will inhabit the shadow baby if his body happens to be in close proximity. Gilly and Samwell will never forgive Jon but a shadow is no longer human. Mance's baby will be raised by the Tarlys.
  10. The Starks and the Lannisters are the ones who pushed Westeros into the War of the Five Kings which continues to inflict misery on the people. But yeah, the Martells and the Greyjoys are adding salt to the wound.
  11. Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea. Queen of Meereen. The Mother of Dragons. Mhysa. Princess Daenerys Targaryen, Heir to Westeros. Azor Ahai The Unburnt She is all of the above. Adding her to the Daynes will not serve the story for the better. She already has a lot to do and many roles to fulfill. Ned Dayne has an important role to fill. He will lead the Daynes and contest Darkstar Dayne for the sword.
  12. I think George Martin is willing to upset a lot of his fans to write an emotional story. I do not like Arya Stark but a lot of you do. He's pushing Arya deeper into madness and depravity to see how far you will be loyal to her. G. Martin is not scared to upset the reader.
  13. Tyrion and his sellswords will reach Westeros before Dany does. The real battle for the Lannisters is with Tyrion and his new company. They want Lannister lands. Tyrion signed a contract to transfer ownership of Lannister lands to the officers of the sellsword company. Cersei and Jaime will experience the same homelessness which they have inflicted on the other families. Jaime may survive long enough to meet Daenerys. She will forgive Jaime if she thinks he can be of use to her plans. By forgive, I do not mean in the traditional sense. She will not execute him nor hurt him for the sake of getting even. Daenerys is not a Martell or a Stark. She has a better grasp of the big picture. She can see above their petty family quarrels. Fake Aegon will not have the same wisdom but he will be cast down anyway. He is the second of the lies which Daenerys will uncover and reveal. Cersei and Sansa are each other's rivals and enemy. Cersei has a better head on her shoulders than Sansa. I would love to see Sansa and Rickon battle for Winterfell but I don't see how Sansa could last that long. Sansa would be better off joining the Septas.
  14. Will Aegon gets to tame and ride a dragon ? Aegon is not a full Targaryen. He may try to ride a dragon but he will get cremated for his troubles. Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal are Dany's children. No other Targaryen in their unrivalled glory have ever had the title "Mother of Dragons." Dany's bond with her dragons is special and one that has never been seen before. Aegon's only chance of bonding with a dragon is to find his own egg and hatch it. What happened to Aegon V will happen to him.
  15. Arya is the one who will go Stark raving mad. Bran is calm and easy going for a Stark. It's Arya and Jon who have the dreaded wolf's blood.
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