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  1. Unit A2

    Does Stannis have a chance at winning in the end?

    He has a chance because this is fiction. Should George decide to give him that chance. I am doubtful if he would. The North will fall to Mance Rayder and the wildlings. There is no room in this equation for a conservative feudal lord like Stannis. It will only take the deaths of a handful of leaders to throw the North into panic. Roose, Jon, Bowen, Barbrey, and Stannis. Does anyone really think Ramsay can compete with Mance? It is even possible for a resurrected Jon Snow to support Mance and the wildlings.
  2. Unit A2

    How did the Nights Watch get so weak?

    The threat did not justify the expense. The wildlings raided and murdered the people of the Gift but that was not enough to justify a dedicated army of 10,000 men. The wildlings never got strong enough to threaten the security of the kingdom until Mance Rayder came along. The damage from the wildling raiders could be tolerated.
  3. Unit A2

    Euron or Jon Snow?

    Euron is half the world away and nothing connects him to ice cold. Jon is also distant but he got stabbed in the last book and leaked out his life's blood. If the dream meant anything it is Jon. The union of ice/dead with fire/living might be the ticket to peaceful coexistence with the Others.
  4. Unit A2

    What do people think about Rhaegar?

    I have not read anything that would make me like the man.
  5. Robert, Ned, Jon Arryn, Jaime, Stannis, Tywin, Hoster, and Renly will get cremated.
  6. Unit A2

    On Janos Slynt

    Only death can release a man from his vows to the watch. Committing the crime of desertion does not count. And you can't put the blame on Mellissandre. She offered the option but Jon did not have to take it. Jon chose to spare Mance's life. Jon chose to send Mance for Arya. He is the one to blame. Jon's plot is about the internal conflict between doing his duty or saving the person he loved the most. It's the decision between the Greater Good vs. Love.
  7. Unit A2

    Lady Stoneheart's destination

    Stay in the Riverlands. She doesn't have a lot of time left. She will kill or try to kill Jaime Lannister for his minor role in the red wedding. Jaime knew Roose was plotting to kill Robb Stark.
  8. Unit A2

    Just Another R+L=D (and J) Theory - detailed

    Very possible for Jon to have come from Brandon and Lyanna. It is a very good possibility.
  9. Unit A2

    Just Another R+L=D (and J) Theory - detailed

    I will not say "impossible" because this is George Martnin's story. It is almost impossible though. Too many witnesses on Dragonstone during her birth. And that would not fit the prophecy that says the promised prince must come from the line of Aerys and Rhaella. Coming from Rhaegar is not good enough. The parents have to both be Targaryen.
  10. Gender and order of birth will not matter in her case. She "woke dragons from stone" and will be seen as the real dragon with the right to rule over all men. It is very sad because Viserys never got the chance to see Daenerys hatch those dragons in the middle of the Dothraki Sea. He would have been the first to kneel and swear his service.
  11. Killing subordinates is not unheard of in a feudal world. Killing the Starks was not a good reason to rebel. I would think many lords chuckled when they heard what Aerys did to the Starks. Aerys was not harming the regular folks. Westeros was stable and many lords were getting fat under his reign.
  12. Unit A2

    Was Aegon The Conqueror to generous ?

    I blame the Dornish for being stubborn. To be more specific, I blame the Dornish noblemen. The peasant class would have been so much better off if their lords had to answer to a Targaryen overlord.
  13. Unit A2

    Was Aegon The Conqueror to generous ?

    He was generous because: He could afford to be. His family was not burdened with many generations of feuds with other lords. He was guided by revenge. To expound on #2, he was able to rule without bias because he had little to no history with the High Lords and their houses. Westeros benefitted from having an outsider to conquer them. It would have gone very badly for the people if one of the High Lords had managed to become dominant. The people fared better compared to what would have happened had Harren, Argillac, or Torrhen had gotten the upper hand on the others. A foreigner ruling over them was the best possible outcome for Westeros.
  14. This alone should have told Sansa what she needed to know about Cersei and Joffrey. But no, she had her head filled with King Joffrey and Queen Sansa. Visions of unearned and undeserved grandeur filled her head. I will temper this by pointing that there are far worse people in those pages. Arya and Jon are worse. I don't hate Sansa but it makes me question the sensibilities of a few members on this forum who believe she is fit material to be queen. She can marry a landed knight and I think that would be a reasonable and fair ending for Sansa.
  15. Unit A2

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    Sansa's betrayal prevented the Starks from escaping King's Landing. Had Sansa not betrayed the plan, yeah, the Starks would have made it back home and left the mess behind. You know, people criticize Ned for failing to catch on, but at least he caught on. It was not too late when his eyes were opened. He had a reasonable escape plan but he made a mistake when he told the girls. He should never have told Sansa. It is a glaring character defect of Sansa's. Being selfish.