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  1. On 11/29/2019 at 12:09 PM, Moiraine Sedai said:

    I doubt that.  Those bannermen will see an opportunity to topple their lords.  We saw how much loyalty counted during the war of the five kings. Messages will be going back and forth between the two sides.  Martell, Littlefinger, Roose, Mace, Frey, Darry, Goodbrooke will send their emissaries offering support and asking for favors after the victory.  Lysa would poison Jon Arryn and side with the Targaryen in exchange for the promise of safety for Sweetrobin.  The Goodbrookes and the Darrys will want to be returned to their former status and revenge on the Tullys.  Roose will offer to klll the Starks to take their place and get Ramsay legitimized. Archmaester Marwyn will poison all of the antidragon people at the Citadel.  Walder will ask for Harrenhaal.  Littlefinger will ask for Riverun.  Tyrion will betray his family in return for Casterly Rock. All are reasonable requests and will be granted. War and regime change are opportunities for advancement. 

    Robert, Ned, Jon Arryn, Jaime, Stannis, Tywin, Hoster, and Renly will get cremated.  

  2. 5 hours ago, Lyanna<3Rhaegar said:

    So, I don't mean that deserting gets you out of your oath, I mean that after you have deserted you no long have the option of returning to serve as a black brother of the NW, if that makes sense? So in a sense he has been released from his vows because he broke them. At this point he is only subject to the punishment - which is usually death. 

    I see what you are saying. Yeah, that makes sense. I wasn't thinking about Mance not having much of a choice because of Mel, only because of Jon. But yeah it seems like Mance didn't have much of a choice from Mel. 

    Only death can release a man from his vows to the watch.  Committing the crime of desertion does not count. And you can't put the blame on Mellissandre.  She offered the option but Jon did not have to take it.  Jon chose to spare Mance's life. Jon chose to send Mance for Arya.  He is the one to blame.  Jon's plot is about the internal conflict between doing his duty or saving the person he loved the most.  It's the decision between the Greater Good vs. Love. 

  3. On 11/28/2019 at 9:23 AM, Jon The Dragon said:

    Where will she end up? Stay in the Riverlands, go North, The Vale or South? I'd like to think she compels Jaime to use his army to ride north through the twins (maybe the threatening to kill Brienne) after he learns of 'Jaime Lannister sends his regards' remark, join's up with the Crannogmen at some point and learn about Jon, Jaime could feel like he needs to protect Rhaegar's son, Catelyn could find out her other children are alive, about Ned's honour and try to enforce Robbs will, also Brienne can potentially meet Stannis to fulfil her promise. So many potentials!

    Stay in the Riverlands.  She doesn't have a lot of time left.  She will kill or try to kill Jaime Lannister for his minor role in the red wedding.  Jaime knew Roose was plotting to kill Robb Stark. 

  4. 39 minutes ago, Ahl of the House Cutler said:

    Incest plays a key role in the ASOIAF world.  Valyrians were inbred to maintain dragon riding and dragon hatching abilities, Craster uses incest to give Others sons, and Jamie and Cercei obviously practiced incest which put inbreds on the Iron Throne and was a spark that helped the start of the War of the Five Kings.  

    At the Tourny of Harrenhal, when Rhaegar crowned Lyanna, the one guy who felt the most anger over this was Brandon Stark.  Brandon Stark was also the hot head who decided to march on Kings Landing demanding the Crown Prince be handed over which obviously was a bad idea.

    Brandon was fostered in Barrowton while Lyanna was still in Winterfell.  Being accomplished riders, I dont think it is out of the question that they were able to meet each other somewhere in between on occasion.

    The story of Lyanna crying while Rhaegar played his harp at the ToH is supposed to imply that she was falling for Rhaegar, but in my opinion her tears were due to hearing about Brandon's betrothal to Catelyn Tully.  Lyanna was in love with her brother.

    I believe Jon is the son of Brandon and Lyanna.  The "Ned and the fisherman's daughter" story actually describes Lyanna's journey home with her younger brother Benjen.  And I believe Jon was born in the Crypts of Winterfell. 

    It's tin foil, but those are my honest opinions. 

    Very possible for Jon to have come from Brandon and Lyanna.  It is a very good possibility. 

  5. I will not say "impossible" because this is George Martnin's story.  It is almost impossible though.  Too many witnesses on Dragonstone during her birth.  And that would not fit the prophecy that says the promised prince must come from the line of Aerys and Rhaella.  Coming from Rhaegar is not good enough.  The parents have to both be Targaryen. 

  6. 23 hours ago, Lluewhyn said:

    Hard to say, because so much of their personalities were shaped by their experiences. If Dany was the older one, she might not have the same drive to "reclaim her birthright" that Viserys did, especially since that means she'll be subservient in status to her baby brother.  In OTL, Dany was pretty apathetic towards returning to Westeros until a specific chain of events pushes her that way. If Dany is 20-something, why is she going to go along with a plan to marry Khal Drogo without an older brother forcing her? If not, would Illyrio really give her the dragon eggs?

    Gender and order of birth will not matter in her case.  She "woke dragons from stone" and will be seen as the real dragon with the right to rule over all men. 

    It is very sad because Viserys never got the chance to see Daenerys hatch those dragons in the middle of the Dothraki Sea.  He would have been the first to kneel and swear his service. 


  7. 6 hours ago, Aldarion said:

    Several reasons:

    1) Honor. They are bound by duty, honor and pledge to support the rightful king. That is not so easily broken, especially with people who are not as psychopathic as modern humans are. Why do you think German officers took so long a time to try and kill off Hitler, even after the war turned against Germany? They were sworn - and Hitler played it cleverly by making them swear a pledge of loyalty directly to him, not to German state or people; so they could not use Byzantine justification for overthrowing a ruler ("He is harmful to common good").

    2) Consistency. Targaryens had been ruling for centuries, and Aerys himself was not always mad. Overthrowing a ruler is not easy to justify, overthrowing a dynasty far less so. And Rhaegar himself remained loyal, so they lacked a figurehead to form around.

    3) Hope. As I mentioned, Rhaegar was there. So there was hope that "we just need to survive this insane moron and then we are good". But Rebellion happened and insane moron got replaced by a lazy moron.

    Killing subordinates is not unheard of in a feudal world.  Killing the Starks was not a good reason to rebel. I would think many lords chuckled when they heard what Aerys did to the Starks.  Aerys was not harming the regular folks.  Westeros was stable and many lords were getting fat under his reign. 

  8. 38 minutes ago, frenin said:

    Jaeharys must've been a mage then. 

    @Unit A2 Yeah, tell that to the Dornish, they really benefited from Aegon's "generosity".

    I blame the Dornish for being stubborn.  To be more specific, I blame the Dornish noblemen.  The peasant class would have been so much better off if their lords had to answer to a Targaryen overlord. 

  9. He was generous because:

    1. He could afford to be.
    2. His family was not burdened with many generations of feuds with other lords.  He was guided by revenge.
    3. To expound on #2, he was able to rule without bias because he had little to no history with the High Lords and their houses. 

    Westeros benefitted from having an outsider to conquer them.  It would have gone very badly for the people if one of the High Lords had managed to become dominant.  The people fared better compared to what would have happened had Harren, Argillac, or Torrhen had gotten the upper hand on the others.  A foreigner ruling over them was the best possible outcome for Westeros. 

  10. 31 minutes ago, Arthur Peres said:

    she cleary saw Cersei calling for the death of Lady. 

    This alone should have told Sansa what she needed to know about Cersei and Joffrey.  But no, she had her head filled with King Joffrey and Queen Sansa.  Visions of unearned and undeserved grandeur filled her head.  I will temper this by pointing that there are far worse people in those pages.  Arya and Jon are worse.  I don't hate Sansa but it makes me question the sensibilities of a few members on this forum who believe she is fit material to be queen.  She can marry a landed knight and I think that would be a reasonable and fair ending for Sansa. 

  11. Sansa's betrayal prevented the Starks from escaping King's Landing.  Had Sansa not betrayed the plan, yeah, the Starks would have made it back home and left the mess behind.  You know, people criticize Ned for failing to catch on, but at least he caught on.  It was not too late when his eyes were opened.  He had a reasonable escape plan but he made a mistake when he told the girls.  He should never have told Sansa.  It is a glaring character defect of Sansa's.  Being selfish. 

  12. On 10/12/2019 at 11:34 PM, Quoth the raven, said:

    A wellknown youtuber has proposed that they are new born bastards that got disposed of on the other side of the wall.  This is the great sin of the lord's right to have the first sex with all peasant brides.  These offsprings of noblemen are coming back to put forth claims on the lands of their fathers. 

    Mine proposed that these are the descendants of the Stark NK.  The Others and the Starks are two brances from the same tree.  Craster as well because the Others tolerate his presence on their side of the wall.


    Preston Jacobs and the Bastard Gate theory.  The amount of babies killed are high.  It wasn't only the lords who were guilty of producing bastards like it's a factory assembly line.  Men who got women pregnant out of wedlock and the women themselves with honor to protect were getting rid of unwanted children. 

  13. The 13th commander was corrupted by love.  Jon got corrupted by the love he secretly holds for Arya.  I don't necessarily think he will become the new NK but he will betray the purpose of the watch and side with the White Walkers.  Jon is very similar to Arya.  He has revenge on his mind.  Jon will follow the path of Lady Stoneheart.  Living in a broken body and staying alive only to punish the people who fought against his family. 

  14. On 9/25/2019 at 1:24 AM, Daniel Newhouse said:

    There's the dead direwolf.  

    There's Lyanna.  

    There's Lyanna in a crypt with some opposition.

    There's the man with the wolf's head in the House of the Undying that looks at Dany, pleading for sympathy.

    There's Bran and Rickard appearing to be dead without dying and then Shaggydog getting killed soon after.


    The Starks will become kings of the north again but not in the way they hoped for.  The Starks will rule over a dead land covered by ice.  They will die and may get a second chance as wolves. 

    1 hour ago, Daniel Newhouse said:

    Lyanna died in a bed of blood holding onto the ashes of a blue rose.  I suspect the blue rose represents her, the last of the original Stark line.  


    Bran, the Stark child with the most foresight is uneasy about Lyanna's tomb in the crypt of Winterfell.

    I forgot, Lady gets beheaded.

    The blue rose comes from a bard in disguise who steals the maidenhead of a wolf girl.  Bael did it long ago.  Mance did it to Lyanna and produced Jon Snow. 

  15. On 9/9/2019 at 7:31 PM, Andrew Yang for President said:

    On the matter of right and wrong.  I can see why what another considers right that another would consider wrong.  A tiger who must eat meat to live can't be faulted for hunting.  It's what the creator made them to do to survive.  The little dik-dik who the tiger preys on doesn't see it this way.  The tiger is the villain to the little dik dik.  We have to look at the matter from a narrow lens in order to decide the matter of right and wrong.  


    On 9/9/2019 at 7:31 PM, Andrew Yang for President said:

    It was justified to Walder.  He's the patriarch of a rich and large clan.  He had a lot to lose.  The Starks couldn't keep themselves in order.  Robb porks Jeyne, falls in love, and breaks his oath to the Freys.  And this after the Freys have bled for him.  Catelyn gives away an extremely important hostage for the very small chance of getting her girls back.  She bought Jaime's promise to send her girls back.  How that must have looked to their bannermen.  Stupid move.  Robb had the nerve to come back asking for another deal because he was desperate to survive the war his mother started.   Walder took advantage because he needed to remove the taint of rebellion and reestablish good relations with the real ruler in King's Landing, not this king in the north who humiliated the Freys.  

    I can agree with the second paragraph.  The Starks put the Freys in a terrible position.  For what, for one boy.  Walder was forced to make a choice that carried a lot of risks, but the reward for that made the risk worthwhile to him.  The Freys better than honored their end of the deal.  The Starks refused to honor theirs.  Walder Frey now faced the possibility of losing a lot.  He must make himself useful to the Lannisters else they could take away his holdings.  Houses Frey and Bolton together can't hope to win against the Starks.  Trickery had to be employed.  It was a nasty trick but when you do the math it makes sense.  Walder could fight the Starks in battle, and lose.  It was better to trick them and play on their desperation to get his services again.  Many more people would have died if Walder had chosen to fight the Starks in battle.  The red wedding kept the death toll to as low as it could be to get the job done.  The only innocent casualty is Aegon Frey.  Many innocents would have died if the Freys had foght the Starks fairly.  Winning is the most important.  It wasn't honorable but if you think on it, there is no honor in defeat either.  Defeat can mean the death of his family. 

  16. On 8/29/2019 at 6:23 PM, nyser1 said:

    There is a Northern throne. Plus the country has been at civil war. A leader or leaders of great region(s) certainly are in a position to make a play.

    For the north, maybe.  For the whole of Westeros, no.  The team of Petyr and Sansa won't make it that big. 

  17. @victornewman Blue Velvet is on Prime right now.  

    One of his best lines:

    Don't be a good neighbor to her.

    I'll send you a love letter straight from my heart, f***er.

    You know what a love letter is?

    It's a bullet from fuckin' gun, f***er.

    You receive a letter from me, you are f**ked forever, f**k.

    Understand, f**k?

    I'll send you straight to hell, f**k!




  18. Sansa doesn't have a pathway to the throne.  Sansa and Harry could become lord and lady of the vale.  He could influence them to back him for the throne.  Maybe he thinks Braavos might side with him.  That would not be enough ordinarily but the recent war tooks its toll on everyone.  

  19. On 8/16/2019 at 8:10 PM, kissdbyfire said:

    Only that’s not a very good argument. Yes, wanting to save (f)Arya from Ramsay definitely plays a part and is a motivator. But first, that’s just as it should be. Anyone who knows of a child - any child - that a sadistic nutjob psycho is raping and torturing repeatedly and does nothing is a world-class PoS. Let’s also remember that said sadistic nutjob psycho is the son of the man who basically killed all your loved ones. Second, Jon wants to take out Ramsay; saving Arya is the cherry on top. And the author made that very clear and easy for the reader to understand, because he gave us Jon’s words, Jon’s actions, and even more importantly, Jon’s thoughts on the matter. 

    It's a great argument.  Nobody said leadership is easy.  The principles and rules of the watch have always said one must forget the past in order to begin a new life at the wall.  Recruits have to forget old allegiances and let go of their previous loyalties in order for the watch to do its job of defending everyone.  The defense would fail at its job if it only defended the families it liked.  It is reasonable to expect a recruit to train with another boy who came from a family who had fought his own.  Both boys will be expected to put their new family, the Nightswatch, above any little remaining feelings for their old family or else the watch can never become a team.  Jon was expected to forget his loyalties to the Stark and to do what is needed in order to defend Westeros.  Starting a war with Ramsay was the wrong move to make.