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  1. Asshai is described as being built from a black stone that absorbs light. I made an accidental observation the other night while dealing with a short power outage, and would like anyone who reads this to try it for yourselves. Turn off all your lights and TV/CPU monitor. Take a flashlight and shine it around the room. Then shine it on your TV screen. Would you say that it "absorbs light"? Could Asshai be a post-apocalyptic city similar to NYC/Vegas/Tokyo with big screen TVs and monitors everywhere?
  2. Lords do hire mercs. They are called hedge knights. And Tywin hired The Brave Companions during the Wot5K.
  3. I can't wait for the R+L=J theory to blow up in everyones faces.
  4. Which aligns with Craster knowing exactly what he is doing along with Jeor Mormont, Benjen and senior members of the Nights Watch, along with the wildings.
  5. Why couldn't it? Here's a major clue. Everyone that ever meets Jon pegs him as a STARK. Nobody ever assumes he is a Targaryen. EVER!
  6. Craster has deals everywhere. With the Others, with the Nights Watch, and with the Wildings. Mormont at the very least KNEW that he was sacrificing his boys to the Others, and I would assume the wildings knew too, or else they would have taken over his Keep and stole his daughters.
  7. I guess I shouldn't have said everywhere. What I meant was incest is a major plot point for the entire series of books and history of ASOIAF.
  8. Or he knows that Rhaegar had nothing to do with Lyanna's disappearance. Lyanna's wolf blood could've led her to fucking her brother, too.
  9. Craster with all his daughters. You know, a major plot point leading to sacrifices to the Others.
  10. Why is it so inconceivable that there WAS Stark incest when incest is literally everywhere in ASOIAF? Why is it that Ned has no hatred towards Rhaegar? The man that supposedly stole his sister that led to the death of his father and brother and started a war?
  11. He wanted to be a chivalrous knight and show respect to the only daughter of a northern lord, possibly as a sign to say that he had no ill will towards the Starks and Rickards "southern ambitions". Somebody had to have tipped him off that Lyanna loved blue winter roses.
  12. Had she heard Rhaegar play a sad and beautiful song before? Could've triggered her to tears at that moment realizing she was losing him. My argument against Lyanna and Rhaegar is the same as Lyanna's argument against Robert. If she was hesitant on marrying Robert because he wouldn't be loyal, why would she run off with Rhaegar who was already married?
  13. That doesn't change the timeline for when Lyanna fell in love with Brandon.
  14. Incest plays a key role in the ASOIAF world. Valyrians were inbred to maintain dragon riding and dragon hatching abilities, Craster uses incest to give Others sons, and Jamie and Cercei obviously practiced incest which put inbreds on the Iron Throne and was a spark that helped the start of the War of the Five Kings. At the Tourny of Harrenhal, when Rhaegar crowned Lyanna, the one guy who felt the most anger over this was Brandon Stark. Brandon Stark was also the hot head who decided to march on Kings Landing demanding the Crown Prince be handed over which obviously was a bad idea. Brandon was fostered in Barrowton while Lyanna was still in Winterfell. Being accomplished riders, I dont think it is out of the question that they were able to meet each other somewhere in between on occasion. The story of Lyanna crying while Rhaegar played his harp at the ToH is supposed to imply that she was falling for Rhaegar, but in my opinion her tears were due to hearing about Brandon's betrothal to Catelyn Tully. Lyanna was in love with her brother. I believe Jon is the son of Brandon and Lyanna. The "Ned and the fisherman's daughter" story actually describes Lyanna's journey home with her younger brother Benjen. And I believe Jon was born in the Crypts of Winterfell. It's tin foil, but those are my honest opinions.
  15. I think Stonehearts final destination will be Harrenhal, where she will execute Jamie and eventually Littlefinger once he finally claims the castle. I dont believe her story arc will have anything to do with events in the north.
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