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  1. Tygett Blackwood

    POV's You'd Like to See?

    I would like that any chapter had a different POV character, so that no character had two chapters. So: Euron, Pod, Bronn, Stannis, Taena, Lysa (on Tyrion's trial), Qyburn, Bem Plumm, Xaro Xhoan Daxos, Ramsay, Dacey (Red Wedding), Janos(when Tyrion sends him to the Wall), the Ghost of High Heart, Jeyne P., Jeyne W., Robb, Edmure, Val, Sweets, Wex, Wyman, Barbrey, etc, etc.
  2. Westeros is too big to be ruled by only one King (or Queen). In my opinion they were better when they were Seven Kingdoms. That said, maybe the Bolton or the Martell.
  3. Tygett Blackwood

    Who is Haldon Halfmaester?

    So... he is the high sparrow' s twin brother? Or Ned back from the dead? I have no idea who Haldon is, but I like the Leyton Hightower's thing. Higtowers have been Tar loyalists for a long.
  4. Tygett Blackwood

    Which is your favourite Westerosi House and why?

    From the major houses, Martells are my favourites. Agree. I also love Velaryons (good seat and sigil, great people like Corlys Velaryon, and Aurane Waters is also cool) And I like Santagars just because of their sigil. Above them all, my own family, House Blackwood of Raventree Hall.
  5. Tygett Blackwood

    So where would you live ?

    Braavos, I think. Or Qarth In Westeros, Sunspear.