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  1. I've been watching some of his fight clips on youtube and my god this kid is underrated, I'd go as far to say that he could take Jon Snow as of S3, but as of S4 Jon Snow is just on a whole new level. He's injured a bear in single combat, dodged arrows at point-blank range, and fought off trained Frey Soldiers and Whitehill Soldiers while being unarmed, and last, but not least, defeated multiple Wights in single combat. The dude is a beast for someone so young and inexperienced, he's like a swordplay prodigy, imo. Although my opinion that he could beat Jon Snow as of S3 may not be a popular opinion, so... Who do you think is the best fighter from GoT that he can beat? The clip that I watched is here:
  2. I think Gared Tuttle could take someone like Tormund though, the guy was able to hold off a bear with a sword, and he INJURED it. Or Styr of the Thenns. Maybe Qhorin Halfhand.
  3. So is Jon Snow.... The Forrester's exist in Game of Thrones, because the game is canon. The game is officially licensed by HBO, which makes it canon to the show.
  4. There's no "game" section to post this in. Give me some reasons why Gared Tuttle isn't a valid fighter and I'll debunk them. Cause its either one of those two things, either you think the dude isn't important enough or valid enough of a fighter to comment on, OR, it was posted in the wrong section.