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  1. SeaWitch

    Varys vs Littlefinger in a physical battle

    It's the 'no weapons' bit I have a problem with. I honestly think these guys would always have at least one knife on them at all times, and surprising either of them could end very badly. They both trade in the appearance of 'harmless, slightly ridiculous', Varys has an apparent physical advantage, but Petyr outgrew the whole fighting fair idiocy years ago. i doubt either of them would accept a drink from the other one, as well, which is sensible.
  2. Horrifying zombie lady advancing on you, backed by the Brotherhood? He'll probably have a heart-attack. Though I was thinking, she'd have others to do the general slaughter, but she could choke Walder even as he (re)kills her. Preferably with the hall on fire around them.
  3. So, Arya's chopped liver? Also, the Mormont women give the House name to their daughters. No reason why either Sansa or Arya couldn't name their child as a Stark. Either of them as Lady of Winterfell could work. i have no idea what the population of the North is, but area wise, it is similar to the other six kingdoms together. They have a distinct culture, I could see them adapting and adopting different customs, and having the size and spread to do so unchallenged.
  4. SeaWitch

    Heresy 199 Once upon a Time in the West

    ....okay, dumb question time. is it possible Ned was hunting these three down from various battle to various battle, ending in a planned encounter, because they were involved not in Lyanna's abduction, but her death? Makes a sense of the repetition of a Dayne flailing at a girl with a sword, and then running away.
  5. SeaWitch

    actual use of marriage

    There's an element of social rank involved. A real world issue like this arose during the reign of King John. He had a habit of marrying off women with property as rewards or bribes for his followers, some of whom were either foreign or of lower birth. This 'disparagement' caused a lot of bad feeling and was a major grievance with the nobility. Martin nails it quite well in most cases. Everyone wants their children to marry across or up. A family with extra daughters might marry one a rank down to secure the loyalty of a lesser house, but they'd expect the heir or someone very senior. Marrying a daughter up requires a fortune behind it. "Titles do seem to breed titles" was not empty sarcasm, but a bitter truth. Marrying too far abroad geographically might be problematic, unless it is to secure military or trade alliance. The North is the size of the other six kingdoms combined, plenty of bannermen to keep sweet 'locally', and yes, a slight cultural bias. Historically, Tywin proposing Cersei as a royal match was not out of line, she did have rank and wealth. Petyr Baelish being matched to a Tully daughter was an extreme mismatch - he might have stood a chance with a daughter of a more minor house, Lynderly or the like. It would be interesting to find out who Hoster Tully had in mind for Edmure, matching his two daughters to the North and the Vale made a huge power block. He was trying to push the Blackfish to a Reach family. As you say, their tendency to make close alliance within their own province means a strong region, so marry into one, you get the lot.
  6. SeaWitch

    Predictions for the battle of fire.

    At some point, they'll be facing whatever horrible offering Qyburn is cooking up in his dungeon of delights. If anyone can work out how to poison a dragon, it's that bloke. Wildfire is probably boring - he's more the 'melt entire people and leave the buildings standing' type.
  7. SeaWitch

    I honestly don't understand why ppl like Dany. Explain?

    Let's be honest, nobody would want to live on Planetos, or meet any of the individuals there - it is a violent world, full of unpleasant people. Exciting to read about, but you wouldn't want to be any closer. Dany's story arc is a real classic old school sandals and sorcery. I think I'm right in saying that it was one of the first bits written? It's an epic journey of a specific type. She was pretty much a natural disaster moving through the world before she got dragons. Now, people read on to see exactly how much change she'll bring about. short answer: it's definitely about the dragons.
  8. SeaWitch

    Dany's Dangerous Trip

    Something big enough to lash up tentacles and pull a dragon down into the sea? Epic.
  9. SeaWitch

    promise me

    I found a little vid that was estimating the size of Balerion, and how large Drogon might get. >0o< Big. Very big. You really don't want too many of them having a tantrum in your locality.
  10. SeaWitch

    promise me

    Stroppy Westrosi Lord: "Give us one good reason why we should have a Queen?" Daenerys: "I have three. One of them appears to be eating your horse."
  11. SeaWitch

    promise me

    I've been thinking that Aerys was an old man when he died. 39!? (....off at a tangent, is this just Targaryen, or does that mean if someone turns up with a sprog they claim is Robb Stark's, Bran is displaced? I can see this being a system with Potential Civil War written all over it.) So, does this mean 'Aegon' is now back as main heir, or did the succession go via Viserys to Daenerys? Or does she go to the back of the queue as a woman?
  12. SeaWitch

    promise me

    ...hang on, if the news from the ford was Rhaegar's death, then yeah, Viserys would automatically be Aerys' new heir. The only way Rhaegar's son gets in is if Aerys predeceased Rhaegar, which he didn't.
  13. I think if it was possible to ferret out a secret, Petyr probably has. And fifteen years or so isn't that long in the scheme of things. Someone will know something, Though he's likely just poking Jon with a stick for fun. Petyr will be doing his damndest to drive a wedge between all the Starklings. Banded together, they have legitimacy, popular support and acceptable leadership between them. The bannermen won't follow a woman or a crippled boy into battle, but Jon Snow as effective 'Hand' to the King or Queen in the North? ...mind you, I do not think Winterfell is a healthy place for him. There's a risk of sudden!Arya, Sansa has a way with animals, and the trees might get him, if Jon doesn't punch his smirk through his skull. Braavos would be nice this time of year.
  14. SeaWitch

    Heresy 198 The Knight of the Laughing Tree

    Blue roses in the language of flowers apparently mean impossible aspirations, often of immortality, or an unobtainable, though longed for, goal. ..?? Whichever way it is looked at, it was a very weird and risky move.
  15. SeaWitch

    Heresy 198 The Knight of the Laughing Tree

    Does this tie in with that idea that the Starks, Arryns and Tullys were considering some kind of action anyway? A gesture that was saying to all of them, "Okay, I'm in" from Rhaegar? Something was supposed to happen at the tourney that Aerys got wind of.