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  1. Wolfgirly

    Ghost Grass: The Dothraki prophesy of winter?

    Ghost grass might be snow, but there is an invasive poisonous type of grass in the region by the Shadow and Asshai. There is another Wall with the Five Forts in the far east of Essos. It was built thousands of years ago to keep the Others out, but not the same as the Others in northern Westeros Beyond the Wall. The Others in Essos include creepy monstrous looking things such as the Lion of Night. It isn't far from Yi Ti. The legend of Azor Ahai and Lightbringer come from this place.
  2. Wolfgirly

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    This is a sample of Alayne chapter in "Winds of Winter". Just to remind anyone that Alayne is really Sansa Stark. Alayne
  3. Wolfgirly


    Satin had a tough upbringing and now at the Wall in the Nights Watch. I don't think he was involved in the stabbing of Jon Snow. Satin of the Night's Watch
  4. Wolfgirly

    Baby swap

    This totally didn't happen in the show. I was rather shocked actually. Is it me or is Jon quite different in the books? He comes across as more cold in the books, maybe it's just how the TV has made him nicer because it adds a handsome face to the character. When I read the books, Jon reminds me in my head of this: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/24/49/04/2449040997933da8165ce909febf9e18--fantasy-men-anime-fantasy.jpg
  5. Wolfgirly

    ghost of high heart prophecy

    Not Catelyn. It might've been Sansa who was wearing a hairnet of poisonous amethysts. Sansa didn't know this but thought it was a pretty gift. It was given to her by her friend although it originated from Ollenna. One of those amethyst stones was missing later on and this might've been used by Ollenna to poison Joffrey at his wedding. So I interprate that "maid" is Sansa. Then the ghost lady predicts that other about the same girl slaying a savage giant. We know Sansa lives in Winterfell and her brother/cousin is in the Nights Watch and he himself met giants. I don't think Sansa literally will kill giants across the wall. However, Sansa did build a snow castle when she was in her aunt Lysa's garden. Her annoying cousin Robin broke it, which upset Sansa, and in reaction, Lysa saw this and got mad. Also just before Robin trampled on Sansa's castle, he said he was a giant. I don't know what to make of "slaying the giant" means. But that giant in Sansas snow castle was little Robin at one time.
  6. LOL You're right that my name speaks a lot about me,but I'm ageing myself downwards because I'm very grown up and over 30,lol. I shall look for the comments by GRRM and maybe someone in his circle of authorship friends can alter the age in future editions of his books. It seems that he set out to make a book with adventurous strong teens but ended up forgetting maybe. I wonder if so many years have passed from when Ned arrived as Roberts hand to when Arya left Bravos.
  7. I can't remember if I've posted on this thread before sorry, lmao. What I think is definately better on the TV show is the ages of the people,they're older. When I read the books I do something a lot will be angry with me for: I mentally age the characters 5 or 10 years. So to me, the book Dany isn't 15 but 20. Lyanna wasn't 14 but 20. For me anyway. Robert Baratheon wasn't 16 during the war but 22.
  8. Wolfgirly

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    No, the dragon eggs wouldn't have been given to Daenerys as its unlikly she would've ended up wedded to Khal Drogo. The eggs would've been wandering around in someone's basket. Unhatched. If Rhaegar won, think on this, would the Stark children have been born?
  9. Wolfgirly

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    Yes Rhaegar should've won. If he had there wouldn't be a story.
  10. Yes I agree and was going to suggest that The Tyrells have a really kind diplomatic way of things.
  11. Wolfgirly


    Hi Yannte, have fun on this Westeros forum Nice to meet you too.
  12. Wolfgirly

    Your Trekking/ Hiking experiences

    As a teen and in my 20's I loved going on big hiking tips. I've gone for massive walks on my own too!!! It was wrong but at the time I felt so brave.
  13. Wolfgirly

    Would you rather?

    Children of the Forest as they're enchanting and magical. Would you rather live in Starfall or Kings Landing?
  14. Wolfgirly


    My own cat BOO stays with my uncle as I had to leave town. Boo is a feirce tabby boy, completely in charge of the household. I've befriended a number of neighbourly cats and residential kittens who have bizarre names.
  15. Wolfgirly


    Thanks A True Kaniggit and Prof.Cecily for the welcomes