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    Condoning Renly Baratheon

    Let's not pretend that nothing's personal in both Westeros and real life. For example, it's OK not to hate the Tyrells (although it's also OK to do so), but it's plainly twisted to side with them in war to kill your own brother so that you can put your arse on the Iron Throne. That would make quite a page in some Westerosi history book dedicated to its kings.
  2. The Sunland Lord

    Condoning Renly Baratheon

    That's right. Although, if Renly managed to win the war, he would've become one of the most infamous kings of all time, for everything he had to do in the process, including siding with the Tyrells.
  3. The Sunland Lord

    Condoning Renly Baratheon

    Why would Renly blame Stannis for the siege? It's completely irrational at a grown age. It can only be childish ratio, like you said. But once you realize that those people would've let you die starving when you were only a little kid, it's only rational to hate their guts. It's not even pettiness, like @Varysblackfyre321 says. It would be pettiness if you only blame Stannis for doing what he had to. So let me put myself in Renly's (as a grownup) shoes: I want to seize Iron Throne with no real claim, I would kill my nephews and niece in the process (he had no idea about the twincest), I side with the people who starved me to a near death to get there, I spit in my older brother's face when he asks me to join him because I have the bigger army behind me, (the same army and its leaders which my older brother barely kept me alive against), I instantly ignore the twincest claims (every council member put two and two together but Renly didn't, not the sharpest tool in the box apparently), and I would kill my older brother in the process. Seems to me that there's nothing to like about him.
  4. The Sunland Lord

    Favorite Bannermen by region and why

    North: Umber/Reed/Manderly Riverlands: Blackwood Vale: Redfort Iron Islands: Harlaw Westerlands: Clegane, go puppies
  5. The Sunland Lord

    Minor characters you wanna see lose and why?

    Your list is spot on. Although I had to look up who Clayton Suggs was. Also, Essosi with painted beards. They deserve to lose only for their bad style. They should live, but I don't like them to win (whatever does winning mean for them) and set an example that it's OK to have a blue beard.
  6. The Sunland Lord

    Condoning Renly Baratheon

    He sided with the very people which starved him and his brother nearly to death.
  7. The Sunland Lord

    Was Tywin Lannister a villain?

    He is a villain because of the points in the OP and many more, but a greatly written character also. His main problem was his hidden spite (to say the least) towards people in general and its reflection when things needed to get settled. He always went over the top when dealing with stuff, and it eventually backfired when he was going to let his own son die in a sham of a trial (which he was enforcing). In his defense, I'd say that often he had to clean after his children's mess (excluding Tyrion, who's lion's share of mental damage was caused by Tywin) or even his father. Also, he had to clean after the mad king, and he did a decent job until Jaime joined the Kingsguard so he resigned. We live in a world full of Tywins, btw. Ruthlessness, wits, and lack of conscience make a great deal of businessmen, politicians, and many other sorts of powerful people.
  8. The Sunland Lord

    Send them to the wall

    Number 5 and 9. Two Sandors are welcomed with their fighting ability. Marwyn. He probably has knowledge of how to defeat the others. If there can be only one Sandor, I guess Grey Worm instead of the second Sandor.
  9. The Sunland Lord

    House Cassel

    What we know about House Cassel is that they are a minor northern house sworn to the Starks of Winterfell. But there are several interesting facts/questions about them: Their banner. It contains ten wolves, four at the top, three below the four, two below the three and one wolf at the bottom. Knowing that there were only four known Cassels, they are reduced to one at the moment, Beth Cassel. So this might be a hint that Beth will (hopefully) survive Ramsay's hellhole. After all, one wolf's head remains at the bottom. Beth might be that surviving wolf. (I know there are other Cassels, but we don't get to meet them as characters in names and background) I guess the wolves meaning is obvious-not a Direwolf like their overlords' banner, but a Wolf (a follower rather than the Direwolf-the Alpha in the pack, we see for example Nymeria is followed by a pack of regular wolves, not direwolves). Cassels deriving from the Starks is also a possibility. And why is Rodrik Cassel a knight?
  10. The Sunland Lord

    Does a peasant have to be scum to move up in Westeoes?

    I guess ancient noble houses were once regular people who decided to get organized. Who's to say how did they become what they are today? Sure we have evidence for recent history, but who can guarantee for hundreds or thousands of years back. Ramsay is a noble bastard, not some random peasant. Yes, he was living a peasant life, but he wouldn't have had come to the Dreadfort to learn to read and write if he didn't have noble heritage.
  11. The Sunland Lord

    Do you think Balon got off too light?

    Yes. It's only the story that needed him. Otherwise there was really no reason to spare him. He bent the knee, but when? After the Crown representatives entered his living room? Rebels were dying for much less.
  12. I think that many people know more about what really happened anyway. It can just fuel the hatred towards the Boltons.
  13. The Sunland Lord

    What amounts to kin when it comes to kinslaying?

    My guess is she means Sansa-technically she was Joffrey's aunt. Btw @Angel Eyes, I wondered about this too. I once opened a thread questioning whether Tywin's approval of Robb's murder was kinslaying or not (exactly because of Sansa-Tyrion marriage). Almost every member was on opinion that it wasn't, since non-blood relations are not considered kinslaying. But if it wasn't the war, and it was a regular wedding between Sansa/Tyrion, and if Robb, Tyrion's brother-in-law and brother of Tywin's daughter-in-law (gooddaughter), would've been murdered on the orders of the latter's father (for whatever reason), I think the society would've seen it differently, although probably not as harsh as kinslaying.
  14. The Sunland Lord

    So Tyrion did not know who Maseter Aemon was, correct?

    Maybe he doesn't know that much.
  15. The Sunland Lord

    The execution of Janos Slynt was spot on

    I agree. Janos Slynt showed insubordination and deserved what he got. You don't speak to the Lord Commander that way. Jon Snow showed a true leadership.
  16. The Sunland Lord

    The execution of Janos Slynt was personal and it was not justice.

    If I were Jon I'd feed Slynt to the dogs.
  17. The Sunland Lord

    "Jaime Lannister sends his regards"

    This line can be fatal to Jaime.
  18. The Sunland Lord

    The Ironborn

    Same here. I mean, how do you make up someone like Victarion? That character is easily the most twisted, insane POV in the series, but at the same time, deadly serious about the bizarre things he says and does, which makes him utterly funny. And the Kingsmoot.
  19. Exactly the Vale and North rebelled together with Robert. The purpose wasn't secession, but a new king. Robert became a King because he had Targ blood, otherwise he wouldn't even become one.
  20. The Sunland Lord

    The Ironborn

    Currently they have a bad reputation, but this reputation they gained through their history also. They are not all bad, of course. For example, Quellon did many things to integrate the Iron Islands with the mainland. He did a huge mistake for listening to his sons to join Robert's rebellion that late, and he died during a pretty much needless battle.
  21. The Sunland Lord

    The Final & 3rd Place - FRA v. CRO / BEL v. ENG

    What I meant is, you're smart. Jan is not smart for that sign, otherwise he might not be carded.
  22. The Sunland Lord

    The Final & 3rd Place - FRA v. CRO / BEL v. ENG

    I wouldn't say they were bribed. But biased af. Anyway, it's hard to fight after you conceded such two goals. A shame, but football never really was a fair and a just game. On the contrary.
  23. The Sunland Lord

    The Final & 3rd Place - FRA v. CRO / BEL v. ENG

    A farce orchestrated by the referee and the French players. Shame, because this was a great World Cup up until this point. Griezmann is such a diva. Dude fell after a non-existent contact with Brozovic after which the first goal happened. And that wasn't a penalty. Matuidi was one meter away from Perisic and the latter couldn't react that fast and remove his hand away, There wasn't even an intention, nor that ball was a real threat to Croatia. Kudos to the Croats who fought till the end despite all the injustice towards them.
  24. The Sunland Lord

    Small Questions v. 10105

    What do you girls and guys think of Varys/Illiryo combo? True friends (), true to each other schemers, or something else? Do we have any sign of disloyalty between them?