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  1. Fitting title for the final tomorrow, that.
  2. I know, somehow remember watching that episode lol. But it's a meme. There's a good chance we get destroyed, so why not have fun at least heading to the final while we can.
  3. West Ham wins the Conference League. Better final than the Europa League, still regret watching that.
  4. Fiorentina - West Ham tonight, I hope I'll be able to watch that. Only a few games of football remaining in Europe this season.
  5. Not only that but Barcelona won the CL again a year after he left. I think he dislikes Inter & Pep for this alone.
  6. Antony accused of domestic violence by ex-girlfriend.
  7. I've read some Saudi clubs will try to sign Kanté and Son.
  8. Not having a CL trophy to his name didn't help either, despite playing in very good teams.
  9. I'd like to ask - does winning the CL mean something for Man City? They are so foreign to me as a club (small wonder, considering I am a foreigner) so I don't know if they would value it? It's like playing with cheat codes on easy mode. Unlimited resources in every area of the field plus the bench vs Inter's team full of free signings, humble hard workers and veterans. The more I think about how that game will look, the more I realize how small Inter's chances are.
  10. Marciniak was a speaker at a far right event in Poland, so not sure he'll officiate the CL final. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2023/jun/01/champions-league-final-referee-spoke-at-event-with-far-right-leader
  11. To be fair, Sevilla are unmatched shithousers and get away with plenty of it. That partially explains the weird statistics, but there's something else to it I guess.
  12. Another Spanish team - Real Madrid in the Champions League. 5 times in 10 years.
  13. Taylor is alright tonight, considering the task he has on his hands
  14. Don't know who the second coming of C. Ronaldo should be. And tbh, Haaland was an established name before City bought him, I don't think Tottenham could've signed him at that point in time anyways.
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