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  1. 1 hour ago, Consigliere said:

    Inter are looking good. They are playing some really good football but their finishing (in the CL anyway) has been diabolical. They fluff so many chances. They basically played Atleti off the park and should've won that game 3-0. If they can sort themselves out in the final third then I think there's a good chance we get a repeat of last year's final.

    eta. unless they are on the same side of the draw as City. Haven't checked.

    We miss chances cause we lack a clinical finisher. Lautaro is having his best season ever but in the Champions League he's still the World cup Lautaro. We had to rely on Arnautovic to score one goal vs Atletico, and he himself missed a sitter before that. 

    The problem is that now Thuram is injured for the next few weeks and Inter are relying on ancient Arnautovic and Sanchez as back ups in the attack. Luckily we are +9 and + 11 with a game in hand in front of Juventus & Milan so I don't think we can bottle the league at least, anything more in the CL will be a bonus. 

  2. 6 minutes ago, A Horse Named Stranger said:

    Vizekusen actually, which would be more accurately translated as second kusen. But that was a glorious year. They had an excellent team. Lucio in defense. Ballack pulling the strings in midfield (plus Schneider for the creative spark). Upfront they had prolific goalscorer in Kirsten and also Berbatov (or was it Voronin?). They fumbled a five point lead with three games to go in the league (plus massive edge in GD). Then they lost the Cup final and the CL final.

    The years before were even worse. In 2000 they fumbled the league on the last day, with Emerson breaking down exclaiming they'd never, never win a title. He himself had seen enough and buggered off to Roma to win the league with them.

    It was Berbatov.

  3. 17 hours ago, DaveSumm said:

    Is that a popular opinion that Season 4 was boring? I thought it was great. I’ve loved all of them, probably Season 3 the weakest for me.

    It is crazy that a show can be a largely plausible, present day non-fantasy story and yet still have the audience asking “is that guy 500 years old?”

    Personally, I couldn't even finish third and fourth seasons. I'll try the fifth though.

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