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  1. Bayern Munich struggles in the Bundesliga lately.
  2. There are reports that Barcelona wants to swap Kessie for Brozovic and Depay for Correa. I'd take Depay over the fraud Correa any day.
  3. Janissaries were circumcized and converted to Islam forcefully by the Ottomans. What I mean is that's how they became Janissaries. They were picked by the Ottoman officials among the non-Turkish population and usually they were the ones the Ottomans thought most able fighters.
  4. Don't know if your board knew what they were doing but it proved good so far. It's probably Conte's constant public complaints that prevented them from signing him, no management wants to be publicly criticized over tranfers every week.
  5. Conte will fuck off soon. His football and results are both shit, his contract is soon up and his beloved Juventus might call him back.
  6. Arsenal fans would accept Haaland scoring 50 more if City keep getting these shit results.
  7. Yeah nowadays there's no watching elite football without supporting clubs owned by these regimes. It's the state of the sport now. Unless you choose not to watch these clubs specifically and do a checkup on the owners as much as it's possible so you choose only to watch clubs owned by what you consider acceptable people.
  8. For what it's worth Lautaro brought some energy to Argentina. They were dead. He can't score to save his life though.
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