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  1. Janissaries were circumcized and converted to Islam forcefully by the Ottomans. What I mean is that's how they became Janissaries. They were picked by the Ottoman officials among the non-Turkish population and usually they were the ones the Ottomans thought most able fighters.
  2. Don't know if your board knew what they were doing but it proved good so far. It's probably Conte's constant public complaints that prevented them from signing him, no management wants to be publicly criticized over tranfers every week.
  3. Conte will fuck off soon. His football and results are both shit, his contract is soon up and his beloved Juventus might call him back.
  4. Arsenal fans would accept Haaland scoring 50 more if City keep getting these shit results.
  5. Yeah nowadays there's no watching elite football without supporting clubs owned by these regimes. It's the state of the sport now. Unless you choose not to watch these clubs specifically and do a checkup on the owners as much as it's possible so you choose only to watch clubs owned by what you consider acceptable people.
  6. For what it's worth Lautaro brought some energy to Argentina. They were dead. He can't score to save his life though.
  7. One of the best free kick takers I've ever seen. He scored three free kicks in a game once. No distance was impossible for him to score from, he scored absolutely crazy goals.
  8. Adriano by early 2007 was finished in Europe, being only 25 (two and a half years after his father died). He started partying and once didn't show up in training (one of those parties were in a club in Belgrade, there were pictures of him being drunk sleeping on the table). Mancini has had enough of him and never gave him real minutes ever after, while Dunga didn't call him up for Brazil. He had some successful loans back to Brazil but by the age of 28 there he was utterly finished. Never recovered in any shape of form as a footballer. Absolute beast in his good times, but mentality and behavior is part of a top player's longevity. Anyway, some of the stuff he did as a player (click to watch it on youtube): We thought we finally replaced fat Ronaldo with a new generational talent. Well at least he gave us good 2 and a half years.
  9. Let's start* a discussion: Was that goal scored 100% due to Alvarez's skills, or the ball coming back to him several times after hitting Croatian players can be atributed to luck, as well? *just joking, let's NOT
  10. Not sure if penalty or outside but that was a foul on Kane.
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