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  1. A bit of justice for the soft Argentina pen I guess. They can't get away with it so easily!
  2. Very happy for the Croats. Small country from an unfortunate part of Europe, 3,5 million people, with undeveloped football facilities and mediocre league, but their players always play their hearts out for their country. 1998 3rd place, 2018 second and now again in the World Cup semis. And they are an independent country for only 30 years after World Cups started taking place! Those are some amazing accomplishments, all things considered.
  3. Their coach says that God is with them all the time, though.
  4. It would be the most football thing ever if Portugal wins this World Cup, with Ronaldo being alienated from the team, yet his fanboys label him as the GOAT confirmed forever. While Messi is being shat on for not winning it despite playing his heart out for Argentina and reminding us what was actually like watching him in his prime.
  5. But you literally said that pace is rare and skills are comparable. They aren't. You can have a team of eleven Adama Traores and all you'll have is pace but average skills. Mbappe is not only fast. Did you see the goals he scored today (for example)?
  6. His usual self. He can go 2 months without scoring sometimes. I was hoping he'd score a few this World Cup so some fools are impressed by the shiny object and we sell him for good money but it's that time of the year for him.
  7. Dumfries two assists and a goal, hopefully attracts some good offers.
  8. Yes he went out and adapted already, took him to the vet yesterday for the first time ourselves and everything is ok with him. He'll receive the needed vaccines soon. He was meowing a lot the first night, and overall, but he does it less now.
  9. I was browsing the kittens people where I live were sheltering & offering for adoption. I noticed one that looked exactly like our previous one, only 3 months old. There were 3 other kittens that were his siblings. I called the man over the phone and asked him if he still has any kittens left. He said "yes, only one, the grey one" (that looked exactly like our previous one). I thought I must take him, and yesterday drove to another city to take him home. Now he is with us and still hiding under the bed, only goes out to eat & drink water. We separated him from his mom for the first time. We were thinking about it, especially my girlfriend because she is feeling rightfully guilty over the lost cat. But we decided we can feel grief and some happiness simultaneously while taking care of our new kitty.
  10. Thank you. It means a lot, really. I hope yours are going to live for a long time and they are healthy.
  11. Thank you, it means a lot. Life is brutal.
  12. I'll bombard this thread while I'm coping with this, I think.
  13. Thanks man. It was heartbreaking. We live on the 5th floor of a building, and always kept the windows closed if he was in a room so that he wouldn't jump/get out of our flat. Yesterday, however, I was at my parents' house to take care of our dog while they are away on a trip, and my girlfriend forgot one window open before she went out. This one, fatal time... We were searching for him all night, and this morning we saw him lying on the ground beneath our building. He wasn't there up until this morning, I know since I checked it 100 times down there and looking from the window as well. Don't know how exactly he ended up there, except he 100% went out the window. It was too late, of course, when we ran off downstairs to check on him. Man, when I took him lifeless in my arms I wept like a baby.
  14. I lost my buddy in my profile picture today. He was barely a year old and his name was Felix. Not the first pet I owned that died, but it just never gets easier. If anything, I swear I've never been more sad for a pet. Removed him from my profile picture because I can't see him without a tear brought to my eye.
  15. You are right, only Macedonia avoided being a participant in the war. However, about 50 people from here died in the wars because they were still stuck in the Yugoslav army. Sorry I didn't make myself clear, I was talking about the transition every country went (or some still go) through, not about life under communism itself. People, indeed say that Yugoslavia was the best communist state to live in. I can't be a judge of that, since I am born exactly in 1990. It's puzzling isn't it. I wonder how really that happened with Romania. Never really did some research though. That is exactly why many opposed him. We know that the real improvements come during the very process of entering in. Croatia and Bulgaria also are good examples. But it is what it is.
  16. Macedonia, Balkans, Europe. Not in the EU. Pretty much @Alyn Oakenfist described well the situation in many countries that were under communism till 1990. Just like there, in Romania, people like to connect to ancient Dacians, (which I didn't know) here many people want to connect with ancient Macedonians becase of Philip and Alexander III. But the truth is that we speak a Slavic language and we are considered as part of the Slavic group of nations. As a result from a political dispute with Greece with the name Macedonia, we officially changed it into North Macedonia, so that we can enter NATO (which we already have) and start negotiations to enter the EU. But, last year Macron said no to this, and proposed that we can only enter if we manage to solve our many internal issues. This is also truth. We were under a tyrannical regime that lasted from 2006 till 2017, and (not that before 2006 everything was great, far from it) we are still dealing with the enormous damages done during that period. The new government shows many weaknesses to deal with the problems and many times it failed, due to multiple reasons, but I have to admit that at least we are enjoying bigger freedom than we did before. @Alyn Oakenfist, I visited Bucharest, Brasov, the castle Bran, and many more places in Romania for the New Year of 2013/2014. I enjoyed it very much.
  17. On the cell phone it says it's downtime while upgrading the forum software, while on PC works good. Now I don't know if that's what it is or there is some problem only happening to my phone? Not an expert for these things. I was like 15 days oblivious that the forum works until I tried through my computer.
  18. Is the forum currently unapproachable via cell phone? I thought it's under maintenance and didn't try to visit on a PC until tonight and realized it worked.
  19. So the Umbers are officialy extinct in the show.
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