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  1. Germany level to help Spain The latter still not returning the favour
  2. Lukaku made sure Belgium are eliminated. That was horrendous.
  3. Poland progresses before Mexico as it stands. Poland has fever yellow cards - 4, Mexico has 6.
  4. It's the club's lawyer & general manager on tape. As for Ronaldo, the prosecutors have the agreement.
  5. The prosecutors in Italy found a document signed between Ronaldo and Juventus where they agree to pay him 19 m€. This payment isn't reported. There are tapes as well. The club's lawyer and general manager say that this agreement must be kept a secret, because should they publish it, they'd have to make a fake transaction afterwards.
  6. Yeah I read that. Also I read that the coach is unwillingly still there, he wanted to resign, but they "persuaded" him to stay for the World Cup, so he'll leave soon after.
  7. I read Vlahovic is popular among the other players' wives.
  8. Ronaldo was one of the players alleged to receive unreported salaries from Juventus. But he refused to cooperate with the prosecutors a few months ago.
  9. No, it's tax fraud/hidden paid salaries to players/unreported losses of over 200m€/stock market manipulation.
  10. I agree on 2010. That's what they get for ignoring Inter's Argie colony! Leaving out Zanetti and Cambiasso, and giving only few minutes to Milito was criminal.
  11. Messi's best shot was the final in 2014. Germany were the better team in the tournament, but Argentina had the better chances in the final, when Palacio, Higuain, and Messi himself missed some good chances.
  12. Someone should point that out to Klinsmann
  13. And they're just about to increase the number of teams to 48!
  14. I watched the first 25 minutes of Ronaldo's interview. It's unprofessional in the sense that he is the club's employee, but aren't his complaints the same as those some of their fans are raising for years now? Unambitious board in the sporting sense of the word, outdated facilities, etc. Now it seems like the issues he raised are irrelevant because he is an employee that is being unprofessional. Good for their owners I guess.
  15. Maybe he thinks the Qatari bribed their way all to the quarter finals?
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