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  1. They banned serving alcohol during games. Two days before the start.
  2. Gosens is not a surprising omission if you ask me. Inzaghi doesn't rate him and he gives him only 15-20 minutes per game this whole past year. No one knows why he didn't get more minutes. He'll be probably sold in January or in the summer in Germany. So I understand Flick's decision knowing the context behind that. Edit: Just a confirmation of what I wrote:
  3. Man, the forum doesn't have enough bandwidth to contain @Soylent Brown 's thoughts on that penalty by Firmino!
  4. Mane is injured and probably will miss the World Cup, same for Lukaku.
  5. Of all the Italian teams I give Napoli the biggest chances to progress. Based on football played and results so far.
  6. His WhatsApp must've exploded from Boehly's tactical & personnel suggestions.
  7. That Barca United draw was so "hard" to predict lol. No one could see it coming.
  8. We got the better draw than Bayern München who topped our group. I'm not saying Inter will progress as I feel anyone can beat us at the moment but some teams must be pissed off with how this draw looks on paper. It is what it is though. PSG - Bayern and to an extent Liverpool - Real look like exciting ties. Low-key interesting may be Man City - Leipzig. Other teams would look good some other years but based on form teams like Dortmund, Chelsea etc. are nothing special.
  9. Liverpool - Real M. Spurs - Milan Man City - Leipzig Porto - Inter Dortmund - Chelsea Eintracht - Napoli PSG - Bayern Munich Brugge - Benfica
  10. But he exposes them by sitting back in a low block from the beginning every game I've watched from them this season. He was getting the results for a while but now results caught up with the performances.
  11. Yeah I don't see why Conte is being so negative. Every game the same, sit back, concede, start playing only after that. I know he is a defensive minded coach but you'd expect from someone paid 15m£ to prepare his team differently for different types of games. You don't have good defenders so isn't it a good idea that you want to keep the game upfront sometimes ?
  12. I don't get all the complaining by him and his teammates tbh. Clear pen.
  13. Benfica tops the group due to more away goals scored. PSG second.
  14. Should it be a pen if a player defends his head with hands? I think yes so rightfully annulled pen for Inter vs Bayern on that Mane handball.
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