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  1. Wow Ronaldo smashing that ball in the stands with full force. Very considerate. Rashford 2-0.
  2. Terrible news. Arsenal's player on loan in Monza, Pablo Mari one of the stabbed victims in supermarket in Milan. https://football-italia.net/monza-and-arsenal-player-pablo-mari-reportedly-stabbed/ One of the other victims has died.
  3. How is that offside? lol Edit: I didn't see it but the ref on Atletico-Leverkusen apparently gave Atletico a penalty after ending the game? And they missed.
  4. Mkhi is alright. He is Hakan's back up which is decent to have, but even as a starter after Brozovic's injury (Hakan being moved to the dlp role) he did alright this past month. That goal was a bit lucky though. The header wasn't that well taken but Plzen's keeper was paying attention elsewhere. Bayern continue their merciless streak vs Barca.
  5. This is shaping up to be an interesting night. Only in Amsterdam it's still 0-0.
  6. Seems like the most Inter thing to fail to beat mighty Plzen at home.
  7. Conte wants to lure the opponents to the box of Spurs, beat the press with passes/long balls upfront. Had a mini heart attack every time watching the kepper & defenders passing around our box but eventually it worked. But I think Spurs aren't still doing it right, one of the reasons being Lloris not very good with his feet and the defense especially Dier are very prone to mistakes and the Premier League teams are better at pressing. Plus we've had defenders/midfielders hoofing it with long balls upfront to Lukaku who was excellent at hold up play, wrestle with 3-4 opponents if need be and then dish it sideways to a free running Hakimi/Perisic/Lautaro who only needed to finish themselves or pass it to another wingback or back to Lukaku once he shaked off the opponent's defenders.
  8. Ronaldo refused to cooperate with Italian prosecutors on the Juve's capital gain case. Paratici (Tottenham's dof now) is also being investigated according to La Stampa.
  9. Gonna watch second season of Barbarians tonight. Anyone else?
  10. The United-Spurs game went in the worst possible way for teams that are set up in a low block. Defend with their lives not to concede, eventually commit some individual mistakes that cost them a goal; and then being unable to get back into the game. Those mistakes are not unlucky, however, but a product of the reactive way of playing. The players lose concentration due to the pressure of being reactive to the opponent's relentless attacking. Conte got what he deserved that's for sure. Great game by Ten Hag & United.
  11. Man City are performing though. They beat the lesser teams convincingly and their goal difference is +23. Compared to Arsenal's +14 and Tottenham's +12 meaning they have to grind out wins rather than dominate like City does. If Arsenal are still 1st in March, then I'll believe. Otherwise top 4 is the most that should be expected from them which is also their target. Tottenham aren't going to win the league but their goal is top 4 which I think they'll do. They'll stumble but I don't think it'll be enough to finish outside CL spots.
  12. Virgil seems better than some previous games this season. That was a great clearance.
  13. Greenwood arrested for breaching his bail conditions, apparently tried to contact his victim.
  14. Actually Inter play Plzen 18:45 CET at the 26th, while Barcelona-Bayern is in 21:00 CET. So no distractions for Inter whatsoever. Win and be done with it.
  15. Hopefully they turn off whatever happens between Barcelona-Bayern on Meazza, focus on the game and win convincingly. It is actually very simple, but...Let's wait and see. Inzaghi should've kept Calhanoglu on. Our midfield fell apart after his sub. Throwing +2 wingbacks got us a goal, but conceded two. At least he restrained himself from subbing in Gagliardini, which must've been hard on him. Not sure we need Inzaghi losing it on the sidelines vs Plzen. Good red.
  16. Hopefully he's fine cause he was covered in blood and left the pitch after the collision with Shakhtar's goalkeeper on the goal.
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