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  1. Lopetegui refused the Wolves job according to Romano. Edit: A bit forum related. Camera spotted Kit Harington on the stands in Paris lol
  2. Agnelli confirmed he'll stay and blamed not just him but the whole "group", according to Romano. It simply costs too much to sack him. He is on 9m€ gross (6.9 m€ net) annually until June 2025. Edit: numbers
  3. @baxus I take back what I said few months earlier. This package we have now is shit, cutting to the game when it already started, noticed it two games now. And we missed the goal.
  4. Seems like Spurs got the best out of the Juve rejects going to England
  5. I know all that, I was just guessing as to why would someone consider Messi a cunt, because there aren't too many reasons for it that we know of.
  6. Dunno what he's referring to but he's a convicted tax dodger, if you hold that against him.
  7. Good shout. But not as long as Messi did it so people tend to forget him at times. Speaking of Brazilians, Fat Ronaldo is up there too.
  8. Haaland will outscore Messi, Ronaldo and the others, but when you look back and remember who was the player being the best to watch playing for the eye, it certainly wouldn't be Haaland, even Ronaldo. Will always be Messi for me so far of what I've seen of football.
  9. I think moving Eriksen to play behind the strikers won't add much cause I've seen that before and it didn't work.
  10. Barcelona had the possession two days ago, but Inter allowed them very few shots on goal. We might have looked even more dangerous at times. Hakan's first shot was a bomb and Ter Stegen's save was massive at the beginning. I have to concede that it probably should've been given a penalty on the Dumfries handball. The other close decisions were spot on by the refs. If it weren't for Var, we would've had a penalty on 0-0 (correctly not given due to a very slim offside previously) Barca's goal would've stood when Fati handballed. Correa's goal for us was scored even after a more obvious offside. Hakan's goal for us was a good strike. Though Dembele battered us and with better decision making and his teammates not being shot down by our defenders he/they could've scored a couple goals. Luckily Dembele's shots were allowed only from difficult positions to score from.
  11. My Fifa 20 campaign with Leverkusen says otherwise
  12. Totally expected this glorious victory. I'll watch the game tomorrow, but if the stats are something to go by, it seems like we did it with good old Inter catenaccio. This win brings us 3 million, combine that with the Victoria Plzen win, 6 mil in the pocket already which is important to keep the club afloat.
  13. I haven't been this content to work this late, cause I'll be in no temptation to witness Inter's battering by Barcelona.
  14. Kind of mirrors his football career a little bit, when he arranged who knows how many friendlies to become top goal scorer of all time.
  15. Lit for the neutral, suffering for Inter fans.
  16. Lewandowski to score hat trick on Inter on Tuesday
  17. I am under the impression that Southgate is a coach who will sacrifice some attacking aspects in his game for more defensively safe ones. Arnold seems to struggle in his defensive duties so I guess that's why he excluded him.
  18. Yes he went out and adapted already, took him to the vet yesterday for the first time ourselves and everything is ok with him. He'll receive the needed vaccines soon. He was meowing a lot the first night, and overall, but he does it less now.
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