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  1. There are rumours about a one year loan for Loftus-Cheek to Inter. Is he good? I haven't watched too much of him.
  2. Anyone has an idea why does Saul hate Howard so much?
  3. Poor guy. The cultural shock must be massive for him. How did he end up in the Balkans?
  4. It was Saudi Arabia. Klose scored three goals against them and five in total on that World Cup and they were all headers, which has never happened before. It was also the World Cup where Ronaldo the Brazilian resurged his career and was bought by Real Madrid that summer.
  5. This game is so Liverpool-sided, it almost guarantees a late Real winner.
  6. Which is why for a second I thought the UK will win, it was the pragmatic thing to happen, and they did have a good song.
  7. I liked UK and Sweden. Didn't hear all of the songs though and not going to. EDIT: The discord didn't work for me as well but I was trying to connect during the end, so didn't want to bother anyone with little time left anyway.
  8. Yes he went out and adapted already, took him to the vet yesterday for the first time ourselves and everything is ok with him. He'll receive the needed vaccines soon. He was meowing a lot the first night, and overall, but he does it less now.
  9. I was browsing the kittens people where I live were sheltering & offering for adoption. I noticed one that looked exactly like our previous one, only 3 months old. There were 3 other kittens that were his siblings. I called the man over the phone and asked him if he still has any kittens left. He said "yes, only one, the grey one" (that looked exactly like our previous one). I thought I must take him, and yesterday drove to another city to take him home. Now he is with us and still hiding under the bed, only goes out to eat & drink water. We separated him from his mom for the first time. We were thinking about it, especially my girlfriend because she is feeling rightfully guilty over the lost cat. But we decided we can feel grief and some happiness simultaneously while taking care of our new kitty.
  10. Thank you. It means a lot, really. I hope yours are going to live for a long time and they are healthy.
  11. Thank you, it means a lot. Life is brutal.
  12. I'll bombard this thread while I'm coping with this, I think.
  13. Thanks man. It was heartbreaking. We live on the 5th floor of a building, and always kept the windows closed if he was in a room so that he wouldn't jump/get out of our flat. Yesterday, however, I was at my parents' house to take care of our dog while they are away on a trip, and my girlfriend forgot one window open before she went out. This one, fatal time... We were searching for him all night, and this morning we saw him lying on the ground beneath our building. He wasn't there up until this morning, I know since I checked it 100 times down there and looking from the window as well. Don't know how exactly he ended up there, except he 100% went out the window. It was too late, of course, when we ran off downstairs to check on him. Man, when I took him lifeless in my arms I wept like a baby.
  14. I lost my buddy in my profile picture today. He was barely a year old and his name was Felix. Not the first pet I owned that died, but it just never gets easier. If anything, I swear I've never been more sad for a pet. Removed him from my profile picture because I can't see him without a tear brought to my eye.
  15. I think Tyrion knows from the start Tywin won't give him any credit anyways, so saying something or keeping it to himself wouldn't make a difference. He's not doing himself any favours, but it's not like he would gain something from it, either way.
  16. Thanks Corvinus. Will try that one then. Yeah those are all I've played. I never played the first.
  17. I'd rather mention the few I played instead to be honest: Grand Campaign, Imperator Augustus, Caesar in Gaul. I've been living in my TW bubble for a long time.
  18. Haven't played in a while, but started a new campaign with Octavian's Rome on Imperator Augustus campaign. So far I managed to establish some trading routes with barbarian factions and start a war against Pompey's Rome, conquering Syracuse. Considering I haven't purchased anything lately, I'd want to try something new. Not sure what.
  19. About which Total War is it allowed to write about on here? I know the OP says "any", but I'm not familiar with some of the content.
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