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  1. On the cell phone it says it's downtime while upgrading the forum software, while on PC works good. Now I don't know if that's what it is or there is some problem only happening to my phone? Not an expert for these things. I was like 15 days oblivious that the forum works until I tried through my computer.
  2. Is the forum currently unapproachable via cell phone? I thought it's under maintenance and didn't try to visit on a PC until tonight and realized it worked.
  3. So the Umbers are officialy extinct in the show.
  4. Gave it an 8. I was satisfied overall except for some moments. Like: 1. "The Robert's rebellion was built on a lie"-out of nowhere, Aerys' insanity doesn't count and it's only the Lyanna "abduction" left on. 2. Theon fighting with the other Ironborn, 3. Making obvious that the actor who plays Bronn doesn't get to be with Cersei (Lena) in the same scene, so he says something like "Come on Pod, we have to go"?? No they didn't! There were people of all kinds there, not sure why there weren't good enough to attend. Could've just make a scene without them and drop that part out. 4. Rhaegar looked the same as Viserys. 5. Did it have to be Aegon? So those are the small negatives, but overall was good and long enough, I like that Jaime finally left, Euron and Cersei being themselves, the last scene where the Night King looks very powerful now and has a lot of followers, good for him.
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